Friday, August 29, 2008

National Day

Tomolo will be 31st of August.

It is our National Day, is the 51 for our country if u haven't know yet.

To some, it is a period when we can catch some meaningful ad instead of the stupid 1 telling people to send in msg for some even more stupid tips on some stupid subject.

For many, me included, is another day on the calender that marked as holiday. No one will ever hate holiday except for the stingy and abusive bad boss, i guess.

My favorite activity during the month of National Day is to ride in a car and compare which driver is the most patriotic.

The judging factor??!?

Amount of flag on the car, of coz. LOL

Monday, August 18, 2008


I miss mommy's cooking.

I miss Godin, Fender, Hofner, Ibanez and Takamine.

I miss Soo Ming saying: 我没钱咯!

I miss Ah Pa asking: 要宵夜?

I miss Ah Guan ripping me off by paying for his meals.

I miss the very nice Nasi Goreng Kampung and my COWFU who treat me almost every lunch.

I miss holding hand with sweaty palm.

I miss talking hours on phone.

I miss Olympic too because I have no TV, damn.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My english is poor

Every time my mom called, she would tell me to blog more often. I have no problem blogging in Manglish but I know that my English had become a laughing stock.

One of my friend in Sarawak ask me about my blog and most of the time I'm too embarrassed to tell her to stop checking it out because it will ruins her English and mind.

I kinda hated the fact that my friend in my course look up to me when they have problem with words. I'm not that good seriously, maybe I just have the look of great command of English but the truth is I suck.

Is there anyone out that can help me to improve my degrading level of English?

HELP! I need somebody to HELP!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I m not mean

I mean everything I said.

But that doesn't make me a mean guy, okay?

I know by saying it right to your face can be hurtful, but I m using the fastest and most direct way to tell you my opinion.

No lies and faking it at all. That's why you felt like being stabbed by knives when you heard my comment.

Because the truth is always hurting.

I think we are too far away from the time where we need to be told lies so that we can feel better. We need to face the truth, feel the pain and the stabs. We need to recover from it, all the scars will only make us stronger.

So I m not mean, I m just helping you to grow stronger, faster. That's all.

Friday, August 1, 2008

getting all SWEAT UP

went for another jog yesterday and it felt so good to be sweating.

We try to make it a regular activity on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Hopefully we the spirit will not just die down in less than 2 weeks. Haha given the facts that I m such a quitter.

Another reason to be happy yesterday was because after spending like RM 5 on PHOTO HUNT, we finally score some high point and make it to the top ten list, but we are on the verge of being outscored. If we really did drop out of the list, I always will have the 50 cent coins ready.

Now that laziest man on Earth decided to go for some jog, I hope some of you who are not so lazy people will start doing some sport. Tata.