Monday, August 30, 2010

u r not getting any younger, Malaysia

August has always been a month filled with lots of patriotic talk, flag bearing vehicles on the road, and really nice advertisement from Petronas. Not sure with the ad thingy anymore coz for the past 4 years, I have not really watch TV during the month of Merderka. But I am sure it will not be as good since the departure of Yasmin Ahmad.

Despite the fact that 2010 is the 53rd years since we first declared independency, we are still very much restricted by people who set unfair restriction on us. These people are the politician in the ruling government. Time and time again, they throw ISA bomb on us, lying to our face in the name of following clauses in the Printing Presses and Publication Act.

How stupid can we be? U think just because people keep their mouth shut and never bring up some unpleasant issue, then the issue with cease to exist? U think we are so buying ur crap on the whole Malaysia economy measured by GDP is really growing with double figure? Ask any1 with a still functional brain, and they will have no problem telling you, despite the demonstration and riot in Thailand, the previous scandal of lousy greedy Presidency in Indonesia, these two country have no problem getting international group to invest in their country. Eat that, u bunch of jokers in Malaysia.

Try la go ask any business man, uncle in kopitiam, aunty in grocery stall, People in Proton Edaran, do they feel the IMPACT of the strong economy growth? But make sure you let the uncle swallow his kopi-o first, i m very sure he will choose to throw up on you if u ask him with his mouthful.

But I m sure you put the uncle under custody using ISA as soon as he share his view on the way how the PM, DPM and their good Minister friends are making a fool of themselves. Don't you know people that is under heavy influence of caffeine is exempted from taking responsible on the honest truth they speak in kopitiam?

Seriously, u think u can fight the power of Internet with ur self-delusional mighty ISA and PPPA meh? Come on la, you think you politician really speak for the people of Malaysia? Or maybe you are, coz Malaysia population is just the YB and few millions of squatter who remained the working force pushing Malaysia through its hard time.

To all those blogger who screams FML because they gained extra pound, the narcissism who just took an awful picture of herself, or simply because they are called bimbo which is exactly true. I say F YOUR LIFE because u r a Malaysian who cannot blog freely.

Still considering the fact that I get holiday on 31st August, is only fair that I wish everyone else Happy Independence Day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


我只想对那位朋友说:nyasing, 我爱呀。


最近在忙些什么?Hmmmmm, 让我想想,失眠啦,健身啦,打打球啦,喝下酒。好像还真的很忙的。






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Monday, August 9, 2010

u never get what u wan

So much that I want to do, yet I only have so little money.

How badly I try to sleep, yet I only manage to sleep so little.

No one understand how much I am telling myself not to think about it, but yet the images keep haunting me.

On the bright side, I am about 3 weeks away from meeting my friends and family again. Gosh, I miss them a lot

Monday, August 2, 2010

best + birthday + weekend = awesome

Is official. At least it is officially in my memory. I just have the best birthday weekend.

First, my beloved call me before everyone else send their message. She even sing me a birthday song. She is not the only one though. Very much later on my birthday, Miss Quek called and sang me one very out of tempo, out of tune, but packed with love version of Happy Birthday.
Happy fact: Is time like these that I am once again reminded how much people around me that love me.

And there are cakes. I dun remember having two cakes on my own birthday before this. Is actually one and a half because I am sharing one with my course-mate whose birthday is on the 30th too. The cakes is awesome, have a slice of the cheese cake in the morning and some chocolate cake in the evening.
Funny fact: The cheese cake is actually lot bigger than the chocolate cake, but I end up eating more of chocolate cake which is weird because I always hated chocolate cake.

Karaoke session after the steamboat dinner. Not everyone enjoy it, but I was having a great time. Okay la, that is not fair. I guess only people who like singing enjoyed karaoke, those who dun sing will never empathize on it.
Serious fact: Next time you wanna screw the asshole who spoil every single song he sing along to, just pick 浮夸。 and you will be amazed by the result. HaHa

And there was drinking session on the next night. see? People here in Kuching have a life too. Prior to the previous experience of drinking lousy Heineken, we opted for some cheap Whiskey instead. And as more people joined in, I lost track of time and start puking by the road. Lol.
Plain boring fact: You can read about it on my previous entry provided that you can read some Chinese character. These might come up handy: 醉is drunk. 吐is puke. Figure the rest of it yourself. Haha

Last but not least, I received gifts too. Although my stupid working brother didn't get me anything, not even half a boxer. I still get something handmade and one very lovely gift from another beloved.

Thanks guys. I wish my birthday is next week, in that case, I can do it all over again. ^^