Monday, May 28, 2007

Teacher's Day Celebration

SO the actual date was 16 of May( shame on u if u didn't noe), but the KL education department gave the instruction to have the celebration on 25 which is the last day b4 holiday( well, i have to go back to school the following days becoz is report card day). So if u think that teacher will be very happy on that day, then u r dead wrong. Becoz the students is the 1 hu get to enjoy( i dunno about other schools, but my school is la). How can u not be? U dun have to bring ur book, no lessons, eat all day long in class, and go home earlier.

So student were told they can bring food as pot luck to their class( i thought they are given a Children's Day for that?!?!And they can do that on Teacher's Day too?! yoh... so unfair). I was assigned to help the form teacher in 1 particular class since i m not a form teacher myself(lolx). So i bring along a camera and thought taking picture of the cute cute student but wtf they all turn away. SO i only get a few shot actually that i m satisfy. Here goes.

Haha, i can be uglier than Ye Lao Tze when I m eating!

On the left, her favorite quote is Ye Lao Tze, how to do this 1?
On the right, my favorite student. Not the smartest, but definately the cutest.

I might be the tiniest in the class, but i still so

Wei ya, the flash of ur camera almost got me blind leh!!!

Hu say nice guys have to finish last?? Just that
lao tze put our picture here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Anyone hu is still wondering y I use Politician No Entry should check out the following url.


They are suppose to be discussing about the plumbing system in the parliament. Well some BN mp start to divert the whole issue into something else. He say lets move on to something more important and not just some stupid leakage. EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!! If spending 100 millions just to upgrade the Parliament (upgrade, not to build a new 1 that is) which suppose to be the symbol of our nation is not important then wat the hell is ?

And the main issue here is the 100 millions spent is just not enough to get some good pipe. They start leaking less than a year after the upgrade. How much money will my parents have to pay just to get those ultimately wonderful pipe for my house which FYI have not even leak once after 10 years.

So knowing that they can't beat the question they try to make a smart move(not that smart though, wat to expect from bunch of idiots) by starting to jokes around. That is when the sexist button triggered. Instead of think and choose their words carefully, they start making fun of an opposition MP. They seriously turn the table of women using PMS as weapon. They use it instead.

Now that the news "leak out", i think soon enough they will start to come out with things like it was just a meaningless joke which suppose to naturalize the situation. HA

Sunday, May 6, 2007

270 Millions and Hell Lot of Complaints

I often ask myself how much amount of money will I consider as too much. Well I think 270 Millions is gonna be an amount that I will never be able to earn. Been born in a family that I don't have to work my ass to pay for the bills, I guess I will be happy enough that as long as my children don have to work to support my life. So after reading this entry dun come and start asking me question like how u noe that u r rich enuff?

OK going back to the title, for those of you hu read newspaper( read for the world issue, current issues and not sport / gossip/ horoscope related craps) u might noe that we now have a whole new building of courthouse, in fact is the second biggest in the world(hooray). From the first glance of the outlook, it does seems to be very impressive(unless u r into those old building,then u might like the 1 opposite Dataran Merdeka) but does it works as nice as it looks?

It doesn't come any simpler than these phrase: FUG UP!
The pillar ................... FUG UP
The pipe system........ FUG UP
Even the door of the toilet is FUG UP

I almost laugh my ass out when i saw the picture of the crack toilet door with some polysterene ply in it. How much longer do they wan to embarrassed themselves and how much longer will only those retarded fellow notice that their hard earn money is all spend on buying polysterene sheet? Just when the government started to complaint about lack of talents in the local working scene. I mean will u actually work for somebody hu have been making all kind of fundamental yet deadly mistakes. People everywhere is parading going on strike anti- corruption but still this country have been doing it like nobody business.

My grandpa once supply for one of the government project and he personally feel so sad bout the level of corruption over here. The price that my grandpa give them is around 800 ringgit for 1 of the fancy looking lamp post. And the price they send out when they are to do the claiming is something so unbelievable. 2000? 5000? 8000? 10000? Hell not, it is 12000. That is 15 times of the original price. Where do the money goes?

Well.... U noe it, I noe it, in fact those fellow hu come out and shake ur hand( yeah, they need ur vote) noe better than any1 of us here. GO figure.

P.S : I m not those hu like to have pictures and fancy background 4 my blog, so sorry for making it so plain.