Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NY visiting

I omitted the C for Chinese because NY sounds very much like New York, it looks good to be a title.

It kinda become something regular for my house to host visiting on the second day of CNY. This year turn out was more than any of the previous year, and having a not big house and very little chair make the whole place looked very "sungei wang on christmas and new year eve". Most of the guest was admiring the new fridge and i m damn sure my mom is very happy.

I get to see lots lots of my cousin. Some that I meet quite often, some that are too often, some too little, some which i didn't meet for a lot time.

I meet cousin sister who is getting hotter and hotter and makes me wish badly she is not my cousin.

I meet cousin brother who like photographing and bring along his bag with camera in it 24/7.

I meet cousin brother who like Shandy a lot and finish my supply which left my godly big fridge look ungodly empty.

I meet cousin sister who growed 2 feet taller since the last time i saw her.

I meet cousin brother who always ask me question that I'm too lazy to answer.

I meet cousin brother who look very cute with some of their teeth gone missing and speak with their mouth close so that people didn't notice.

I was requested by a cousin to bring her for movie but every movie she suggested have been watch by me.

I also noticed that more and more of my cousin having bf or gf.

I witnessed a elder cousin lectured another younger cousin till she break into tears.

I never love my cousins more on CNY.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Chinese New Year is so near that I can actually feel it breathing on the back of my neck. And like every CNY season, the temperature is rising day by day. But still you can tell it is suppose to be that way, because u see lot lots of thing in red during CNY, and red is always related to hot. So you suppose to get heated when you are celebrating CNY.

That's hot!
Excuse me, this got nothing to do with temperature.

Now that is one smokin hot sun.

Anyway, you should always wear red on CNY.
IF you can't do that, then you should at least wear red on the first day.
IF you can't do that too, then you should just compensate people with a bigger red angpow!

Here shown below are some hot RED item:

Start with a cap. I dun like MAN U so I picked Ferrari.

Polo-T, you can't go wrong with it!

Casual chic at it's very best

Killer stiletto heel.

For those hu wan to go a step or two extreme:

Flaming red wig.

Red lens, any1?

I would like to get a kiss from those lips anytime, not just CNY only.

And not forgetting bout the kids:

Kids have very good reason to visit McD.
Just tell ur parents you wan to see some red.
LOL watever that means.