Sunday, December 27, 2009

i'm 22 going on 23

My birthday is more than 6 months away, and I shouldn't be so excited bout growing older. But is just my way of saying bye bye to 2009 and hello to 2010.

2009 has been more eventful that I even thought it could have been. Most of it are happy joyous event while a few being more misery.

Started the year with a good friend of mine in Sarawak getting a job in KL and staying put there ever since.

Follow by wonderful CNY holiday back in KL, i miss the 2008's because of a dumb decision to stay back in my dormitory and done nothing with no one around cept for having bah kuah all by myself.

Then there was the heartbroken thingy around May, which cause me to actually choose to tag along my ex-schoolmate to trip to Pangkor, and it was a blast with lots lots of affordable beers. Bond much much much closer with a few friends.

Heart mended by end of June and things are awesome by the time I went to Sarawak to start my fifth semester. Found out that Eason is coming on August and I knew that is time for me to spend money on flight ticket and concert ticket.

After the concert, found myself in that stupid, awkward, dilemma, complicated position with a gal that I swore not to fall in love with.

Spent my September in grumpy and misery mood. And the weather doesn't actually help as it rains crazily. I literally has Greenday's Wake me up when September ends in my ears everyday.

October was just a moving on state for me, went back to KL again while having Raya break. Miss Lut and Miss Quek did some real fantastic job cheering me up.

November is exam month and Bali trip awaits at the end of it. Exam is bad, trip is alright, I am happy, at least.

This is the first December where I spend more than half of my time in MV. It amazed me that I can spend so much time in MV yet I have not bow down to the temptation to buy more clothes. Lol.

Yeah, we are 3 days away from 2010.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


How does one measure happiness?

In my case right now, it certainly isn't measured by time. Nor does it measure by money.

Call me silly, but I feel happy doing just about anything with her. I feel a kind of unexplainable happiness by just watching her sitting beside me. I think I'm mad, madly in love with a person.

Sometimes you need to lose something to appreciate whatever left that you are having, sometimes you know that you will lose that important thing even though you try so hard to cherish and hold on to it.

It pains me to know that I am going to experience the later, very soon. So I am doing everything in my power to spend more time with her, to see her just one more time, to pat her head.

Wa, emo lo. I watch Avatar today and I found myself dropping tears at least twice thro the movie. Y.Y

Thursday, December 24, 2009

25th December

Merry X'mas. Christmas day is my last day. Met someone special on the job. Not sure how thing will turn out, but being positive is way better than being pessimistic.

Good night.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

thanks for sharing your story

I can fully understand the frustration of working 9-5 everyday. I m working a 10 hours shift right now, even though it will only be less than a month but I think I aged by 10 years oledi.

Yesterday mark one of the worst day in my part time job.

I start off the day with less than 4 hours sleep on the previous night.

Being selfless and nice really doesn't do you good sometimes. Everyone seems to be enjoying teasing me, I'm okay if it was any other day, but yesterday was like one of those day when I woke up and I know something is not right. Sufficient to say, I was in grumpy mood.

So I go through the whole day with a long face except for a few brief moment when I was having my breaktime.

I'm really sorry if I did shocked some of you who get to see the other side of me yesterday. Yes, the ugly truth is I can be very nice, but that doesn't mean I will never get pissed off.

Insufficient sleep + super-looking-forward-to-plan is foiled + everyone is teasing + customer showing dulan face to me = hyper pissed off.

Monday, December 7, 2009

my Off day

Working as part time promoter is not easy. Those friend who told you is very easy 1 are not your fren, in fact, is very much likely they hate you so much that they encourage you to dig your own grave. Lol.

The job is tiring, but I think is a great way for me to understand the meaning of hard-earned money. Beside, some of the co-worker are actually awesome, of course some potential customers are hard to please,

but when you heard compliment like: Thanks a lot, you give a very detail explanation and good service,

then you just feel happy and care less about hitting the sales target anot.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

bali 101

It has been quite hectic for the past few day, and the worst has yet to come. But I'm afraid that if i dun update my blog, I will never get to update it for a while.

Continue on about my Bali trip, I m going to tell you facts about Bali.

  • There are a lot of temple in Bali, I'm serious. I visited like 6/7 temples on my trip. Some like the famous Tanah Lot shown above is just simply amazing, some are just plain normal.
  • 80% of Balinese are Hinduism.
  • Hence, Babi Guling is their famous delicacy, and trust me, is real good. Imagine having Roasted Pork with fried onion, chili and spices. Yum yum yum.
  • 70% of the road in Bali is one track, if one direction got car accident, go figure!
  • Bali rice is farking nice, I think I mentioned it on my last post, but watever, I m going to say it again.
  • If you are Chinese Malaysian, is very much likely that you will be mistaken as Japanese. So throw it a few simple Japanese line, and syiok sendiri for a bit.
  • Is 90 km from North to South, 110 km from East to West. Sorry I run out of things to say about Bali. Hahaha

Friday, November 27, 2009

Bali 0000

Back from the Bali trip, not exhausted. That is what so awesome about it. You have a great time there, come back and u dun feel tired at all. Okay la, I m not sure with my mates, but I dun feel wore out, not even a bit.

But of course, like any other trip, you bound to like and dislike something at the same time.

I like the price of a large Heineken beer there! I dislike hate the Bintang beer a lot.
My advice: Try a small bottle of Bintang and stuck to your Heineken.

I like the wave in Kuta Beach which is within walking distant from the place v stay with super nice sunset view, but the famous Nusa Dua beach is overrated and fucking awful.
My advice: Unless you are into water sport, else dun even bother checking Nusa Dua out. It sucks. Legian-Kuta beach is the shit, just stay at that area and you will be rewarded.

I like the taste of Bali rice, but dislike the coffee and orange juice there. Not sure it is as good as Thailand rice but definitely very nice. Strange thing was their fried rice doesn't taste nice.
My advice: U have rice as much as possible, then have Heineken instead of coffee or orange juice.

That's all for now! Still in holiday mood haha.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm rich

I have been wanted to do it for so long in my life, to flash my money like I m some kind of millionaire. And in this case, I have 1.35 million. Only catch here: is Rupiah.

Guess is no secret now that I m going to Bali tomolo, next on the to-do list: Packing.

Bali, I will treat you good, but I wouldn't say the same about my trip buddy though. Lol

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Geah (lol, more excited than plain yeah)

I'm looking forward to holiday.

I'm looking forward to the Bali trip.

I'm looking forward to working as a promoter.

I'm looking forward to some Futsal.

I'm looking forward to more Bearbrick to my collection.

I'm looking forward to having steak at The Ship with somebody. Lol.

I'm looking forward to lots of catch up.

After all the looking forward, I'm not looking forward to tomolo's RC exam. Booh~~~

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I found myself reading lots of article from the internet about how bad the economy is doing in US. News of recession hitting hard, jobless rate is hitting 11%, unemployed living on severance, jobless people remain jobless for more than 6 months after sending hundred of resume applying for job. The typical sad news that make every job seeker very demotivate. If you are looking for a job, please remember not to check those article like I do.

At this rate, I think I should start worrying bout getting a job when I graduate; instead of worrying my routinely-uninteresting work once I got a job. I must be fucking dumb to hate working if I never actually get a job, right?

I think my mom just found more reason to nag me and stop me from spending. Lol.

On a lighter note, according to this article. Civil engineering related field seems to be getting quite some good pay, eg: Hydrologist, environmental engineer, construction project manager.

But notice at the end of the article? The salaries listed are median, annual salaries for full-time workers with 5-8 years of experience and include any bonuses, commissions or profit sharing.

How you get 5-8 years of working experience if you never get a job to start with?

Friday, November 6, 2009

November is here, baby

wa, is been so long since my last entry. Must be too busy studying for my final, right? Hell no, is because I dun have internet connection la. Partly also because I dun have any interesting event happen around me also, no early birthday celebration, never go for AAR concert, so nothing to blog about la.

Is November, 2009 is coming to an end real soon. November is never any1's favorite month unless you are a November baby, is easy not to like November because the awesome December is just behind it, u have Christmas and New Year's Eve and is the last month of the year, you just gotta love the last month of the year.

Had my first of 4 paper today, and I did pretty good, I actually feel happy for putting in much effort this time. Next paper is going to be on Monday, then the ever-challenging RC paper will be in another 7 days.

I watched tonnes of movies for the past whole week which include GI JOE, The Proposal, Mall Cop, Stepbrothers, 17 again, sin city, 40 years old virgin, night at the museum 2 and whole lots of other movie as well. Maybe I should try to become a movie reviewer if the future of civil Engineer is not looking bright. LOL.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Happy Birthday, Drum King! (Honestly, I'm so tempted to put Drumstick King)

You're 21. May you have a eventful, lustful, wonderful celebration there. Let's have a replacement joint birthday celebration for everyone once you get back.

