Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How's thing going?

My last update was on February 23 which is more than a month ago.

However, unlike the previous case, I will admit that this was due to my laziness. ( wei, i m the owner of this page okay? so i can do whatever i want with it. LOL)

Life has been okay so far, although it can be better if not of that stupid ATM debited 200 bucks but no money came out. ( i complaint, and they say i should lodge a report to AM bank which is 15 minutes drive away and by any luck between 1-3 months i might get the money back, just MIGHT)

And most of my subjects involved calculation and i have not been very good in calculation, so i struggled here and there a bit, but no worries..... i will not give up just yet.

I m coming back this May, people might be very happy with it but i m very say because when that day comes, it means that i will no longer be having my roommate now. He is a really funny person and i will never change him for any1 cept for maybe Scarlet Johansson. LOL