Saturday, December 29, 2007

Still reading Harry meh? Try Bobby Pendragon instead.

It might seems hard to believe at first but YUP, I do read. And yes again, I read 6 of the Harry Potter series except for the latest book {I m still trying my luck to borrow it from my fren)

As one of my fren are so sick of hearing me complaining bout having a boring holiday doing nothing, she then kindly borrow me some of her precious books to let me fill up my free time. I wasn't so keen on reading any of it but since she is so nice, I thought it will be really mean to not read any of the book and return to her just like that.

Out of the 9 books she handed to me, 7 of it are from the same series. U guess it right then, is PENDRAGON.

This is the 5th book which I m reading now.
When I first finish the 1st and 2nd book, I kinda wan to phone my fren and ask her to immediately come over and take back all the books. I dun enjoy reading both of it that much, maybe I was too busy thinking where should I go yum cha and which movie to watch next.

I dunno how come I end up reading the 3rd book as well, but that is when the story really took off. I m actually craving for more of it and some how i just finish the book on the very same day i started it, this has never happened before {once again i must say, i do read quite a lot}

And I just finish book 4 and now hopping into the 5th book. I seriously recommend this to anyone who just want to have some fun or tired of hearing kids around u saying : How nice Harry Potter is!

Just between you and me, i even went to the length to say that PENDRAGON is better than Harry Potter. { i hope i won't get rotten tomatoes at my front step tomorrow}

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry X-MAS to everyone out there. Hope that you will have more than just hung over from last night crazy boozing. I spend the day like how i did yesterday and the day before, doing nothing. That explained pretty much Y i always blog about crap lately.

For those who are away and have to spend Christmas away from family, my heart and love is with you.
For those who are celebrating this wonderful day having a luxurious dinner, I got a lil question for you: Y never invite me??
For those who promised to jam but end up flying me kites, i demand you compensate me with lunch.
For those who always say no inspiration to blog, log in your account and come up with your own Christmas wish list now.

  • A white colored flip phone

  • Gibson Les Paul Custom

  • Lexus IS 250

  • IWC watch

  • A wild night with either

Misa Campo

Keeley Hazell

(Personally I dun mind spending more than a night with both of them)

This pretty much tells my taste, I like beautiful looking things yet I hated those CROWD FAVORITE stuff. Many of you might not even heard about Misa Campo and IWC. Lol. So come on now, start your very own unique Christmas wish list.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

If I Am A Billionaire

First off, whoever that says: "Money is not important" I salute you. orz

That is one statement that I and 99% people in the world would never agree on.

How can money be not important? Without money, you can't do anything. Or actually it is better to put it in YOU CAN DO NOTHING. Well, you get it clear alright.


Secondly, I want to tell you how much a billion is.

If I bring home 20 thousands a month, I will have 240 thousands a year. If i worked my ass off for 30 years, I will have 7.2 million at least, which is 0.0072 of a billion. That will roughly tell you how much a billion is.

Lastly, I want to tell you how am I going to make use of the money I have (if I ever have 1 billion la).

  1. I will get the best nutritionist and buy tonnes of food for my brother - Soo Ming so that he can gain some weight. And once again i can be the slimmest in my family.
  2. I will buy myself a lifetime season pass for Emirates Stadium and show to Mun Peng and Co and wave to the camera while they are watching the match in Mamak.
  3. I will buy my mom a new washing machine, refrigerator and bed as all these appliances are older than me.
  4. I will give my father a million dollar and ask him to treat his frens and relative for expensive dinner since he like to show off a lot ( DAD, i hope you r not reading this)
  5. I will advise my youngest brother - Ah Guan to quit school and live under my roof since he always replied with this whenever my mom ask him to study hard to get into the Uni.
  6. I will surely treat all my friends who has been reading this post to a free trip. Not to Scotland, New Zealand or even Thailand, but I meant DREAMLAND where u all get to dream like what i m doing now and be a billionaire yourself.
Is alright to dream. But is better to work hard to achieve your dream instead of dreaming yourself working hard.

Monday, December 17, 2007

If you wan to blog, then u must first......

You might have notice that my skin is change yet again.
Not that I want it to happened but some minor problem occurred and I decided to use the template that blogspot provided.

