Thursday, November 29, 2007

I don't want to be everybody, I want to be somebody

Guess some of you might even start calling me nobody when you read my entry's title.

That is the real reason I feel so moody, I want to be someone special yet I am not capable of doing special things. I dun think i wan to be like Hiro Nakamura in Heroes that kind of special. I wan a lil bit normal type of special or was it special type of normal?

Neway, i think i just found my special ability, I can totally crap non-stop, talking nonsense for full 2 hours and still feel good about it. You must be special to be able to do this kind of act.

And i have to say thanks to all my mates who has been very polite and bear with this super natural ability of mine and never get angry or pissed with it ( well, some did actually but in the end u still come back for more haha)

Monday, November 26, 2007


I believe that anyone who have study Chinese before would have heard this phrase. And normally as soon as this phrase is heard, you will soon get a story telling session from the teacher on example of success story.

I used to believe with it too. Not until I practice guitar so hard to work on speed and accuracy only to understand my finger is just too damn short; not until I try wooing the same girl for so long only to found out that she is a lesbian.

SEE! There are things in this world that u simply can't change no matter how hard u try!

For everything else, use a master card! (Damn that sure sounds nice)

Sorry sorry. For everything else, you just have to try your best and sometimes a little help from luck might set you on the track to your goal.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: 世上无难事,只怕有心人!若真有难事,只好找别人!

Monday, November 19, 2007

They said is never easy to guess or understand someone else's thought.

IMO, it is just as hard to understand your very own thought sometime.

There are time when what you think in your mind just doesn't sound understandable to your brain, for one very easy and obvious example that happens to 99% of people around me:

You know that the assignment is gonna due in 3 days but your inner voice says: there are a whooping 72 hours to go, no worries, lets hit the mall first.

Then u think for a while(at least for 3 seconds =p) and decided what the hell, we can never have too much fun anyway so u decided to put the assignment away for AWHILE says maybe 60 hours of the remaining 72.

Sometime is not thought that kill a person but his way of thinking that is really hurting him.
I have this friend who i previously thought was the most honest guy i met (ok, he is good looking with a smile that easily make u think he is friendly person. WTF y am i sounding so much like those faggots?) but just a simple statement make by him really disappointed me.

I ask his opinion on polygamy (becoz we were talking about some dude hu is wooing another gal while his gf not knowing it at all). And he answered : Is okay for the man to have more than a spouse but for a women that is simply not right. Is okay for man to be flirting and flinging all the time but women that do so is simply slutty.

WALAO EH! Huh? WTF WTF WTF? i m so so so disappointed with him, i really never expected something like that to come out of his mouth.

I guess that's why is always keep ur thought to urself, even if u r having problem trying to understand it, it is still much better to spill it out only to get people disappointed.






DUnno wat's wrong with me? Suddenly feeling so depressed and blue. =.=
Now only I know that lot of my friends and relatives doesn't know that i'm back in KL.

Yes! The KL dude is back in KL again.

Yes! I just went over Sarawak like 3 weeks ago, but is missing my family a crime? LOL shouldn't sound so offensive.

So any1 of you who are trying to get people to do the following activities can contact me:

  1. Marathon Futsal for 6 hours
  2. Marathon movie session for 12 hours ( no Stardust & Beowulf)
  3. Sit at mamak stall for 3 hours but only order Teh-O ( no ais 1 some more)
  4. Window shopping at Pavillion (since v can only afford clothing that is below RM 50)
  5. Drive around town (maybe i just miss the jamming of vehicles)
Any suggestion to make the list longer? :p

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Woohoo! Final is all over!

Yeah! Time really fly past! My first semester at Unimas is finally over.

My final was not as tough as I initially thought it will be. But as always there is still plenty room for improvements. There are time where I know i can do better if i just pay more effort into my studies.

Yet what done is done and we should never regret. Now that I have a long holiday, I'm starting to feel bored. So i decided to come up with a list on what can I do during this 7 weeks long holiday.

The Too Much Time To Do So Little Thing List
  1. Improve my guitar playing ( i dun wan to stuck in playing rhythm part only)
  2. Get a part time job ( i m so broke now)
  3. 24 7 K session ( only if i have the money)
  4. Have Kit Kat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper
  5. Listen to Dennis sobbing about his relationship not going well ( and wonder should i really get involve)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Random quote

i'm so broke now. really really need to get a part-time job.

It rains almost everyday here in Kuching, it so hard for my laundry to dried up

Don't feel like eating lately, maybe i pampered myself too much during the 2 weeks break at KL

SO looking forward to go back KL and hang out with my mates again

Hope my family and friends miss me as much as i miss them.