I must admit though, I almost forgot your birthday until SM and GAY XIANG together with you yourself reminded me. Haha

Nick told me bout his plan to take up 2nd degree in a field that has nothing do with the degree he is having now.

I think is really awesome for him to have plan for his future, but I'm thinking that it could be a lot tougher than it seems.
Is like, being a TOPGEAR follower does not make you a real good driver. The same can be say in his case here.

But as your friend, I'm giving you this advise: If you heart is in it, then put your body to it as well. Thoughts will always be thoughts until you actually do something about it.

Do keep me update with your plan.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I wonder / how many mistake can we ignore?

Have you notice any different with my blog entry?

It has less randomness, and less emo related, less ranting and complaint. Could it be that I'm more satisfied with my life now or had I lost the tiny little bit of interest to even make noise about my life?

I wake up in the morning and connect to internet without much purpose almost everyday, I think our life has already been taken control by technologies without the insurgence of Robot like how all those sci-fi films portrayed. And worst of all, we are happy with it, we are more than willing to let that happen to us.

I often wonder how different my life can be if I were born around 1910. What is to feel like waking up with no TV in the living hall and no fan or aircond when the temperature is really hot? Sounds like living in a god-forsaken world? Nah, but people has been living that way for way longer than how we live our life now right?

Took my wallet, some coins, turn off the light and fan power of my room, click on the door lock on the knob and the door was slam shut.

Was walking down the stairs when this word buzz up: KEY. Oh boy, I have not bring my key along with me. This is my fifth semester staying in the dormitory but it is actually the first time I lock myself out of the room.

Luckily, there are always people who look pretty normal but actually equipped with extraordinary ability around us. A coursemate told us to contact another coursemate of ours who is a specialist in dealing with opening locked door without key. The tools he used was a boot. He slammed the door knob repeatedly with a heavy boot and Voila, the door is unlock, not even a scartch on it.
But, be warned: this is not actually not a good way to break into one's room and steal their belonging as the door know slamming is as loud as gun shoot.

So I make a mistake here, I should have bring along my key and save all the hassle. My mistake is not a great one, and it was remedied by a friend.

But how many mistake in our life that we make before was then corrected?
Some mistake was done by just a misjudgement and the outcome can be catastrophic, some mistake make can never be undone.
Some people actually make the same mistake over and over again, is not like they dunno it, but they just can't help but to commit those kind of lack of judgement mistake.

A person's life is not judge by how many road he walked, but how many mistake he actually done.

One of my biggest mistake in my life is I never try hard enough during my secondary life to pursuit what I want. Now I sorta lost in my life, I know I'm in Sarawak but I have no direction where should my life be heading to next. Hemmmmmm.

Did I make any mistake with you? Or it was a mistake from the start?

I think I sorta in a really mild kind of depression, but like i say, is really really mild.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Update of my life

I'm done with Highway Engineering presentation.

I tried but fail to get the cheap air ticket for CNY.

I'm addicted to PSP's Patapon.

I'm super broke.

I'm sleeping really late at night or early in the morning.

I'm done updating with my life for now.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Please dun do it infront of me, pretty please

Thought of coming up with a list of "things that I can't stand" for quite a while, and finally I'm able to pen it down and show it to you.

  1. Guy wearing slippers or sandals with long pants. Kill me please! Is so freaking gross to wear long pants and show your toes in a slippers or sandals. Gals can do it because they go for pedicure and their sandals are actually lot more nicer.
  2. Guy having their baggy pants so low that you can see their ass crack. Kill me first, then revive me and kill me again! I'm sure you guys encounter it before, so I'm not going to detail on the grossness and obscene of it.
  3. Using WATEVER like is a full-stop in their sentences. I heard that it is actually the female equality of guy's Fuck you, and I'm all okay with vulgar or cursing. But imagine people using it in every sentences, you think you r coming up with a crossover of Sex In the City and the Departed meh?
  4. Ask the food to be packed in Polystyrene as if to takeaway but end up eating in the eatery itself. This is one thing that I have yet to figure it out, Polystyrene is not biodegradable and this people are using it as a replacement of plate because Polystyrene box is cleaner?!? I'm not the world biggest Earth loving guy la, but I hope you die in a Polystyrene waste mountain.
  5. Never wanted to admit one's laziness but giving excuses instead. I'm lazy and I always tell people so when I dun wan to do some of the task I was assigned to. So please respect the rest of us and just admit that you are fucking lazy and not busy.
Is not a long list, some might not be serious to most of you, but is like Durian, some people love it, others just can't stand it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

my scarf

I'm sorry, I dun mean to make your angry 1 lo, is just my way of cheering people up when shit happened to them. I'm so used to doing it that the moment u send me that SMS telling me about the accident, that is the only thing that I can think of to make it a bit more bearable.

Of course deep in my heart, I wish that you get to finish it and give it to me. But now that it is lost, maybe it is fated to be that way. I know you spend lots of time knitting it, time and effort to be exact. If you actually feel sorry and bad, I'm telling you now, you dun have to. Is not your fault. Is my fault.

Suddenly, I'm looking forward to my own convocation and no more staying in my dormitory with very lousy internet connection.

Monday, October 12, 2009

窝囊no more









Friday, October 9, 2009

no sun yet, still talking about moon

So, 8 month 15 day or Mid Autumn AKA Mooncake's festival was last Saturday, went for an event hosted in campus by some Chinese group association of the university. It was rainy that night and hence we were shivering inside the fully air-conditioned hall. Not to mentioned we walked to the venue without umbrella, OMG, that explained the sneezing the next day.

So the whole thing went on quite well, it could be better but nonetheless, everyone enjoyed themselves, well everyone almost, except DAILOU who was performing have to endured the pain of having a very unskillful violinist playing alongside him.

I even get to feast my eyes on some of the girls that was present in that event too, looks like Unimas is not really a dry up pond with dying fish flipping their belly on the black mud.

We get to light up the lantern as well, although I think is a bit dumb to risk setting fire in the hall but hey, let's not let worrying over a few burnt chair spoiling our wonderful night.

Oh, just to show you guys how blissfully I am with the speed of the net tonight, I uploaded a few pictures. And if you are interested with the guys in the picture, don't bother asking me to introduce because they are 3 happy gay pal, pun very much intended here.

Fuiyoh, sea of lantern, even other races can be seen here having fun

"Ur camera flash mat 7? I got lantern to do the job"


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the Perfect Gift

So I'm going to blog about money again tonight.

6th of October is always going to be a difficult day for me.

Is my mommy birthday lo. I'm sure that for anyone out there, when they receive a birthday gift, they will be very happy 1 lo, but not mommy.

1)Mommy will first ask you: Is it expensive ya?

If you answer: Yes, very expensive ------> then she will start to lecture you

So you answer: No, is a best buy ------> she will ask you: How much then?

Being a good boy, i will answer honestly, then the truth is always gonna get you into trouble.

2)So then by not buying gift, I'm safe?

Wrong. She will say: Yor, my birthday but no one give me anything.

me: WTF?!@?@

3)So now that I'm here in Sarawak, I won't be having such problem anymore. Hooray.

Tips Of Day: If you can't get a perfect gift, don't bother trying. Lol

I just called mommy and wish her Happy Birthday. She say I have been spending too much. Ouch, sorry Mommy. I will control my spending, I promised. I am not saying this on your birthday to make you happy, I will really control my spending urge.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Purpose of life

Helping the poor and unfortunate? Not even close

Being someone important and contribute to the society? I don't think so.

Having fun and enjoy your short 70 years on earth to the max? Ha, I wish.

The sole purpose of life is one very easy word. It spell M O N E Y.

Yeah,钱钱钱. Be it US dollar, Japan Yen or RM. Money is the only thing that makes the world go around.

You need money to help the poor and unfortunate.

You are definitely someone important when you are filthy rich and then you can contribute to the society with your bills or notes.

You can travel around the world, visit different country, party till you pass out when you have the extra money to spend.

Don't believe me?
You study hard > get good result > impressive resume > good job > healthy income.

SEE?!?! It end with money.

Everything start from money and always end with money.

It doesn't take a genius to discover this simple truth, but it sure took me long enough time to know that I can never find a better purpose in life.

Here's a fun fact:
If you earn 50 ringgit an hour, and you work 10 hours a day, you make RM 500 a day.
Then you work 22 days a month, you get RM11000 monthly.
Times that with 12, and you earn 132 grand a year.
You work for 35 years and your total income till you retired will be RM4.62 million.

