Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We pay toll like hell and still have to face Flash Flood!

After cutting my hair because I just can't stand the heat on Sunday, the last thing I wan is to feel hot anymore. And God was really generous when comes to granting my wish, He give me heavy rain. So when it started to rain again yesterday when I was relaxing in the school office, I thought once again I dun have to sweat anymore. Things get better when the admin announce school will finish earlier so that those hu take bus home can go back home earlier.

Just as I thought things will cannot get better, it took a turn into something bad. I was caught in a traffic jam because the road under the flyover is flooded and no car can pass through. Being quite smart( haha,yeah i really mean it..... smart) I decided to take a detour and took another route. After paying for 2 different tolls(50 sens and 1.30) i m so glad that i m so close to getting home. I was 200 meter away from my house when i was once again caught in another traffic jam again. Damn the Flash Flood, but more so damn those developer and those highway building company who can't do their job nicely. We pay so much for the toll and they can't even come out with a better drainage system. Talk about day light robbery.

Stop talking about building bigger road and start planning to have a bigger "longkang". SCUMBAG!!!

This road has never jam in 10 years of my life staying here. But hey there is always a first.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Damn, I could have kill someone

I decided to quickly write down how I felt right after the futsal games, is 2.30 now and I just took a very nice bath to calm myself down. Saturday was always my favorite day after Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday and Friday(all the week days is nice becoz I m surrounded by 45 lil angels) becoz i get to play Futsal with my friends.

I knew I was,I m ,I will always be the so-so player in the game but I always enjoyed it even if I'm playing the minor role in the team. But I think I have one of the worst game in my life today and I can start feeling some frustration in myself. And as the clock ticks, that sense of frustration just grew stronger and stronger. I finally can't take it anymore so I just use the ball and kick in the direction of an opponent. He give me the looks of WTF and I just yelled something that I can't even remember now.

!!!!!! I thought being a teacher in the primary school have trained me to have better control of my emotion and not to show my tantrum easily. But how badly wrong was I? Somehow it just struck my head and remind me that I have never been able to control myself. I have no EQ at all(and my IQ is really low too). I always think that killing the source is the fastest way to end a problem. And tonight I'm closest to the thought of killing some1. If I have hold a gun and not a football, I will be rightly sobbing behind the steel bar now.

So here upon I urge every1 of u to help me change the evil side of me, whenever u sense that I'm behaving angrily please pour a cup of teh ice on me. Thanks

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Oasis and Coldplay Week

Woohoo finally I am kapping(jamming but we call it kap instead) with all member of the Dwn. Haha under the idea of the very intelligent but not so good looking singer(me la, hu else) we now have our kapping session playing song that we previously choose a theme for. To make it easy, Oasis and Coldplay Week means we play Oasis and Coldplay's song only.

To whoever that is reading my blog(though not many of them), i m hoping u can drop by and pay us a visit because I always want to show off to my friend haha, just joking I wish u will drop by and tell us how well/bad we played and give suggestion on where to improve. And yeah, we are looking for a female vocalist, as long as don't sing as bad as me then u can leave a msg and tell me if u r interested.

By the way, did I mention that we are actually itching to perform too, but don seems to have the luck or the right connection to find 1. So any of u hu is getting married, having birthday bash, anniversary, class gathering, divorce(lol, look on the bright side, u finally don have to stay with that jerk anymore) and want to listen to some band playing, plz tell us hahahaha.....

Okay la, gtg now.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fool

April Fool has always been the lamest day in my calendar because most of the tricks they play is just too naive and stupid. It makes me kinda wonder how come people is still celebrating April Fool like they have not done enough stupid things in their life.

My brother was asked to join his friends for a movie, and is so nice of him inviting me along. I went along since I have nothing to do through out the days. That movie was suppose to be some horror flick directed by some famous name who previously did some amazing horror movies. Being a coward, I always hated watching horror movie, but that show didn't scared me for a bit at all. Imagine u going to some naked beach only to see that 99% of the gals there cover themselves with 2 towels. Same thing bout that movie as well, the ghost look so much friendlier than nun in church.

I came out of the cinema with a big L hanging on my head, this is what my brother remark for that movie : U thought ghost rider sucks? Think again, watch this show and I will not doubt that u think ghost rider is awesome.

Haha so this April Fool, no 1 trick me but I went to watch the lamest movie and thinking i m actually the joke haha.