Okay, I know I am not the best person to give tips on blogging but I JUST RUN OUT OF THINGS TO BLOG ABOUT so please dun get all stressed up when u read this entry.

If you think you blog hell lot better than me, and my post simply bored u then just skip this page and go YouTube to watch ur favorite short clips.

So here are few tips on how to blog better than Mr-Owner-Of-This-Boring-Blog.

Never blog if your English is as bad as Yap Kah Ming.

If you have the habit of using lots of la, ehmm, yeah and often check dicktionary.... ehmm no, wait i check for the spelling first.... ahhh dictionary then u better quit blogging now.

Never blog if you only know how to turn your PC on and OFF and Restart and use Bitcomet to Download Songs

Well you might add in that u noe how to check ur mail, watch replay of football match online. But the bottomline if u dunno how to get ur own blogskin and have to resolved to those provided by BLOGSPOT, then u fall into the category of computer NOOB, dun tell me u are so NOOB that u dun even noe the meaning of NOOB?!?!!?
Never blog if other blogger in your link is blogging a lot better than u

Thats the reason why i have so few link in my friends list.
Make your blog as hilarious as possible

Yes, you dun make your entry sounds so serious like u r givin speech on some1's funeral. You have to make it as absurd as possible, better yet if u make yourself as the lead in ur story. Making sad story is a big NO NO.
Put at least 5 pictures in your entry

Preferably pretty looking guys or gals. Or you doing silly monkey face works well too.

IF you dunno follow this simple tips then i can 100% confirm guaranteed no one will wan to visit ur blog

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I m so bored!

I m so bored!

I even started to get bored with saying I m so bored!

That must be the worst paradoxical statement of the century!

I feel myself dying bit by bit everyday. Is like i'm slowly taking steps to my own grave in the most dull cemetery around. But knowing that I'm still so young and so many things that I haven't achieve makes my slow death even more miserable. Yet i dunno what is the really ultimate achievement that will really satisfy me like no others.

Walao...... Very emo now, maybe is because of this song i just heard:

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Y still wanna stay here woh?

Below is the situation I encountered a lot whenever I meet friends that came back for holiday studying oversea.

ME: Long time no see woh. AN ZHUOI( What's up in Hokkien)

XX: Not too bad la, you know la holiday now ma, relax lo.

ME: U gonna graduate in 1 year time right? Then how? Gonna further study some more?

XX: Nola, enuff oledi. Maybe stay there for a while and see can get a decent job anot lo.

ME: Huh? Y don wan to come back and work here woh?

XX: Y wanna come back leh? I can earn more over there, chicks are hotter( if XX is a boy la) there are a lot of beefy hunks {if XX is a girl}

ME: ......

XX: Malaysia oledi hopeless. Cannot develop anymore dee. This is as far it can go and it will forever remains in this level.

ME: Say hu? Malaysia now very geng la, got astronaut some more leh. Same level with US and Russia oledi.

XX: Ahem. If paying millions of dollar just to go on a trip to the space while sharing the delicacy makes you an ASTRONAUT, so be it la.

ME: .... Eh Malaysia is a harmony country, no riot ma. Safe place to stay.

XX: Of coz don't have la. You start talking about your rights, then people will say: EHH alamak, sensitive ni. You start discussing bout the problem face by some races community, some might say: EHH bodoh, you wan the whole MAY 15 thingy happen again ya? At that very instant you mention MAY 15, that person hu previously mentioned it before you will go: ISA, lokap dia cepat cepat. Ini issue sensitive.

XX: So in the end, everyone keep quiet la. Usually no noises symbolized no problem, but you dare to tell me you face no difficulties at all?

ME: Wow, you know a lot more than me who has been staying in Malaysia all the time.

XX: You are only being told by what the government think you should know. The media transparency here is really really bad.

ME: Then how you know things that I dunno?

XX: I got Al-Jazeera, channel 513 on Astro if you really wanna know. HAHA

ME: .......


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Queen N Nirvana

As you turn on your radio listening to your favorite channel, have you ever come across the feeling of suddenly hating a song that you enjoy listening to very much lately?