Bill gates has a networth of 50 billion US Dollar. 50billion times 3.5 = RM175 billion.

You can earn that amount if you repeat you working life cycle for a whopping 37878.79 times.

Friday, October 2, 2009

round round Moon

Blue, red, yellow, green, pink and white.

No matter how hard i try, i can never manage to light up more than 10 candles. That was the very few hour when I wish that wind never exists.

As I grew older, I learn that wind will never stop blowing, so I just watch others trying hard to light up the candles while mocking them when the candles blew off.

I never quite get it whenever I saw kids holding battery operated "LANTERN" with sound and all. What's the point of running around with the lantern knowing that the wind blow will never be your problem and your lantern will never accidentally caught on fire due to your dumbness?

I don't remember when was the last time I participate in Lantern parade. Suddenly, I feel like going back to time when I can yell at my father to light up the candle. I miss crying when my lantern got burnt to ashes while everyone else is still holding theirs perfectly.

Is kinda suck to be grow up, I noe I can enter clubs and casino legally but I rather have lantern and candles, left the mess to be clean up by mom, have mooncake together with friends and go to bed without brushing.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Motivation and its alter-ego

Motivation? Checked

Single-line test pad? Checked

Calculator? Checked

Full stomach? Checked

Right after the positive tick, came all the negative one.

Hot weather? Checked

Weird smell from the hall? Checked

Semi-functional brain? Checked

Non-stop browsing Facebook? Checked

*No wonder my assignments have yet to be done.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I love taking photo of Be@rbrick

Is quite true that when you are single and alone, the loneliness feeling is not as bad as when you are hanging out with a bunch of mate and each of them have their missus and dude. Feeling of being left out + not having someone to hold on to = super emo all the time.

But is good that when you have friends to hang out with, to cheer you up, to support you when the road ahead is really tough and rough, to share lame jokes with.

With the holiday ending, I'll be back to Sarawak, not having much people to hang out with. With a few group work due-ing soon and final round the corner, I'm so hating October and half of November; but anticipating December anxiously.

At time, i m like the electricuted Be@rbrick.

Went window shopping with Nick and for the first time in a long long while, I actually sorta hated it. Is has nothing to with Nick, I just don seems to be in the mood.

Am I on the brink of losing my sole passion of my life?
What will become of RC without any shopping?

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Lately, I found that I can't blog as much as I like using English. As if I can express better with Mandarin suddenly and in exchange I have to give up English. But I wan to blog mainly in English, I wan to show people that YKM's English also boleh tahan I think somehow it will help to improved my English la, so I wan to do it, dun tell me what I can't do, no one knows me better than myself.

How do you actually know that you fall in love with a person?

People say:
  • You feel light-headed when she look at you while playfully blinking her eye
  • You can't wait to see her again even though you just send her home 5 minutes ago
  • You get worry/upset when she is not replying ur msg or sms
  • You think that she is cute when she get slightly pissed by your mischievous teasing
  • You wan to make her smile even if it deal massive pain to your body and soul
Of coz, there are lot lots more. But I think I had experienced all the situation mentioned above when I m with different gal, does that mean I love every single 1 of them?
I dunno, I'm confused.

Love was suppose to be simple, not confusing.

Love was suppose to be all about shower of happiness, not down pour of tears.

Love was suppose to be doing things together silently, not play guessing.

Love spell L-O-V-E, not T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Love brings people together, not making close friend wanted to be away from each other.

P.s: Not emo-ing, jus expressing sensitive emotional point-of-view.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

dec 2004 - blank - sep 2009

Went out with Yoko/Tommi/the Vios driver yesterday and today. It was a real good experience, this is actually the first time we went out together without any gal around, means we can be ogler for the whole day, and for some reason we pay more attention on Hot Momma. LOL.

I top my record of singing k for 3 hours with just a friend to 4 hours this time. Was enjoying to the max on the first 2 hour, spend the last hour wishing the session could end sooner. Lol.

Took some of the nicest picture ever of mine, and finally feel that maybe I can make a living by modeling? LOL. that is not serious at all, pun very much intended here.

Finally a more decent meet up of 5s6ers. And it is pretty decent, of coz it will be better if the next day is a holiday, with poker and chips and lots of chilled beer. But is good in the sense we did a lot of catching up, and I m going to graduate before Yuxuan - the foundation expert. Lol.

Looking forward to our next gathering.

Monday, September 21, 2009

if u think is u, then it is u lo


我对你好,你就先入为主地以为我在追求你? 不要想太多好吗? 你觉得我配不上你?我都还没有嫌弃你啦,请你不要自个儿地以为自己是优质的,是抢手货。我还是喜欢像puss那样散发着一种独特的味道但自己却又不知道。



Friday, September 18, 2009


Watched The Gamer and The Ugly Truth on Thursday and Friday. Both movie with Gerard Butler as the cast. Not that I m a big fans of muscle beef but these are the only 2 movies I wanted to watch.

I know I love romantic comedy a lot, maybe the reason being I enjoy joke and I don't actually have a love life, watching a love flick is sort of like being in love without needing to deal with all the shit, crap, lies in relationship. WTF? I sound like a grudging old women that have her life saving cheated by a younger boy toy.

I thought of giving action movie a chance to redeem themselves, TKY - my roomie was keep on telling us about how much he wanted to watch it, so i thought it must be good eh.

I can't stop laughing watching one movie and can't stop shaking my head in another 1, needless to say, you know which one I enjoyed and which one I hated it.

I watched District 9 on laptop, is not as bad or as good as people have been telling me. But if you put it side by side with the movie I watched on Thursday, you will simply love District 9.

Oh, BTW, I watch the movies in the newly open MBO cinema in the Spring, Kuching. Not sure there was a hype about it, but my mate - Nick was not happy with it and claim GSC is still the best(i noe, i noe, it isn't fair). I was hoping that the second movie will be screening in a bigger hall after I watching the Gamer in the small 108 + 6 couple seat hall, but i end up in the same small screening hall. DAMN, I dun like the small hall, but until I get to try the big hall, I will not say GSC is better than MBO.

Michelle, Happy Belated Birthday, you're officially 21 now.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Uno, Ichi, yi, 1 , satu , one

I noticed that I have not blog about serious stuff for a long time. Is not like everything I post about lately is pure joke and for fun, but what I meant was I have not blog about serious topic that will eventually pissed people off. LOL

I m sure you come across number 1 a lot for the past few months. this number is almost certain to follow by the word Malaysia.

Unless you have been studying in Australia, UK, US, India, Russia and etc, and never thought of coming back to this miserable country, then I m pretty sure u know what is 1Malaysia.

To some, is a great idea. But idea is not always ideal for people to actually work it on.

To some, is a great policy. But how many successful policy the government have had for the last decade?

To some, is a great song name. Hence you turn on radio and kept hearing people singing 1Malaysia, 1 Negara, 1 Bangsa.

To me, is just a gimmick, a put on display for the people of Malaysia, to show them that the new government really want a harmony and unity nation. WTF?!?! Which country in the world doesn't want that?

Unity people is not as easy as launching a few poem writing, song composing competition or having a massive open house. It takes understanding and non-bias leadership to make it work. The unity of this country has been torn by its very own government for far too long, and is really sad for me to tell you the unavoidable truth: 1Malaysia is going to fail big time.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

is just a matter of happy or not

A state of connectedness between people (especially an emotional connection), that's the definition for relationship.

I finished He's just not that into you (finally) today, is not as good as i expected it to be hence it take so many day for me to sit through it. After watching the movie, I have a very strong thought in my brain, a relationship is not measure by time, effort or money, it is measured by happiness. It is that simple and it make sense, you are happy when your relationship is going right and healthy, vice versa.

I'm not sure how many people out there would agree with me, but my point of view is simple and clear, if you have more tear than laughter in a relationship, i would rather not have that relationship. Of coz, you can not have joyous moment all the time, but..... well, you get the idea la, if you try and try and try and u failed, maybe u should just stop trying.

You might gain more by giving up something else.
You should love yourself enough so that you can give the extra love for others instead of hoping them to shower you with love.

I once thought that I m really stupid and selfless because of how much I give up to make a person happy. I was wrong, DEAD WRONG. I m doing it because I want that person to happy, is not stupid or selfless, is a sense of existing, it make me feel that because of my presence, that person is a bit more cheerful. I know sometime I do complicate thing for a bit but is not my intention to do so, I just want you to know that you look prettier when you smile.

