Friday, April 30, 2010

to a fren hu is stuck in Hobart now

According to LWL, I am too soft. And being too soft all the time means I am going to get bullied and hurt by others, especially those big mean fellow.

To be frank, I am actually more toward being nice than being soft. I do believe that if you try to fight fire with fire, you end up having a gigantic blaze up in your ass.

So LWL, i think you should take my advise instead, try to be softer, k?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thin like stick

Before I went down and meet my senior which I suppose to have dinner with, I can't help but to pray hard that she will not mention anything about my weight.

As soon as I sit down, she look at me and said: You are thinner.

me: ............

she: You really are thinner than before.

me: is that even possible? Given that I am so thin before this.

she: You beat the odd, then.

me: .............

me: lets eat!

I had fried rice, soya bean, and burger. Slam it down~~~~~

Ouch, am I actually shrinking thinner? OMG, I m going to take my breakfast now. Bye~~~~

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear mommy

Someone complain that I purposely write my entry in Chinese because I don't want her to understand what I am trying to express.

Luan Luan Kongg. Nah, now I write in English lo, okay? I am doing it only for you lo, because you are the most important woman in my life. So I think is right about time I get more allowances. HaHaHa.

In a week time, I will once again get to drink mommy's warmth and delicious soup. I'm homesick to the max. Could this possible be the reason why I can't sleep at night?! I don't think it has anything to do with the final exam.

Beside my family, there are a lot of people that I am missing too. Khai Lin la, Sheanne la, Yoko la, Kah Lun la, Mei Cheeng la, Cindy la, Sheirly la, Wen Qian la, and also Fat Xiong and Gay Xiang. My brain also can't recall all the name lo

The only thing I am not hoping to be greeted by is the super hot weather of KL.

Friday, April 16, 2010









Monday, April 12, 2010

Nik says he is trying to like gals.

I told him: I am trying too! I miss the feeling of liking a gal, that kind of pureness and sweetness.

Is not suppose to be so hard, right? I mean gals are hard to understand la, but love is simple wut.

I wonder what went wrong......


Friday, April 9, 2010








Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sometimes + sometimes = most of da time

Sometimes I turn to the person sitting next to me, and I caught him/her looking at you. I gave a friendly nod and smile but I wasn't sure why I do it.

Sometimes I look at the person sitting opposite of me, and he/she look up and caught me looking at them. I gave a red-faced smile and quickly bow my head down or look somewhere else.

Sometimes I look at my hand, carefully inspecting fingers and nails, removing the dirt caught in it, or just vigorously rubbing the hand and feel the heat on the palm.

Sometimes I look at my notepad, tentatively reading crap or outdated tutorial example and solution.

Sometimes I look at the doodle or scribble written on the table by some student with heart fill of vandalism and hooliganism.

Sometimes I look at my shoes and get annoyed with the mud spot on it.

No wonder I didn't get much from most of the lecture class, because I am distracted by different thing in that 120 minute.

Friday, April 2, 2010

late april fool post

Wanted to write this in Chinese initially so that people who can’t read Chinese will not think that I am racist, but after much consideration, I decided to write it in English so that everyone can get whatever that I am trying to express here.

I love Malaysia, the food, the people, the street, Mid Valley, the weather and etc. But one thing that I don’t like at all is how we are being fooled by the government (actually not the whole organization, but merely some top position in the Cabinet) of this whole 1Malaysia campaign. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the unity among different races concept. But is just a task that can never be accomplished. At least it is not achievable so long as the government continue on with the policy of Bumiputera Superiority (BS).

Okay, some might start to say that I am playing with fire by bringing this sensitive issue up. That is not my intention: to stir up more displeasure of non-Bumi. NO. I am talking something bigger here. I am always against any double standard in anything. Since young, we are taught to be fair and everyone deserved equal right and chance in everything. Yet, in real life…… (fill in anything that you like here)

One thing great about human is the way we adapt to things, unlike animal, we can adapt in different kind of situation and environment. So I am getting use to this BS, and I will never get to do anything to change that. Is just that I’m really fed up by this joke they play with the 1Malaysia thing right now.

I think I should really move into the real reason I wrote this post.

So today is April Fool, and I was listening to the news on radio (yeah, u heard me right, the news). There is this news about DPM making the following remark: Malay special right will always come first, 1Malaysia will follow behind.

Then the news continued on about our PM backing his deputy: DPM is right. He is just quoting what is stated in the Constitution(okay, I’m sorry if I didn’t get the term right, but in Bahasa, is Perlembagaan).

As if the first news about the DPM is not hilarious enough, the second news did well to outshine the former. I was laughing in my heart when I heard the news.

The government is throwing spending multimillion to promote and instill the whole 1Malaysia spirit in our people. The concept is really splendid, one big united family consisting different races. No more distinguishing between Malay, Chinese, Indian and the rest of minority races. We are equal, we are loving each other as a family. We share everything, the Bumi have BS, the non-Bumi have nothing.

See where the problem lies? It doesn’t really look equal and fair, isn’t it? You are telling us to unite and walk hands in hands to prosperity and 2020, yet you sit on top of everyone playing with superiority and second class. How can we be really united? Is only human nature that we feel envy or jealous of people having advantage over us, is not a crime for us toe feel that way.

Stop pouring more money into the whole 1Malaysia thing if you still want to hold on to the special right. Withdraw the so called 1Malaysia F1 team which is the most absurd idea I ever heard, unity of a nation on the back of a 4 wheel racing car?

Just leave us as how we are previously, and by that I meant the pre-1Malaysia period. We are doing pretty well anyway, spend that hundred million on developing the country infrastructure and improve the quality of US, the people’s life and welfare.

P.S: As I stated previously, this is my blog, I’m just giving my point of view on things I seen, I experienced and I felt.

P.P.S. : I turn on anonymous comment so that anyone of you can just give your comment without needing your ID.