Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thanks, CN

As I stared into Jake Gyllenhaal teary eyes while he is talking to his father in the last couple minute scene of Source Code, I was thinking it must be really tough for him.

I am not sure which is tougher: To tell someone you love that you are dying; or knowing that you will not be loving that person soon because you are going to die~~~~

Of course in Source Code the father knew his son was dead for months. Jake was just trying to tell his dad that he still love him. In a way, he was given the chance to do something no other dead can do.

I hate the phrase Till Death Do Us Part. Not that it is the most annoying and inappropriate statement, just that I hate the concept of it.

Jake was asking this question throughout the movie: What will you do if you only have a minute to live for?

My answer: Close my eye, let the self conscious of the brain to take me back to any memory in the brain. It will be the last thing I ever see.

Sunday, April 10, 2011





Friday, April 1, 2011


I am so going to use this picture for my obituary if I die tomorrow.

Actually, this picture also pretty cute.

In fact, I took a number of good looking picture too.

And if I really leave this world tomorrow, I m sure my obituary will just read: He lived for almost 24 years and no contribution to the society. He leave behind no lover, but bunch of friends that love him. He don't take nice picture yet he love to camwhore. He think he is good but actually he is awesome.

Nah, I think you can guess that I am really vain and a bit stressed out so I decided to come here and take a break.