I m not sure u think I m pure 38 or not la, but I really hope that you can stop having false hope in him, you can be still be very close with him without being his lover lo. Dun lut jor okay? I m not that bad wut.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm coming, I'm Coming, here i come weekend

Random Creep suddenly felt anxious and uneasy about tomolo's mid term. Not that the subject is tough and RC here are not prepare, but maybe the thought of knowing the next mid term after the one tomolo will be the very tough and time consuming RC design. RC here refer to REINFORCED CONCRETE.

So RC have to take on RC?!?! WTF?

Was it the promise to score GPA of 3.7 and above or finally the calling for greater achievement inside me have awake, I'm not sure but I just dun wan to do awfully bad in this period of my life. I wan to have a lil more control of my life.


Sometime, there are people around you that are really outstanding and attract you, thing can get a lil complicated if that person is of opposite gender and he/she show sign of affection for you too.

Is lot lot worst if you are those that easily developed feeling for a person and you are dreamy hopeful type. The more feeling you developed for him/her, the more HOPE you cast into the baloon, and even the biggest baloon have its own maximum capacity, I can't imagine how much it will hurt when the baloon burst and you end up inhale and exhaling like mad dog.

I'm actually much weaker than i thought I m, I'm a chicken. I thought I can be braver by loving you and I m dead wrong.

Love was such an easy game to play, sing The Beatles, little did they know love can be a bitch at times.

U r not missing it, but I do hope that you r appreciating that I never call or even msg u, I didn't forget all about you, I just care too much for you that I dun wan you to feel bad of something you have not done wrong in.

Friday, September 4, 2009

blog = update of my life

Had my first mid term of the semester, and it turn out to be a decent one. Was the first one who left the lecture hall, it makes me feel superior, lol. I gave up the theory part, but application question are alright. But the tougher part are yet to come.

Chatted with the Korean exchange student, found out that Korea practice Left Hand driving. OMFG, is the the biggest discover since I found out Miss Lim (a guy) is a bi.

Also found out that: is expensive to get a degree in Korea. Sun, the Korean student who is attending a public Uni in his country says that he need to pay the tuition fees of an equivalent of 6k in ringgit for every semester.

Check my body weight, and found out that I actually gain a kg, not sure was it the supper or the muscle i built up in gym. Other than the gym routine, now I'm playing the role as someone's alarm clock too, since I'm the one who says she have to lose some weight. I have to remind her to go for job in the evening.

Was worrying for a friend who blogged about her worry of falling into depression again. Sigh*, I can't do anything apart from being worried. I hope you get over it soon, I know is hard, but I believe you are a strong person. I have faith in you.

P.s: I m actually feeling hungry now, something is wrong with me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What I like?

DL asked me that other day: Can you describe the characteristic of your dream gal?!

Just in case you dunno, DL has developed this ritual of having "talks" when he dun wan to prepare for upcoming exam. He will stay in the our room and start to ask all kind of question, lately he is even into this role playing of 'radio talk show host and caller'.

I'm not sure why or how, I have this huge thing for gals with dark skin. Not to the extent of Halle Berry dark, but just darker compare to normal Chinese complexion.

Height is never an issue, btw. But I know gal will never like to go out with a guy shorter than them, so i m guessing 170 and below shall make it better for my appearance, (I look taller by going out with a shorter gal, Haha)

Oh oh oh, and somehow I just love Blonde. I think is because the glittering of their hair? Lol.

DL: Which part of the body attract you?
Me: *Blush...* Ass, butt, bum, bottom, etc....

Another all time favorite question, long or short hair? - Would prefer short over long

This is for Michelle and her only, I love weirdo.

Last but not least, I madly love 38. Not just a bit 38, but super super 3-8.

Omg, I think U have everything I want, that makes the MOVE ON part even much tougher.

P.s: If you match all the criteria above, and you are not in a relationship, on second thought, I'm okay with you having a bf, then you should leave ur contact here. Sorry guy, not in the mood of having a buddy now.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm sorry that I joke at the wrong time

I tend to blog more when I have free time or in the state of emo. In today case, I'm just too free.

I did nothing except thinking bout you, a lot.

I'm starting to wonder should I pick up ballet to fill my free time? Oh my god, I did it again. I have this ability to crap and have really ridiculous random idea buzzing out of my mind whenever I'm not using my brain to recall what I'm forgetting.I can never forget you, hence I never even bother to try doing so.

I developed this skill of turning any serious conversation to a mind blowing, heart stopping session of nonsense talking. I'm sure some people do enjoy this 'gifted ability' of mine, unfortunately, I have pissed off more people with it. I'm dying to hear your laughter here.

I don't know what's keep me going on behaving this way, maybe I'm a born joker or I'm just born with this personality of can't stay serious. Or maybe I just dunno how to talk, and hence I can only crap? Oh, and you know that my singing aren't that bad.

Shoot, I have not even touch on the real subject behind this entry. I know that I do this a lot but I am apologizing now to whoever that have experienced the following situation when they talk to me.

Sorry, again. I know I should not make stupid lame joke when I'm talking to you when you are having problem and need someone to hear you out.

I should have keep my mouth shut instead of mocking or talk in sarcastic manner when you are already in raging mood.

I should have offer you comforting words instead of going on and on about that funny little incident I came across today or 2 weeks back.

I hope you do understand that I dun mean to be rude or disrespect, but this is the only way I can think of to cheer you up a bit, I'm sorry if that back fire. I still love and care for you, a lot.
I know I should leave you alone, but I m learning to do so one step at a time.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

+ 5 pound

I'm embarrassed by theses remarks people gave me:
  • You're too thin
  • You should gain some weight
  • You'll look better if you pile up another 5 pound
  • You need some love, go get a girl friend
Okay la, the last point was make up by me, no one is KIND enough to tell me that.

I m actually envious of people whose weight fluctuate according to how much they eat or starve themselves. It means they have more control of their life than I ever have. No pun intended here.

I tried eating more, sleep right after supper, not exercising, and all fail to make me gain extra pound, not even one extra. Lol.

As bad as and as much as I want to make myself look bulkier and beefy, it will be easier for me to score a GPA of 3.7 and above than to actually be heavier.

So for the first time ever in Random Creep's playground, I m actually daring myself. I will try both to gain weight and to score GPA of at least 3.7 and then I shall make a conclusion on which is harder to achieve.

But before I start, knowing fully well of myself, I m expecting myself to only be able to be succeed in one of the 2 challenge. So if you see me looking still very skinny, it means that I have a GPA score of 3.7 ; and if you see me looking a lot fatter, then you should very well know that my academic result is going to be the usual stuff I got all my life.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


用崇拜的眼神看着身边的朋友可以轻易地从一段感情move on去另一段,完完全全的忘记了之前的恋人。




人说:自己坐在最爱的人的身边,她却不懂你的心意。我问:就算她懂又怎样? 如果她不明白,你起码可以自我安慰,自我猜测;也好过落得被现实一巴巴的掌掴下来。



Saturday, August 22, 2009


Just thought of sharing a bit of Bearbrick collection picture taken, and I wan to pump my blog post amount a bit.

Shame on you, even the bear know how to wear a mask while he is not feeling well. Noticed how the 1 with the mask have his eye gawked at the 1 beside hu is coughing with his mouth wide open, the Chinese word on the forehead reads KILL. It means u r killing people when u do that.

People come, people go, lol

Was in KLIA on friday night to bid farewell to my sissy cousin, wasn't feeling so well but still came up with this candid shot of us 5 talking on the phone, can you tell hu is really on the phone and hu is faking it like real pro?
[from left]Sissy Sean, LFC, SM, Spoiler GM, yours truly.

Wish you have a wonderful life there, Sean, and no worries bout ur sister, I will not disturb her so long as she dun start it first. Hahaha.

Then next day, went out with Miss Quek, Miss Lee and Miss Chong. Due to complication, some of them wan to remain anonymous, and their picture not to be shown here. One's behavior can be tell by looking at what they drink.
Miss Lee ordered 7 UP revive, weird leh?

Miss Quek was having some coffee with ice and roti bakar, wei, thought u say u r getting fatter?

I can't remember what Miss Chong have, but that's okay because she is forgettable like her drink, Lol. Just joking.

I only have bottled water bought from pharmacy. Lol.

With Miss Quek coming back, is time for me to go back Sarawak and prepare for my mid term. Lol

Thursday, August 20, 2009





A 很想很想快樂得大聲笑,但B卻只能看見未來的傷悲和失望。





Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Purposely came back and catch Eason Chen's concert and it was a decision well made. I have not make lot of wise decision throughout my life but this is one that I make myself pround. The concert was totally awesome, I never had sex before but I guess is safe to say that Eason's concert is better than it.