Well, I alway have this feeling. I guess it has everything to do with the fact that some of the songs played on the radio has been play for not less than 10 times in a day.

So once a while, I will turn on my own play list and listen to some of the old yet beautifully crafted songs, songs that you once enjoy listening to a lot till you get tired of it, songs that you enjoy listening to because it tells something that you actually feel connected to in a way.

It also brings out a nostalgic feeling hidden within your body, is like you have been waiting for it for so long yet you somehow forget bout it. Talk about contradicting and ironic.

When I was listening to Nirvana again few months back, I suddenly feel that I understand how Kurt Cobain feels. His voice singing to the lyrics he wrote, everything seems to perfect and in harmony with the guitar strumming.

And I feel exactly the same thing when I listened to Queen's album today. I can feel the joy in their song, their passion behind it. They are not worried about their record not selling 2 million copies, they just did what they they do the best which is to bring wonderful music to the world.

People will call me hypocrite because I can easily sing out any tunes that is currently playing like mad on radio, tunes that people consider are HOT now. But they are just not the same anymore, is like these songs doesn't make you think as how I would whenever I listen to Led Zep or Queen.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Right, today I shall talk about Right.

Why Right? Why not Left? Why not even forward or backward?

I shall leave the other directions for other days because it feel right to talk about Right today.

Right can be define as:
  • An abstract idea of that which is due to a person or governmental body by law or tradition or nature.
  • Anything in accord with principles of justice.
  • Opposite of left.
Have you notice how badly the Malaysia government wants the people to know that Malaysia is a democratic country with rich multiracial background? Have you notice that the government always advise the people not to differentiate by races, ie: 我是华人,saya Melayu, I'm Indian (sorry I dunno how to type in Tamil and most Indian can speak fluent English).

Instead we are encouraged to call ourself: Anak Malaysia.

But are we really treated equally? Before u move your mouse pointer to click close on this page, please think about it seriously for a minute. I'm sure you know the answer if you really did as I told. Keep the answer to yourself though, you shall not, I mean, NEVER try to speak how you feel about it openly because this is how democracy works, at least it is over here in Malaysia. You don't want people from ISA come knocking on your doorstep.

If, I say If la, you really never ever face any unfairness say because U R NOT a particular race. Then just do some thinking exercise after you finish reading this post.


2 or 3 days ago, there was a big picture showing a new beautiful new school buildings in the first page of one particular newspaper. Inset beside the big picture was another picture of the old school building which look like aftermath of September 11 and the Aceh Tsunami tragedy.

Those new school buildings belong to a Chinese primary. According to some member of MCA who was being interviewed by the media: This is the result for the work of MCA who stand up and fight for the right of Chinese community and MCA will continue to work harder and fight for the people's rights................ Sounds alright to you and me, right? Not really.

  1. What is the basic right that the people should have?
  2. Why do we have to fight to get something?
  3. So who fault is it we didn't get what we should have?
  4. So u still think that the government is being fair?
  5. Do you know the reason why there has been so much news about MCA works on the paper?
My Answer:
  1. It should be things like education, health and etc.
  2. We fight to get something because we know it is important to us yet we are not getting it.
  3. I would say is the government policy's fault. I'm not blaming on any particular individual because the policy wasn't done by 1 single person. We will not need to fight for our right if we get what we should have been given, the person who took away our right is the same person who promise to give us.
  4. Yes, if only unfair is the new fair.
  5. Because is that time again, you will soon see a lot of picture of Dato, Dr, Tan Sri on street and the lamp post. Is the most important date for all politician. Is time for ELECTION again.

Do me a favor please, forward this page to any racist around you and after that,try to think hard:

What causes them to be so unfriendly toward another race?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I don't want to be everybody, I want to be somebody

Guess some of you might even start calling me nobody when you read my entry's title.

That is the real reason I feel so moody, I want to be someone special yet I am not capable of doing special things. I dun think i wan to be like Hiro Nakamura in Heroes that kind of special. I wan a lil bit normal type of special or was it special type of normal?

Neway, i think i just found my special ability, I can totally crap non-stop, talking nonsense for full 2 hours and still feel good about it. You must be special to be able to do this kind of act.

