Thursday, June 26, 2008

woohoo, is good to have something familiar again

U guys noe how much I complain about missing the good old time?

I get to hang out and with bandmates again, though not all of us was there. I m back here for 2 months and we can't even jam for once. U noe how many letters i get from our fans saying that they miss the Dawn in action anot??! They are sick of Click Five and Simple Plan.

Because some fellow was too busy posing with signboard when he was oledi lost somewhere 5km from some starting point.

But still, is not everyday we get to ride in an awesome BMW, not to mention we didn't have to share the petrol bill some more. Woohoo.

It is even rarer that we make it to the dinner and back without crashing the car when this guy is the driver. I must say he came a long way from a noob hu can't even U-turn to a professional BM driver.

But by far the most rare of them all was the driver didn't stop half way and vomit when this smart looking but actually only have a brain of the peanut size fellow sit beside him.

He is so "thick-skinned" that he actually ask me to take a picture of him cam whoring and put him in my blog.

Damn, it never feel so good to actually be dumb.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I remember we used to stay back at school and play football in the field.

I remember I used to spend tonnes of money on trading card game.

I remember my little smelly pillow which I used to hug every night till i lost it.

I remember my primary teacher who hates having me in class.

I remember the agony when I have my heart shattered.

I remember how I fell and have this scar on my forehead.

There are so many things that I remembered. And I thought I always have weak memory but it turn out that I was wrong.


I know that whatever in the past can never be undone, so is only right for us to make the right decision for our future.

I might hurt and infuriate some of my friends, but I m still thankful to have you as my friend and I apologize for not showing my gratitude the right way.

I m currently on my way to become a better person, so please be patient with me.

This entry is for all my friends whom thought of punching me on my face ever occurred in their mind.

Friday, June 20, 2008

You thought you got it all right

I been through a lot of thinking, I think about my family, I think about my education, I think about my future career plans, I think about my friend, I even think about many things that seems to be around me forever and I have take for granted for its existence.

Maybe I have too much of free time or I'm just born with a brain that have thought by itself.

I started to feel that the world is so complicate that sometime a person who put on a big smile and wish you good luck is actually hoping u to fail. And you thought he/she is the sweetest person.

Slowly, you come to realized that your life is actually in a big messed. Not that kind of parents divorcing, brother in jail and your spouse just killed your son and your ex wife. Messed as in you can't actually tell right from wrong, bad from good. That kind of mess that actually make you think you are weird because you are the only 1 that is doing it, even if you noe that u r right.

How fuck up is that: You feel wrong for doing the right thing.

Most of us has been breathing (which we were taught as 1 of the non machine yet automatic action is) the wrong way, but how many of us actually know? A new born baby hu have no knowledge yet they can do it right.

Bought a new pair of shoe and is kinda unfit when u first wear it, wear it for a while and u started to feel comfortable. Do we actually adapt to it or is our leg just barely go numb and decided to follow instead of resist?

I know I might not be making sense but this time around this is not random, I actually thought a lot about it and still seeking answer to it.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Reason for Blogging

I am not sure about how many blogger (be it professional/part-time/past time) that really have a theme for their blog. I know very well that I didn't have one.

Here is most likely the answer u get when u ask the following individual


Dr Mahathir (ex-PM of Malaysia, if u really didn't noe)
Because I m no longer the Prime Minister yet I still crave for public attention.

Dawn Yang( Singaporean blogger hu goes under the knife to enhance her looks and post her head the same position whenever picture of her is taken)
Because is the only way that it can make me feel that I am as famous as Paris Hilton without the leakage of sex video.

Kenny Sia ( I'm too lazy to introduce this guy la)
Because it helps me to get endless invitation to tonnes of B-lists events, and cameo roles here and there.

Ah Guan ( my lil brother)
Because I like the feeling of my blog being idle and left for rot while my mates dropping message asking me to update.

Dawn Wayang?!?! ( altered-ego of Dawn Yang?!?!)
Because it feel so good to bring laughter to everyone who read my entries. And NO, I DON HATE DAWN YANG because I m Dawn Yang.

I enjoy blogging because I see it as the one of the very few thing in my life that I have total control of. And everyday I secretly hope that more and more people will drop by and read my post. To have first hand experience of how bad my English are or to their dismay, I m actually better than they thought I was.