I have 2 extra tickets, and after asking around, 2 very lucky fren of ours decided to join us for the concert. U say lucky anot la, we drive them there, drive them back, no need to pay for ticket and some more blow water 9 9 with them.

If there was any complain, it will be the concert is a bit too short, although it actually lasted 3 hours but there are still at least a good 7 or 8 of Eason famous hits was not performed. I like the way he laugh at his own funny talks and he can dance better now. Good thing he ditch Architect and opted for a singing career instead.

Oh and there was firework as the concert end, CHUN. Is even better than those during new year eve.

Hu did it better?!?

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Dwn

Lately, I'm missing something. Well, actually I always miss something in everything. The miss here as in short off/ not present , no pun intended.

Missing motivation during revision period.

Missing perseverance when learning something tough.

Missing chances to make new friend for being so reserve all the time.

Missing judgment in DotA game which in turn leads to me feeding.

Missing family and friends when I can't sleep.

Missing all the jamming session with the Dwn.

The last one was the reason I have this post, I just went through about 10 songs we used to jam together and play acting like we're the rock star back then. It was pure fun, retard and music. Okay, we need to clear something up. I was having fun while singing out of pitch, Eong Xien was all about having all sort of guitar faces, SM and Xiong, well are just plain retard in the jam room. Haha, just joking, u guys are amazing.

I m pretty sure Xiong will only miss the McD after the jamming session. Just case any of you are wondering, I still sing and play guitar stinkily, but I'm loving it like nobody's business. Feel free to make any request of me performing in your birthday bash, company dinner or even divorce party. Haha.

Friday, August 7, 2009

R u SAD?

According to Kenny Sia, the term SAD = single and desperate. Haha, well-said. I guess when you are single and desperate, u ought to feel sad, and when u r sad, u try to get rid of the sadness by doing something, such as getting in a relationship.

Lately, I noticed there are a few very desperate individual emerged around me. Some of their action make me laugh, while others make me puke.

For example, take YR (short for his nickname) here, just 2 months ago, he was thinking hard of an excuse to dump his girl friend of 3 months. And now he is multi text-messaging, approaching freshie in the uni all in the name of getting a new girl friend.

I have been wanting to ask YR what's the point of getting one when he will ultimately get tired of her in 3 or 4 months time and dump her then, but I know he will not answer me maturely because he is never a mature fellow anyway.

Then, there's DL (short for his nickname too, what to do friend very sensitive ma) on another corner. DL has evolved from i-have-never-been-in-any-rlship-guy to die-die-also-must-have-a-gf-dude. DL has been really a dreamer for all his life, he is a good fellow but just a bit too unrealistic. Maybe after months of me nagging him, he finally come to his own sense that every1 has flaws.

Here by, I end this post by wishing DL good luck and hope he will stay the way he have been for he is really good in the way he is now and he should not change a tiny bit in order to score a chick. In case u have not noticed, I m not going to give my blessing to YR. :p Cheers, mate.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

trust me, okay?

Yeah, I dunno why my face just got so much darker. Any product to recommend?

This is the reply picture to Jimui's post.

I know is hard to please everyone, but sometime pleasing just one person can be just as tiring, if not tougher.

Human are lusted with greed, some have greater than the rest, while others might have just a little of it. You started to be nice with someone, then they expect you to be nicer, after that they demand you to treat him better and finally thought that they deserved the best treatment from you because they think they are special and all crap.

They make u feel guilty by making remark like you never treat them well enough, once a while they even come up with comment like you have not be sincere in friendship with them. They victimized themselves by claiming you making friend with them only to gain something or take advantage of them. They make ur day feel like shit because you know well that you treat every single of your friend equally.

They might think they are unique in someway and hence they required more attention and perhaps more love?!

What I wan to say is this is not the first time you do it, this is not the first time you have doubt our friendship, and I'm dead sure that it will not be your last. As I have said before, my stand have never change since I know you from day one. You are a good friend, a great friend to have, sometime even put me to shame with the effort you put in to make our friendship bond stronger. But just like every other relationship, you need trust to make it works. If you failed to trust me, then our friendship are doom to an unhappy end.

U seriously have no idea that how much you hurt me with your messages and false accusation.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Konichiwa, this is KM reporting in. Lol, just wan to camwhore and SS for a bit. Wan to prove to my jimui- KhaiLin that I also noe how to cam whore 1. Just that I know when to do it and control it nicely. Noticed how big is my nose? That is because my eyes are relatively small and hence the nose looks monsterously huge. Lol.

I think I m addicted to chatting on phone lately, have been talking on the phone quite a lot. Hope family will not get mad when they received my phone bill.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Aging = slowly crawling to the coffin

I know is a stupid title but is my birthday okay, so I get to choose whatever I want as my title.

I'm 22 today. You don really feel the clock tickling until you are the clock yourself, running out of time, run out of chance, run out of excuse to be dumb anymore.

So I guess I have to be more mature oledi. But being mature means i can't act naively or childish. I rather die. lol

My life is based on hundred of lame jokes, thousand of sarcasm, and even more stupid behavior. haha. I think I should continue to sacrifice my own maturity to make people around me to be happy and joyful.

Finally, I really wan to thank my jimui - Khai Lin on her birthday post for me.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just like that, the rain fall

Friends around KL was telling me it rained the whole day on Tuesday. And with a praying heart, I wish the sky will be just as generous here and give us rain on Wednesday. Boy, was I badly disappointed.

Well, I guess sometime something takes longer duration than the rest. If whatever you want have not show up in your doorstep today, there is always tomorrow.

As I sat on the bed by the window, patiently waiting for my watch to show 1.45 signifying is time to get my ass off to the 2pm class, I can't help feeling the breeze flowing in gently.

I took the phone out from my pocket, pick No Doubt's Don't Speak from the playlist and hit the play button.

Cool wind blowing, sweet music playing, suddenly I feel that my life is not as bad as i thought it has been. Maybe I have been overwhelmingly gray about myself, Lol.

Half an hour later, I actually hear rain drop hitting the roof of the lecture hall. Everyone in the class was really happy. We have been praying really hard to have rain.

And generous enough, the rain actually lasted for 2 n half hours. Woohoo, I can still feel the cool breeze even after more than 36 hours since the rain stopped.

P.s: According to research done by my group for a Hydrology presentation, July is the driest month in Sarawak, while it rains the most in January. Haha

Monday, July 20, 2009




朋友都已经步入了社会大学, 成为了上班族,而我却在为我不足的睡眠烦恼。









Friday, July 17, 2009

Can't sleep

Friends say YKM is an old man. Because he dun need 8 hours sleep like any normal healthy 20 years old. I remember he used to sleep whenever he want, wherever he like. But as he aged, somehow he just lost the ability to sleep.

You can easily noticed YKM yawn for 20 times a day, stretch his body every 15 minutes, fishing with his head in lecture hall. But he can still effortlessly understand the lecture and solve most of the tutorial question single handedly. OMG, he must be a GENIUS.

YKM always sit alone during classes and rarely talk to his coursemate. WTF, try to act COOL.

YKM never stop wishing he can be a bit more bulky and stop getting comment bout him being too slim.

P.s: YKM blog these crap at 2.10am.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Three is a crowd :p

Lol, I know that the title sounds really really wrong, SERIOUSLY. Is really freaking EFFING seriously wrong. But that's exactly how it was from last Wednesday till this Monday.

My ex-roommate is too jealous that I m having the time of my life with my new roommate, hence he decided to spoil our honeymoon by crashing at our room, taking up lots of space in our small lil room, not to mentioned sucking up more oxygen than both of us with his big nose.

And no, we never have sex party in the room, no threesome, no blow job.

Facebooking like nobody business while blocking the walkway.

From the picture u can see he is really not proud of his behaviour and thus that explained the cover up of his face.

This is his trusted evil tool that hooked him to Facebook, he have no idea how come it lagged when DoTa-ing but I suspect the JellyFish have something to do with it.

Finally, he realised that his presense is not most welcome and come to sense that he is my ex(roommate) and nothing he can do will change that, he then moved out on Tuesday afternoon. but only to the next door unit. Shit. But that's life, you can't expect everything to go in your favorite.

P.s: I think I just get myself a really nice gift. Is going to be really awesome.

Friday, July 10, 2009

2 years went on

Quite a lot of things can happened in 2 years. You get to know people, travel to places, getting your degree, a nice first job, etc............

I have live in a different environment for the past 2 years, I have been hand-washing my laundry and had fried rice for dinner almost everyday. I have put in more effort to my facial routine, pick up a lil bit of reading and lots of gaming.

But I think I have failed to progress as a grown adult. I remained as naive, silly and mischievous as I have been for the past 22 years. I'm still very much emotional unstable at times, lazying around when I feel better.

