Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm popular

Muahahaha, finally people noticed that I am actually cute and very much adorable. Lol.

For once, I experienced the feeling of superstar having his picture taken by every passer-by.

For once, gals go gaga and giggle whenever I wave at them.

I had the best sauna service on the planet and I was even paid to have it.

Haha, I was wearing mascot costume in on-going Movie Carnival at Sunway Pyramid.

Who's my character?

Scrat is the name.

Who's Scrat?

This is the acorn mad Scrat from Ice Age.

LOL, it was really quite some experience.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trim your hair la please

Woi, is my hair okay? Dun tell me to trim it anymore.

I dun have much saying in my life, but I think I still have control over my hair, RIGHT? After all, it is MY hair. Har, now you noticed? MY hair.

I m still waiting for the hair on both side of my head to grow longer. And at the same time, i have to think what hairstyle should i get myself.

Oh, the hot weather here is not helping me, there are time where i really have the urge to trim my hair short short. LOL.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Art Of Living, LOL

Yeah, i just finished the 3 day breathing class.

Lol, you heard me alright, it is a breathing class. But i dun feel much different after going thro it, maybe i should just practice more and be patient. At least I didn't spend the last 3 days doing nothing but watching movie downloaded by my bro, right?

Oh, there were a few outing through out the week because of 2 group of friend from Kuching visited here, is a pretty hectic week but is a lot better than not having thing to do at all.

Hopefully, more event will occured so that I can blog about it, right now I just run out of thing to talk about.

P.S: I just saw Coldplay's FIX YOU mtv 10 minutes ago, it was really nice. Not that it is my first time seeing it, but is been a long while since the last time. Really love it. (Secretly, I was hoping that I can have my own concert,LOL)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


As most of you would have know, Heath Ledger won an Oscar for his role as Joker but it seems that there are a lot of politician here in Malaysia that can play Joker just as well.

Seriously, it's seem like Malaysian can't have enough of dosage of jokes and dramas that the Perak state assembly(PSA) is trying their best to keep us annoyed amused. I have been told that politician are great actor, but no one told me that they can only act in comedy genre. LOL.

While the whole world is dealing with recession, Malaysian have to deal with snatch thieves and Mat Rempit as well. So i guess having a laugh at the on going drama with the Perak state assembly will really HELP OUT with our stress level.

I m pretty sure that the people didn't opted the opposition so that they can have drama, they wanted a change with the 50 years of trend of BN dominating every election, they wanted people who can actually help to navigate the country forward and not backward, they don wan politician hu promise a lot but delivered little or worst, none.

But most of all, Malaysian were fed up with the ruling party. And the whole PSA drama proved that it was a wise decision to make back then, look at how the BN responded, look at the way they behaved.

I always told my fren around that Malaysia is a nice place to be at cept for few days in a year when the temperature is really crazily hot. But I am not too sure now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nah, is your fault because you're not Barca.

Well, live football match was a big part of my life back then. I'm a Arsenal fans thro and thro. So it makes much sense that matches i watched involved the Gunners in action.

But due to the situation where I'm staying in my dormitory for the past 2 years, football match, followed the step of my cuteness, they are now thing of a past.

I missed the MU Arsenal champion league match, and to be honest, i'm relieved that i didn't have to watch thro giant TV screen showing how MU crushed Arsenal.

But i get to watch the Barcelona-Chelsea match, lol. And seriously, I lol-ed all the way till the final whistle blow. The match was not great, and I was only amused by all the bias remarks make by my companion. Right from the very first minute, they complain bout unfairness of the referee's decision.

Is just so EFF-ing hilarious watching and listening to 2 super slanted football fans making a point on fairness. A Barca player foul a player and they complain bout referee being too harsh, exactly same kind of foul commited by Chelsea resulting similiar punishment was echoed by voice of LENIENT.

Omgwtfbbq, I love football fanatic but hate all moisquito preying on me at McD.

Oh, one more thing: Better luck next season, Chelsea.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I am almost 100 hours away from my flight, which will take 100 minutes to reach LCCT, KL.
I noe I m super looking forward to the holiday, but i m very lazy to pack my stuff. LOL. Here's a prove of it.

An empty luggage bag.

Haha, i decided to leave more of my stuff here this time so i travel lighter. Of coz being a tidy person, I ask my fren to get me nice small box to have my stuff kept savely in.

Stop thinking outside the box and start putting inside the box!
(that's really lame)

Oh, btw, i found out that I can no longer stay in my hostel. Boooooo!