Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yeah, I'm 300 bucks richer because of Ice Age 3

I thought I was going to wear the Scrat costume for only 1 day, then after 4 weeks of remain unemployed, I was given the job to be Scrat again. Nuff say, the children are more happy than me having extra 100 bucks to spend. Well, a lot of young mom and teenagers are very happy to see Scrat, Manny and Sid as well.

Scrat is not the cutest mascot out there but definitely a lot more adorable than Manny and Sid. Haha. So is only fair that more people wan to take pictur with me, I meant with me in the Scrat costume.

I love the eyes, the eye are like the nipple of the face.

Acorn, with a lot of coloring.

This is so much cooler than Croc sandals.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mommy's car pickup super laoya

Drove 600 kilometers in 2 days. Now I understand the feeling and experienced the tiredness of driving long journey. I noe that I oledi told TYT that I appreciate him driving us to Cameron Highland and back(maybe I didn't tell him, shit, forgotten.) but now I really really wan to thank him and hope that next time he will drive us again haha.

Oh, beer and steamed sotong is god send. Lol, actually that steamed sotong would go well with any drink.

Been really busy, more like a lot of outing with different group of friends. So I ended up call off a few planned event. Sorry ya, MunPeng, WaiHong, LiYur and etc...

Btw, I dun care about the ex club members gathering anymore. I'm tired of their shit of they have other plans,use shitty excuse like they promised that other party liao, like my invitation is very last minute. Dun wan to come ma dun come la, like I really run out of friends and wan to have meet up with u all?

Oh yeah, I know I dun have a gal fren, so I dun have to celebrate her bday, her parents bday, our anniversary. But I m still super busy, okay? I got many more P.Malam to crash, Be@rbrick to hunt, Onitsuka Tiger shoe searching, mascot job attending.

See, I got more than just hanging out with BF/GF.

OOOOOOOO, the Random creep is back, this time, matured, bigger, lamer and still slim fit like hell.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


我最近才发现其实我不是很认识身边的朋友, 很多你一直以为不可能会伤你的好朋友把你HURT的体无完肤; 同样的一些你不曾好好相处的朋友在慢慢地了解下竟然可以看见很多你不知道的一面.

可能以前都只是在开开心心的过日子,现在幼稚的脑袋已经开始懂得分出更多的是与非, 还有两者之间的灰色地带. 有时候你要站在一望无际的高楼大厦你才会珍惜大自然的美好.


或许有朝一日身边的朋友会慢慢变质, 可是乐观的我选择珍惜现在的美好和期望更棒的以后.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pasar Malam

The last time that I suggested to hit any Pasar Malam(PM) was around 8-10 years ago. Since then, I went to PM only because my friend wanted to and I just follow.

Boy, I like Pasar Malam right now. It is the best place for Chicks sighting. Seriously, u get to see more pretty gals in an hour at PM then a whole day in any mall. And unlike any bad experience you had in clubs, you will not see any gross man dress as woman in PM. None.

Not to forget, you don't have to pay any charges to gain access to PM. U dun have to tolerate with hazadous cigarette smoke that seems to come from everywhere but your own lungs.

Did I mentioned that there are tonnes of Leng Lui oledi?

Oh yeah, and you dun really have to dress up when you hit PM, you are expected to dress awfully casually, in fact as casual as possible.

On second thought, maybe I'm too messed up to the point that I like things that I previously never like/ hate.

P.S: thanks for the accompany, Khai Lin and Sheanne.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Emo, emo , emo

Was very happy, then disappointed, follow up by sad and angry. Somehow, that sadness and rage turn into helplessness. Now in the state of having all these feelings jumble up, so I'm officially very emo Emo EMo EMO.

Was happy because of a nice dinner with the Crush (i dunno is she the ex-Crush or the Crush, I m in a very confusing state), was happy because of the talk and the long-missed laughter. Was disappointed because such a lovely gal that seems to be so NGAM for me is taken, was disappointed because I failed a resolution that I make earlier in the year, was disappointed because I only found out the bf thingy after I felt happy before that.

Was sad when I saw the documentary titled Home which focus on the destruction of Earth, was angry because human can be so selfish, I m a human but I m ashamed that I m just as selfish and greedy. Was sad when the TV show footage of those once beautiful gift of nature slowly decayed and tormented by human activity.

Felt helpless because I can't help the dying Earth; because I can't keep a promise; because my heart take control of my mind; because I have no one to turn to.

I'm ashamed to ask for help, and yet I noe that I really need people to be around me, to listen to me, to tell me I'm dumb, to give a smack on the face and then kiss it gently as soon as I realised what a mess I am.

Okay, somehow I have managed to feel a lil bit better by writing all these out. Thanks for reading if there are actually anyone out there hu give a damn.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Finally went to have my haircut.

Do I look like Yamapi now?? Well, the answer is obviously a big NO. I spend 8 bucks on my haircut, and it was the best 8 bucks I ever spent. I will so much light-headed, literally. My head is lighter.

My grandpa is very happy once he saw me with my new haircut, I didn't go thro a day without him making remark about my long and untidy hair.

Why have i opted for a normal haircut instead of spending hundred in a saloon just like how I initially wanted? Simple, I dun have hundred to spend. And I m super lazy, just the thought of washing my long hair, drying it, styling it, oh God, I rather babysit my 4 cousins.

But right before I cut my hair, I oledi received plenty of complain from my fren and family. Saying that I look much better with a tidy hairstyle. Lol.

Just thought that you all might be wondering, the last time I went for a haircut was 4 months ago. See, I only need to spend 24 bucks annually for my hair. That is super affordable.