I have failed a lot of my 2009 resolution even though is only July now. I have not be wise in my spending, my socializing, my academic, well you get the point la, almost everything.

Now that I know which part of my life is a failure, I wish and hope that I can work up on them, so if you see me next time having lil change, then you'll know that i fail again. Some words of encouragement will be much appreciated.

P.S: This is one of the less emo post that I written for a while.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pillow, not Bolster

Bought a new pillow. A pretty girl come walking to us and ask who bought a pillow, and there i was thinking: Yes, I m so going to get laid. (even though, I m hanging out with 3 losers, and I dun have a condom, and I m the biggest loser of the bunch)

Happily I claimed that I did, but it turn out that she only wan to exchange her coupon for some cash, WTF. Okay, in the end I still get my pillow and I remained a virgin for at least till I get my next new pillow.

There were time a lousy goal score by me in a sober Futsal match with classmate would cheer my day. There were time a happy smile from the LOVED one would make me feel all the effort are worthy.

I dun play Futsal anymore, I have not love anyone for even much longer. What's happening to me? I make fun and laugh with my friends in campus, but I feel sad. Not missing someone kind of sad, but not knowing how to make myself happy kind of sad. I think is must be really sad to feel sad for unknowing reason.

Wa, sad.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blue is not the new green

It seems that when a relationship gone wrong, people always never quite understand where did it started to go wrong. They always in search for an answer, some might eventually found it, yet some might live in sorrow for a long long period. Is really funny that the greatest gift of them all actually cause the biggest pain of all.

What makes a lasting relationship last, then? At first glance, it seems to be a very simple question with a fairly simple answer. Most people would answer: Love. A strong positive emotion of regard and affection. Love is emotion, love is feeling. But like every other feeling, it can come and go easily, sometime without us noticing it at all, or worst still: we can't bear the thought of our love for that someone actually wither even though we noticed it.

A friend who I only chat online and never met says is Commitment. Fair enough, commitment seems to be talking on a firmer ground -The act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action. But many failed relationship have lots of commitment itself, and sometime these overwhelmed commitment is the big reason for turning a sweet passionate relationship into a sober one.

Fine then, spoiler! You might say.

How about Trust then? U noe? T-R-U-S-T. The trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others.

How many misplaced trust have you witness in your life? I shall ask then, I have seen far too many wrong trust than the right one, maybe I am in a gray world myself, or maybe I just have really bad luck.

I once read that the greatest relationship of all is one that both party go on their life with each other without having to think about their own feeling, they live to please the opposite instead of themselves. Which seems like a very wise experience to share, but how can one be so great that he only live his life for another person? I have never come across people like that.

People everywhere is saying that the rate of divorce is really worrying, but on the bright side, at least these people know what they don't want and they are willing to get out of the mess they are in. They might not know what they really want till the end of their life, but they certainly didn't have to stuck with those unwanted one with them.

Here's a message for those who really think that this post is not written by me under influenced of alcohol: Love is suppose to be happy, if you do suffer in any bit of sense, I guess something is not right. Try fixing it, try fixing it again, but most important of all, you should understand that relationship is a two-way thing.


I never thought I would say this but I m actually missing my crappy Streamyx broadband.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Love is only a feeling?!

I guess it is not a lie that love is really all around us.

But recently, I have been witnessing too much and even experienced some fair share of pain bought by love itself.

I noe, I noe. Is emo-ing season again for me, but sometime I really hope forgetting someone is just as easy as loving that person. I secretly wish that moving on can be as fast as falling in love.

But the less you wan to linger on, the more likely you going to stuck in there. Love is like a quicksand: You sink faster if you move your body vigorously, but you are no good too if you are stuck there, all you can do is to wait for some1 to pull you out.

Damn emo leh? Nola, is just that my brain somehow started to function again, and no more spending all my time facebook-ing.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Holiday Ending

Is the 150th entry here, I can't believe it actually took me a whooping 30 months to reach 150 milestone. I think I m the perfect example for quality over quantity blogger. Is kinda sad though to have Holiday Ending as title for a historic moment like this of my blog.

I think is fair to say I had an eventful holiday, is true that I did miss out quite a few things too, but that is the reason why human are born with just two hand: You can't have everything at one time. I hang out with a lot of great friend, some which sadly I can only spend a few hours with, while some which I do a lot of things together that I thought he/she must be my conjure twins.

I always complain bout having too little friends, as it turn out, I was wrong, really wrong. Not only I have lots of friend, in fact I found out that I do not have enough time to hang out with every single one of them.

Let's see, I shall go through some of the high and low of the whole holiday:
-failed to get a short-term full time job (you should be there to see how serious I was when I say that I wan to work long before the actual holiday start)
-being paid to dress up as Scrat while having free full body sauna.
-work 12 hours in a very boring information booth job of Movie Carnival and being told not to show up for work anymore.
-miss out on Redang trip and the chance to make even more friend.
-went to Tioman with ex-classmate.
-suffer great deal of pain around my balls due to the life jacket that I wore during snorkeling.
-ffk-ed my friends on the cycling plan.
-have quite a lot of fancy dinner, and started to get sick of Italian food.
-thought I was in love again, only to found my bleeding heart in some bin.
-hang out with fren's gf, another fren ex-gf, fren hu have bf and never tell till i get walloped by the boy(okay, i so make that all up)
-bought a sneaker from ebay(happy)
-the sneaker is too big and i have to give it away (sad).
-went to Cameron with 4 very unlikely companion.
-Drove long journey for the first time.
-never play any Mahjong (that explain the itchiness of my hand)
-fall in love with Canton pop all over again.
-tried the Garden signature GSC and somehow dun feel comfy with the seat.
-have steamed sotong with beer
-have beer with steamed sotong (u can tell that i really like it)
-went night market and amazed by the hot chick there.

there are lots more to list down but every list have it's end. Haha.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yeah, I'm 300 bucks richer because of Ice Age 3

I thought I was going to wear the Scrat costume for only 1 day, then after 4 weeks of remain unemployed, I was given the job to be Scrat again. Nuff say, the children are more happy than me having extra 100 bucks to spend. Well, a lot of young mom and teenagers are very happy to see Scrat, Manny and Sid as well.

Scrat is not the cutest mascot out there but definitely a lot more adorable than Manny and Sid. Haha. So is only fair that more people wan to take pictur with me, I meant with me in the Scrat costume.

I love the eyes, the eye are like the nipple of the face.

Acorn, with a lot of coloring.

This is so much cooler than Croc sandals.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mommy's car pickup super laoya

Drove 600 kilometers in 2 days. Now I understand the feeling and experienced the tiredness of driving long journey. I noe that I oledi told TYT that I appreciate him driving us to Cameron Highland and back(maybe I didn't tell him, shit, forgotten.) but now I really really wan to thank him and hope that next time he will drive us again haha.

Oh, beer and steamed sotong is god send. Lol, actually that steamed sotong would go well with any drink.

Been really busy, more like a lot of outing with different group of friends. So I ended up call off a few planned event. Sorry ya, MunPeng, WaiHong, LiYur and etc...

Btw, I dun care about the ex club members gathering anymore. I'm tired of their shit of they have other plans,use shitty excuse like they promised that other party liao, like my invitation is very last minute. Dun wan to come ma dun come la, like I really run out of friends and wan to have meet up with u all?

Oh yeah, I know I dun have a gal fren, so I dun have to celebrate her bday, her parents bday, our anniversary. But I m still super busy, okay? I got many more P.Malam to crash, Be@rbrick to hunt, Onitsuka Tiger shoe searching, mascot job attending.

See, I got more than just hanging out with BF/GF.

OOOOOOOO, the Random creep is back, this time, matured, bigger, lamer and still slim fit like hell.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


我最近才发现其实我不是很认识身边的朋友, 很多你一直以为不可能会伤你的好朋友把你HURT的体无完肤; 同样的一些你不曾好好相处的朋友在慢慢地了解下竟然可以看见很多你不知道的一面.

可能以前都只是在开开心心的过日子,现在幼稚的脑袋已经开始懂得分出更多的是与非, 还有两者之间的灰色地带. 有时候你要站在一望无际的高楼大厦你才会珍惜大自然的美好.


或许有朝一日身边的朋友会慢慢变质, 可是乐观的我选择珍惜现在的美好和期望更棒的以后.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pasar Malam

The last time that I suggested to hit any Pasar Malam(PM) was around 8-10 years ago. Since then, I went to PM only because my friend wanted to and I just follow.

