Monday, February 26, 2007


YAHOO, Muse concert is the real deal. I been there, seen it and now blog about it. Me and my frens bought the closest ticket to the stage just to see how Matt and his fren played. We reach there around 6 thinking that we might get a better seat being the early birds but they only open the gate around 7.10 haha. But in the end I won't complaint bout the position of us from the stage.

I did expected the concert will start slightly late because these things happen but I guess I get so excited that every minute of waiting feel like hours. My friend even asking for the time every 5 minutes. Relax ya bro. I must say the atmosphere was so exciting and every1 seems to be sweating. But hu will not be when there are around 700 people in a space of a basketball court.

Then, I can clearly see Matt coming out from the backstage with a red jumper on and playing that familiar Knights Of Cydonia intro. Finally, all the waiting has come to an end. Every1 around me start to jump and push every1 infront of them going forward. Before the first song ended, i found myself all alone separated from my fren due to the people around me pushing here and there haha. But i guess that is something u expected when u r watching a rock concert. Especially a very good one.

I enjoyed through out the whole concert, i can see people grooving , the hand waving with flashed from camera. The only thing that i didn't like it at all was the smoking of some uncivilized people around the place. I mean people are trying hard to breath there, and the last thing we want is some smelly unhealthy smoke puffing around us.

Overall i gave the concert a 9 out of 10 because Matt never toss his guitar to me. Haha lets hope for the better of fans over here , more organizer can bring in rock band to have their concert over here.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

CNY = ang pow= MONEY!?!?!?!

IS the time that any young kids really looking forward. You get to eat all kind of sweet food, all the carbonated drinks and still get ang pow for it. What more can you ask for? Throw in school holidays, wearing pretty new clothes, the only better place can be is to celebrate it with Paris Hilton(maybe just me).

I used to be really excited bout it, but now the spirit kinda die. At least not instantly, but gradually i m losing the mood. But hey i grow up in some other way, I dun get upset when I get BIG ang pow with lil money in it. I won't be swearing when I start losing money while playing cards with frens and family. I see CNY as a time to visit frens u dun meet often, check out their newly bought house, or play with the lil kids hu is now almost taller than you( i noe i m short ).

Dun get me wrong, I still love CNY and i will love it when i reach 60. I hope that every1 that is celebrating CNY now will have a even better life for the rest of days in the year. Next best thing to happen -------- MUSE concert.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I thought I Will Never Be Sad

CNY is just 2 days away and all school will be enjoying a 9 days holiday starting from tomorrow onward except for some Help Institute student haha. It will be my last day teaching in the morning session as well, even though i already knew it since the first day but I still can't believe this is it.

I enter the class and look at everyone, my class has never been the most beloved class or smartest class but then it is my class so i just gotta love them. One of them gave me some pineapple tart baked by her mom a few days back, and it really taste wonderful, my youngest bro end up finishing at least half of it haha. I decided not to do any teaching today and just joke with them while play some games together.

As always, I pick up the bad habit of nagging them. I told them that they might not get best result but is the effort that counts and they should never give up. And here I put out all picture of the student cept for 1... sorry i miss you out.
I'm sorry if the photo is blurry becoz I finish taking all the picture in less than 5 minutes, just like how Muse's song Time Is Running Out, so I have to take it in 1 shot.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Valentine Is Round The Corner

I have been missing 2 session of the weekly futsal session with all my mates due to replacement class for the CNY holiday. So I was really looking forward to it when I finally get to play it yesterday. I know I was never a good player but then I really sucks yesterday, I can't even pass the ball to the direction I intended to.

After 2 hours of frustration and not so much of sweating, I went to pick up my friend(Dennis) together with his gf and we went to lunch. As I was eating, I can't help but to look at them as they look very much in love and happy. Dennis give me those kind of look telling me: Go get yourself a gf and stop looking at us. But then he dun seems to understand that not every1 look at love the same way. I m trying my best not to sound sour grape.

I got friend that dun wan to commit in a relationship because he dun wan to spend extra. There is another type of people that always waiting for their dream gal to appear . But I believe that if a gal is so pretty, so rich, so nice and polite, and still available, will you be that lucky to have her? Last but not least, there is those bunch of people that is afraid of commitment, they have been living their life freely, no schedule needed and the thought of stuck with a person for most of their time really scare the hell out of them.

Valentine is round the corner, wise man with gf will try to impress them by showering them with love. Stupid man with gf will pay 3/4 times of the normal price for bouquet of roses and dine in some fancy restaurant. Wise man with no gf will call his friend and have a lil gathering, Stupid man with no gf will start blogging and try to crap all the time.


Monday, February 5, 2007

Have You Hug Your Parents Today?

One of my student have been absent for 3 days, as the form teacher I have to make a call to inquire for the reason and then only to decide whether to give out the warning letter. This student of mine is never gonna be your favorite student, she is not smart, nor hard working nor cute. She can really irritate you especially when you talk with her and she somehow don't seems to be giving you response in any form. She don't even want to nod or shake her head.

So when her mom pick up the phone, I was expecting her to give the reason that her child is sick or too lazy to go to school. Then she say something that stunned me. She say her husband just passed away. She did mention bout her husband is in the hospital when I met her last week. She told me something like he is having colon cancer. I kinda lost the ability to speak/think when i heard the bad news. After pausing for few seconds, I told her that I'm terribly sorry to hear it.

After hanging up the phone, I went to see the headmistress and inform her bout the absentee. She was shocked to heard that news because she recalled seeing the father around new year when the school reopen. All the other vice headmistresses start talking bout what kind of bad luck the mother is having. It seems that they lost their house last year due to fire burning that killed the grandmother as well.

But I'm telling this story here to tell you how fragile life is, and not how luck affect your life. Our family members that we see everyday, that we take for granted sometimes when they do us a favor, that we sometime can't stand their nagging because they care about us, do you know when will be the last time you gonna see them? Flame me for having a bad mouth but life is full of accident and uncertainties, you never ever get to see whats coming up the next second.

Take a while to think when was the last time you actually look at your parents in their eyes and see their faces closely? Do you just greet them in the morning, ask for money before you leave the house and seems to be too busy to have breakfast together? You should really appreciate what you are having now. A simple kiss on cheek, a warmly hug before bed will not buy you the car you want but thats all your parent want from you.

Never take for granted that there is always tomorrow for you to finish off what you left today. For my student's case, she will never have the chance to hold her father's hand anymore. So, have you hug your parents today?

Friday, February 2, 2007

Start Making Decision Now

Hey, sorry for not posting any entry for the past 2 days. I know how bad you all must be starving for my blog(haha, now i start talking like some mad ego). I always wanted to change my bad habit of procrastinate and inability to make decision, but fail to find the right method. So when I finally wanted to start blogging, I decided to update it as much as possible.

Is been like so long since I finish my last exam paper, and I still can't decide what should I take when I'm applying for local University. I hate it when people ask for my opinion and I answered everything with not bad. I dislike it when I can't decide where to have my dinner. I wasted lots of chance in my life becoz I just can't make the decision.

I think I should really start making decision first then to worry later and not the other way round. I know how sucks it is to be sitting there and start regretting over something that you were give the chance to change it. So now I urged all of my friend out there to start making decision now, you don't have to be the second KahMing to learn this lesson.

Thanks for being a good listener, more like good reader. PeAcE!