I guess you can put my blog in the category of randomness. Because most of the stuff I blog just came out spontaneously. Just like this entry.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Is Never about Being Wealthy or Not

Being at home with my laptop hooked on the net for 24/7 means I spend damn lot of time chatting thro MSN with friends. Is the most convenient way to stay in contact with friends that are thousands miles away. And I can play my favorite SUDOKU TOO with no leaver problem.

WHY am I promoting MSN anyway?

A friend of my who is spending most of his holiday at home glue-ing to MSN was complaining to me that dating is not for poor man like me and him.

So, in order to check whether his statement was right or not, I done a simple yet cute questionnaire to be filled by some of my mates. ( sorry la, i only distribute it to the gals)

And from the result I obtained, I understand why that friend of mine feels that he was ripped when he went out for date. xD

Gals like to be pampered and like the feeling of being important to a person especially that person is her lover. Unfortunately, as most of the guy are indulged in computer games and football, they kinda lack the ability to find the way to pamper their gal without spending much. (no bot can be use here, Xiong.)

What the gal want is the effort from the guy. Put it simple, the gals enjoyed watching the guys getting sweaty and going on all the trouble because it show that their are important in the guy's heart.

But the gal need to play their role as well. They have to find the balance between importance seeking and demanding. When the guy is feeling he was make to sweat too much too often, he will simply get frustrated and feel that is time to quit.

Of coz we must take accout that there are just some dumb ass labeled as MR NICE who followed every order of their gf like a donkey. ( ooi, is okay to be nice la but you are making the rest of us look like a jackass leh)

Actually a lot of the gal is willing to share the bills, just that some EGO maniac bf seems to think that the more they treat the more they show their love. (ever heard of sharing is caring???)
For those lucky gal hu have such BF, please help us by not going around tell ur friends how generous ur BF is. We are feeling enormous pressure here u noe.

Actually I have a very good idea on how to make dating less burderning financially. Get a theme for each of ur outing, example :

If u have extra to spend, then maybe u can have LUXURY.

If u are on the verge of asking for advanced allowance from ur parent, then maybe u can suggest SUPER CHEAP/BUDGET.

If u feel like u run out of fancy dress in ur closet, then maybe u can suggest CASUAL.

Different theme for different circumstances la.

Then everything you do on the date will have to stick to the theme, sounds nice right?

I could be the smartest man on earth leh.

Kah Ming in support of better boy-girl relationship.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Full tank by 12pm, you will save 78 sen per litre

I'm sure the conversation between anyone for the next few days will use the following words abusively(in random order):
haihhhh (is this a word)

Yes, all the weeks of speculation, all the days of guessing, all the months of worrying, it's finally happened. RISE IN PETROL PRICE.

Though I know why the people are upset of it, but I don't see worrying and cursing can help to ease the problem they are facing.
Let's be serious, with worldwide oil market sky rocketing, this is the only circumstance that it will end up at.

This is going to start a chain effect on every part of our life because every production line for every single product out there is going to be affected. Higher cost means higher selling price which result to less purchase power of consumer.

But seriously, i urge every1 not to think like my mom and stop spending money at all. Spending money is actually a way to help the economy of a country to grow.

Not sure how many of you actually did as my title read. But for every1 who went queue-ing to enjoy 1 last time of filling your car with RM 1.92 of petrol, you're the reason for me having these 4 pictures done.




p.s: kapp is actually cantonese for JAMMING

Dun stress about it anymore, i hope my facial expression will at least make u laugh a bit.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Things You Will Not Find In This Lame Blog

  • True Facts
You heard me alright, anything that you read in this blog is not true.
Because they are not whole true, anything that is half true/quarter true/ one-eighth of true is whole lies. So nothing in this blog is true. In fact, this statement about nothing in this blog is true IS VERY MUCH A LIE as well.

  • Picture of Me Looking Good In It
Yes, LENG CHAI in any picture you saw here is not me.

Before you laugh and wondering how ugly I am, I will have to tell you: I m actually very cute and good looking.

You heard of photogenic before? You come across people hu you thought they were hot when u look at their picture/photo then only u get so devastated when you meet he/she in real life?

I m the total opposite of that! I look so FUGLY in photo but yet when u actually meet me, you will go drooling and slapped yourself thinking that I m too good to be true.

  • Food Related Post
It is true that I like to eat.
It is also true that I eat a lot.
It is true that I know where to have nice food.

It is not true that I vomit after a meal so that I stay slim.
It is also not true that I laughed at fat people.
It is not true that I like to share good food with friends.


The above entry was done by a stupid blogger under heavy influence of boredom, wuliaoness and plain stupidity.