Boy, I like Pasar Malam right now. It is the best place for Chicks sighting. Seriously, u get to see more pretty gals in an hour at PM then a whole day in any mall. And unlike any bad experience you had in clubs, you will not see any gross man dress as woman in PM. None.

Not to forget, you don't have to pay any charges to gain access to PM. U dun have to tolerate with hazadous cigarette smoke that seems to come from everywhere but your own lungs.

Did I mentioned that there are tonnes of Leng Lui oledi?

Oh yeah, and you dun really have to dress up when you hit PM, you are expected to dress awfully casually, in fact as casual as possible.

On second thought, maybe I'm too messed up to the point that I like things that I previously never like/ hate.

P.S: thanks for the accompany, Khai Lin and Sheanne.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Emo, emo , emo

Was very happy, then disappointed, follow up by sad and angry. Somehow, that sadness and rage turn into helplessness. Now in the state of having all these feelings jumble up, so I'm officially very emo Emo EMo EMO.

Was happy because of a nice dinner with the Crush (i dunno is she the ex-Crush or the Crush, I m in a very confusing state), was happy because of the talk and the long-missed laughter. Was disappointed because such a lovely gal that seems to be so NGAM for me is taken, was disappointed because I failed a resolution that I make earlier in the year, was disappointed because I only found out the bf thingy after I felt happy before that.

Was sad when I saw the documentary titled Home which focus on the destruction of Earth, was angry because human can be so selfish, I m a human but I m ashamed that I m just as selfish and greedy. Was sad when the TV show footage of those once beautiful gift of nature slowly decayed and tormented by human activity.

Felt helpless because I can't help the dying Earth; because I can't keep a promise; because my heart take control of my mind; because I have no one to turn to.

I'm ashamed to ask for help, and yet I noe that I really need people to be around me, to listen to me, to tell me I'm dumb, to give a smack on the face and then kiss it gently as soon as I realised what a mess I am.

Okay, somehow I have managed to feel a lil bit better by writing all these out. Thanks for reading if there are actually anyone out there hu give a damn.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Finally went to have my haircut.

Do I look like Yamapi now?? Well, the answer is obviously a big NO. I spend 8 bucks on my haircut, and it was the best 8 bucks I ever spent. I will so much light-headed, literally. My head is lighter.

My grandpa is very happy once he saw me with my new haircut, I didn't go thro a day without him making remark about my long and untidy hair.

Why have i opted for a normal haircut instead of spending hundred in a saloon just like how I initially wanted? Simple, I dun have hundred to spend. And I m super lazy, just the thought of washing my long hair, drying it, styling it, oh God, I rather babysit my 4 cousins.

But right before I cut my hair, I oledi received plenty of complain from my fren and family. Saying that I look much better with a tidy hairstyle. Lol.

Just thought that you all might be wondering, the last time I went for a haircut was 4 months ago. See, I only need to spend 24 bucks annually for my hair. That is super affordable.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm popular

Muahahaha, finally people noticed that I am actually cute and very much adorable. Lol.

For once, I experienced the feeling of superstar having his picture taken by every passer-by.

For once, gals go gaga and giggle whenever I wave at them.

I had the best sauna service on the planet and I was even paid to have it.

Haha, I was wearing mascot costume in on-going Movie Carnival at Sunway Pyramid.

Who's my character?

Scrat is the name.

Who's Scrat?

This is the acorn mad Scrat from Ice Age.

LOL, it was really quite some experience.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trim your hair la please

Woi, is my hair okay? Dun tell me to trim it anymore.

I dun have much saying in my life, but I think I still have control over my hair, RIGHT? After all, it is MY hair. Har, now you noticed? MY hair.

I m still waiting for the hair on both side of my head to grow longer. And at the same time, i have to think what hairstyle should i get myself.

Oh, the hot weather here is not helping me, there are time where i really have the urge to trim my hair short short. LOL.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Art Of Living, LOL

Yeah, i just finished the 3 day breathing class.

Lol, you heard me alright, it is a breathing class. But i dun feel much different after going thro it, maybe i should just practice more and be patient. At least I didn't spend the last 3 days doing nothing but watching movie downloaded by my bro, right?

Oh, there were a few outing through out the week because of 2 group of friend from Kuching visited here, is a pretty hectic week but is a lot better than not having thing to do at all.

Hopefully, more event will occured so that I can blog about it, right now I just run out of thing to talk about.

P.S: I just saw Coldplay's FIX YOU mtv 10 minutes ago, it was really nice. Not that it is my first time seeing it, but is been a long while since the last time. Really love it. (Secretly, I was hoping that I can have my own concert,LOL)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


As most of you would have know, Heath Ledger won an Oscar for his role as Joker but it seems that there are a lot of politician here in Malaysia that can play Joker just as well.

Seriously, it's seem like Malaysian can't have enough of dosage of jokes and dramas that the Perak state assembly(PSA) is trying their best to keep us annoyed amused. I have been told that politician are great actor, but no one told me that they can only act in comedy genre. LOL.

While the whole world is dealing with recession, Malaysian have to deal with snatch thieves and Mat Rempit as well. So i guess having a laugh at the on going drama with the Perak state assembly will really HELP OUT with our stress level.

I m pretty sure that the people didn't opted the opposition so that they can have drama, they wanted a change with the 50 years of trend of BN dominating every election, they wanted people who can actually help to navigate the country forward and not backward, they don wan politician hu promise a lot but delivered little or worst, none.

But most of all, Malaysian were fed up with the ruling party. And the whole PSA drama proved that it was a wise decision to make back then, look at how the BN responded, look at the way they behaved.

I always told my fren around that Malaysia is a nice place to be at cept for few days in a year when the temperature is really crazily hot. But I am not too sure now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nah, is your fault because you're not Barca.

Well, live football match was a big part of my life back then. I'm a Arsenal fans thro and thro. So it makes much sense that matches i watched involved the Gunners in action.

But due to the situation where I'm staying in my dormitory for the past 2 years, football match, followed the step of my cuteness, they are now thing of a past.

I missed the MU Arsenal champion league match, and to be honest, i'm relieved that i didn't have to watch thro giant TV screen showing how MU crushed Arsenal.

But i get to watch the Barcelona-Chelsea match, lol. And seriously, I lol-ed all the way till the final whistle blow. The match was not great, and I was only amused by all the bias remarks make by my companion. Right from the very first minute, they complain bout unfairness of the referee's decision.

Is just so EFF-ing hilarious watching and listening to 2 super slanted football fans making a point on fairness. A Barca player foul a player and they complain bout referee being too harsh, exactly same kind of foul commited by Chelsea resulting similiar punishment was echoed by voice of LENIENT.

Omgwtfbbq, I love football fanatic but hate all moisquito preying on me at McD.

Oh, one more thing: Better luck next season, Chelsea.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I am almost 100 hours away from my flight, which will take 100 minutes to reach LCCT, KL.
I noe I m super looking forward to the holiday, but i m very lazy to pack my stuff. LOL. Here's a prove of it.

An empty luggage bag.

Haha, i decided to leave more of my stuff here this time so i travel lighter. Of coz being a tidy person, I ask my fren to get me nice small box to have my stuff kept savely in.

Stop thinking outside the box and start putting inside the box!
(that's really lame)

Oh, btw, i found out that I can no longer stay in my hostel. Boooooo!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is almost there

Yes, just another 2 paper to go. Another 6 hours of vigorously writing, maniacally pressing on calculator, and i'll be free.

I miss you, KL.

And of coz, u, nice food.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Love is in the air!

I think I'm in love, I'm sure I'm in love

I know it is not right but sometimes your heart just triumph over your brain.

I was told polygamous is not legal here in Malaysia but then I really like every single of it

What I meant was all the Be@rbrick in display.

Man, I know i'm all grown-up guy but i think they are really cute!!!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Purpose of Life

Ever wonder why we live?

Ask a man who have God in his life, and he will tell you about is to learn God, live God and practice God.

Ask a man who have nothing in his life, and he will answer you that the purpose in his life is to hope to have something tomorrow.

Ask a man who hate everything in his life, and he will answer he live to hate.

Ask a man who have no clue in his life, and he will surely tell you he have no idea to that question.

Ask a man who have everything in his life, and he will answer you that the next thing he want is to live longer than anyone else.

Ask a man like me, and I will answer you that man live in this world to hurt each other and the rest of the living being.

Look around you, rich people build their wealth by exploiting the poor and take advantage of the not so lucky individual. Poor man who want to get rich and live easy will steal, rob, kill to achieve their target. All business in the world are resource consuming and further deplete our Earth. We feed on other living things, we work hard to earn more money and in 50-60 years time we will all die.