And i have to say thanks to all my mates who has been very polite and bear with this super natural ability of mine and never get angry or pissed with it ( well, some did actually but in the end u still come back for more haha)

Monday, November 26, 2007


I believe that anyone who have study Chinese before would have heard this phrase. And normally as soon as this phrase is heard, you will soon get a story telling session from the teacher on example of success story.

I used to believe with it too. Not until I practice guitar so hard to work on speed and accuracy only to understand my finger is just too damn short; not until I try wooing the same girl for so long only to found out that she is a lesbian.

SEE! There are things in this world that u simply can't change no matter how hard u try!

For everything else, use a master card! (Damn that sure sounds nice)

Sorry sorry. For everything else, you just have to try your best and sometimes a little help from luck might set you on the track to your goal.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: 世上无难事,只怕有心人!若真有难事,只好找别人!

Monday, November 19, 2007

They said is never easy to guess or understand someone else's thought.

IMO, it is just as hard to understand your very own thought sometime.

There are time when what you think in your mind just doesn't sound understandable to your brain, for one very easy and obvious example that happens to 99% of people around me:

You know that the assignment is gonna due in 3 days but your inner voice says: there are a whooping 72 hours to go, no worries, lets hit the mall first.

Then u think for a while(at least for 3 seconds =p) and decided what the hell, we can never have too much fun anyway so u decided to put the assignment away for AWHILE says maybe 60 hours of the remaining 72.

Sometime is not thought that kill a person but his way of thinking that is really hurting him.
I have this friend who i previously thought was the most honest guy i met (ok, he is good looking with a smile that easily make u think he is friendly person. WTF y am i sounding so much like those faggots?) but just a simple statement make by him really disappointed me.

I ask his opinion on polygamy (becoz we were talking about some dude hu is wooing another gal while his gf not knowing it at all). And he answered : Is okay for the man to have more than a spouse but for a women that is simply not right. Is okay for man to be flirting and flinging all the time but women that do so is simply slutty.

WALAO EH! Huh? WTF WTF WTF? i m so so so disappointed with him, i really never expected something like that to come out of his mouth.

I guess that's why is always keep ur thought to urself, even if u r having problem trying to understand it, it is still much better to spill it out only to get people disappointed.






DUnno wat's wrong with me? Suddenly feeling so depressed and blue. =.=
Now only I know that lot of my friends and relatives doesn't know that i'm back in KL.

Yes! The KL dude is back in KL again.

Yes! I just went over Sarawak like 3 weeks ago, but is missing my family a crime? LOL shouldn't sound so offensive.

So any1 of you who are trying to get people to do the following activities can contact me:

  1. Marathon Futsal for 6 hours
  2. Marathon movie session for 12 hours ( no Stardust & Beowulf)
  3. Sit at mamak stall for 3 hours but only order Teh-O ( no ais 1 some more)
  4. Window shopping at Pavillion (since v can only afford clothing that is below RM 50)
  5. Drive around town (maybe i just miss the jamming of vehicles)
Any suggestion to make the list longer? :p

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Woohoo! Final is all over!

Yeah! Time really fly past! My first semester at Unimas is finally over.

My final was not as tough as I initially thought it will be. But as always there is still plenty room for improvements. There are time where I know i can do better if i just pay more effort into my studies.

Yet what done is done and we should never regret. Now that I have a long holiday, I'm starting to feel bored. So i decided to come up with a list on what can I do during this 7 weeks long holiday.

The Too Much Time To Do So Little Thing List
  1. Improve my guitar playing ( i dun wan to stuck in playing rhythm part only)
  2. Get a part time job ( i m so broke now)
  3. 24 7 K session ( only if i have the money)
  4. Have Kit Kat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper
  5. Listen to Dennis sobbing about his relationship not going well ( and wonder should i really get involve)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Random quote

i'm so broke now. really really need to get a part-time job.

It rains almost everyday here in Kuching, it so hard for my laundry to dried up

Don't feel like eating lately, maybe i pampered myself too much during the 2 weeks break at KL

SO looking forward to go back KL and hang out with my mates again

Hope my family and friends miss me as much as i miss them.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Is been more than 4 months since I last had a jamming session with my friends and brother.