Lol, damn emo right? Nola, trust me, is just me doing some thinking.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

KM =/= blood donor

After dodging it for so many years, i finally decided to give blood donating a try. I thought I will be might afraid of the whole thing but it turn out that I got balls,gigantic 1 some more I m a lot braver than i thought.......

Everything went well, I even convinced the nurse who take my blood pressure reading I'm not having flu but just morning sneezes.......

Less than 10 minutes later.....

The whole thing was foiled because I have a weak body.

I only managed to pump out 200cc of blood, which is only half of the total that i should be donating. I started to feel dizzy and I see star around me, literally. The medical personnel saw that I have this almost-knocked-out-boxer looks, and straight away stop the blood donating process.

I was immediately treated with Glucose drink, paiseh........

LOL, there I was hoping that by donating blood, I can kill 2 birds with one stone.

1. I can contribute to replenish the blood storage in the blood bank.
2. From a yet to be proven source, people tend to gain weight after they donate blood.

But at the very least, now I know that my blood type is A+. LOL.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Anyone who had met me before can easily notice that I'm not good looking I'm a bit ugly la. But that is okay because I never intend to make people sick by acting lovey-dovey with a pretty gal in front of everyone.

Lately, I met a couple in campus on countless occasion, and I must say I'm getting quite turn off by what I saw. Okay la, is not they are having french kiss and groping each other to Mariah Carey's Touch My Body. But I dun feel well whenever I saw this couple hanging out together. I'm sure there are occasion in your life, when you saw a couple and instantly u feel that they are just perfect for each other. In my situation, is the total opposite.

The guy is average looking, but the gal is just way below average. I noe it is not okay super duper wrong to make harsh remark on one's appearances. BUT this is my blog, I do whatever i wan, muuahahahha! Seriously though, I think the guy is one hell of a tough guy to be able to be romantically attracted to that gal and look her in the eye with love.

BTW, it seems that the theory of ugly boy get pretty gal and pretty boy with ugly gal is still very much validated. WOW, I will surely get score of the prettiest gal!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just wasn't born to be good at it

I always thought that the reason for me not doing well in assessment is fairly simple: god hate me and dun wan me to do well I was lazy.

Then after working a little bit harder, it all sorta make sense. I'm born not to do well academically. Since god suppose to be creation of Man, so my theory of god hating me can't be more right then? Okay, cut all that craps.

Here's a more sensible way to analyze:

1. Mom give birth to me, of coz before that involved process of Mom and Dad doing something la.

2. Then as I grew up, they sort of expect me to do well in school.

3. When I was 13/14/15/16 in my secondary school period, I found out that Mom and Dad have not done quite well during their time in school.

4. I'm 100% product of my Mom and Dad, so genetically they passed down their gene of Not-Doing-Well-In-Test to me.

5. I have been feeling guilty for not working hard enough for my parent and it turn out I felt guilty for something that is not even my fault?!?!?!

Conclusion: I'm was not born to be good academically, just like Chris Brown was not born to be liked by my brother. GO figure.

This was posted to tell you how bad I did in my test, and not really to blame my parents, but of course both of them should voluntary claim responsibility for the cause.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update on my life!

I'm done with all my mid term, hooray! Not that I have been stressing for any mid term, but is always feel good to be done with assessment and some time to chill and get stoned.

BTW, since LWL mentioned about my favorite band, check out The Script. They are pleasantly sweet and easy on the ear.

I have been too lazy for too long, I think i should really buckle up before I regret soon. But is always easier to say than to do. I m a man with no perseverance and easily affected by circumstances.

Okay, i think I will stop being somber now.

Move on to something cheerful, the air ticket is getting really cheap nowadays. So much so that I wish I have 4 days break a week then I can fly back to KL weekly. And I am able to control my diabolical urge of shopping for almost 3 weeks now, feel so proud of myself that I think I m going to give myself a hug and kiss.

Oh yeah, I'm feeling something from this gal. No, I think I feel that this gal is having thing with me. Lol, I admit that I m the biggest self-indulgent PERASAN freak, but at least I got feeling and not some cold-blooded killer right?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Look, I am the baby/ I have a baby

The boy is so cute, innocently cute.

How old does the boy looks to you?

8/9? Wrong, is 13.

But the fact that he got a gal pregnant at the age of 12 and become a father at 13 is really shocking. The mum is only 15, WTF is wrong with our world?!?!

Call me pathetic if you wan for being a virgin at 21 but a father at 13?!?! I rather be the pathetic loser. And I m pretty sure that the baby DOESN'T HEART mummy and daddy once he know how sick his parent is.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Valentine

Yes, Valentine is here. Well, it will be here in about 3 days time.

Isn't it a bit early to make a valentine post?

Yeah, but I dunno when I will have internet access again so I might as well make an early greeting.

To all happily in love couple, big cheer for you and may you be happier with ur partner for the rest of everyday but just remember not to spend too unwisely on Valentine Day.

To wish-to-get-laid-single-people out there, you just have to wait for next year's valentine. Oh wait, there are still Labor Day, National Day, Christmas, Hari Raya and all the eves, so you might get laid sooner than u think.

To all broken heart newly break up: Look on the bright side, at least you get to break up, yours truly have not been in a relationship for decades. Okay, that is cruel. There are 6 billion people out there, you shouldn't be sad for a breakup. Ask urself: Do you have enough love for 6 billion lover?!

To happily married couple, is a good day to leave your kids and housework at home and go for a fancy dinner. And yes, the husband should pay, no question about it. (mom, you will be so happy that I stand up for you in my blog)

To myself: You're are too good for any normal gal, that's why you have not meet the right 1 for you. (what a word of encouragement)


Sunday, February 1, 2009

It was nice but obviously too short for a CNY break. All good thing has to come to an end but the same could not be apply for all the bad thing. Life is never fair I guess.


  • Played Blackjack and lost 150 bucks on In Between
  • Met and hang out with the one person whom visited my blog often and left most comment - Michelle
  • Met a lot of cousin (read the previous post for more of it)
  • Went sushi eating with an ex-crush, LOL
  • Watched 3 episode of Lost season 5 and now craving for more
  • Bought a huge Tote bag which Mommy commented it as girlish
  • Had tonnes of nice foods but only very few nice drink
It was hell lot of fun and sadly I didn't get to meet up with everyone like the ever-hot Cathy and LWL. Haha i purposely mentioned ur name here LWL, not sure u noticed anot.

Tata. And I will be back to KL around end of April.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NY visiting

I omitted the C for Chinese because NY sounds very much like New York, it looks good to be a title.

It kinda become something regular for my house to host visiting on the second day of CNY. This year turn out was more than any of the previous year, and having a not big house and very little chair make the whole place looked very "sungei wang on christmas and new year eve". Most of the guest was admiring the new fridge and i m damn sure my mom is very happy.

I get to see lots lots of my cousin. Some that I meet quite often, some that are too often, some too little, some which i didn't meet for a lot time.

I meet cousin sister who is getting hotter and hotter and makes me wish badly she is not my cousin.

I meet cousin brother who like photographing and bring along his bag with camera in it 24/7.

I meet cousin brother who like Shandy a lot and finish my supply which left my godly big fridge look ungodly empty.

I meet cousin sister who growed 2 feet taller since the last time i saw her.

I meet cousin brother who always ask me question that I'm too lazy to answer.

I meet cousin brother who look very cute with some of their teeth gone missing and speak with their mouth close so that people didn't notice.

I was requested by a cousin to bring her for movie but every movie she suggested have been watch by me.

I also noticed that more and more of my cousin having bf or gf.

I witnessed a elder cousin lectured another younger cousin till she break into tears.

I never love my cousins more on CNY.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Chinese New Year is so near that I can actually feel it breathing on the back of my neck. And like every CNY season, the temperature is rising day by day. But still you can tell it is suppose to be that way, because u see lot lots of thing in red during CNY, and red is always related to hot. So you suppose to get heated when you are celebrating CNY.

That's hot!
Excuse me, this got nothing to do with temperature.

Now that is one smokin hot sun.

Anyway, you should always wear red on CNY.
IF you can't do that, then you should at least wear red on the first day.
IF you can't do that too, then you should just compensate people with a bigger red angpow!

Here shown below are some hot RED item:

Start with a cap. I dun like MAN U so I picked Ferrari.

Polo-T, you can't go wrong with it!

Casual chic at it's very best

Killer stiletto heel.

For those hu wan to go a step or two extreme:

Flaming red wig.

Red lens, any1?

I would like to get a kiss from those lips anytime, not just CNY only.

And not forgetting bout the kids:

Kids have very good reason to visit McD.
Just tell ur parents you wan to see some red.
LOL watever that means.