I feel really bad for postponing it due to last minute Futsal appointment with my mates, i regretted going to the Futsal anyway because I didn't enjoy it. I should had stay at home and practice my vocal because jamming session was really bad due to my singing.

I feel like digging a hole in the room and hide myself away from my bandmates. My friends around has always said that i can't sing but i didn't care much since i enjoy singing not because i m a good vocalist in the first place.

But yesterday i almost wanted to kill myself for asking my mates to come over and disappointed them and myself.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Glad to be back!

I shouldn't be posting now because I don't want Xiong to know that I'm actually back at KL dee.

But I'm taking the risks that he will not check my blog and so he will never found out that I'm just 10 minutes drive away from him.

Anyway, i came back to spend my study week here and meet up with some of the friends ( hopefully i get to do some revision at the same time, just a little bit will do i guess)

Went to A&W 2 days in a row because there aren't any A&W over there at Kuching, i miss Hokkien Mee a lot too.

I was never good with direction, i thought 100 days is just a very short duration but.... hell no! I came back to KL only to realized how fast here developed, there is this new complex called Pavillion which i was told that will be the place where u will find a lot of window shopper( because the stuff they sell over there is just way too expensive)

ANYHOW, i m glad that i m back and I will appreciate any food that my mom makes me.

P.S: i wan to play FUTSAL. lolx

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya

Drop by just to wish all my Malay friends in Sarawak have a pleasant holiday and


Saturday, September 15, 2007

I hate Statics

I hate Statics

Statics, I hate you!


Saya benci Statik!

You might think that I hate it because I suck at it.

I understand it. I thought I understand it, yet when I have problem solving the simplest not so hard question.

When the lecturer giving tutorial, I can do it easily and even guide my friends to solve it but when I'm at my room trying to solve it, all I can do was ogling at the question and wondering what went wrong.

After posting this update, I will head back to my dorm and try to revise everything again. If I still stopped at when I m before, mom you will see me in the next flight back to KL.

Initially I wanted to score A for Statics, but now I'm starting to question am I being too ambitious? FYI, I only get 15 marks out of 30 for mid-term yet lots of people around me get fewer than 10 out of 30 and they start telling me how good I am.

Anyway, contradict to whatever I wrote on top. I m having fun throughout the week. I went out with my friends on Thursday night to celebrate birthday with a friend of ours.

At the back: 吉祥(Kuchingrian),Jason (Seremban), Alex and康羽 (both from Pahang),SaiMeng(Flirty from Ipoh)

In front : The EngTau 1,Rachel (Birthday girl) and 2 of her friends ( Ting Fang and Zhan Li)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Not busy! Just Lazy!

I'm not dead, so don't think that you can secretly take my guitars and sell it to get urself PS3, new phone or new laptop. I am just too lazy to walk with my laptop to the library and update my blog(sorry to those who really enjoy reading my entries, not sure if there are any out there)


I have my mid term like 2 weeks ago and overall I did ok(i am not the very best yet i did so much better than most of my course mates) I was pretty disappointed with my statics though, should have do a bit more memorizing for the theory parts. But i always have really weak memory(not giving excuse but that's the truth) so i guess it will hurts me more to know that i try so hard to memorize yet failed to recall it back during examination.


One of the toughest assignment I received was to write a report on which contractual method to use is the best for LRT construction. How the hell should I know? I mean you just come in and show a few slides and ask us to come out with the report around 3000 words. Huh? I m still stuck at the point on how to compare different contractual methods.


Not to bored you guys with such stupid topic, I'm happy to announced that I will be back on 26th of November.(2007 la, you think 2008 ya)

Michelle was quite right when she mentioned I was busy courting girl. Not really courting la, just socializing. It can be quite frustrating when you only chit chat with boys, so I decided to make new friends of opposite gender. I enjoyed talking to this new Siburian friend I make, me and my friends often have hard time trying to understand what she speak, and at times she don't seems to get our sarcastic jokes(really potong stim loh, coz you suppose to ZHAT her but end up she dunno wat u mean). So at least for now I m still very much assured that I m not gay haha.

Any1 of u wan to come visit me around October? I m having study leaves (suppose to study but crap, I dun care) so I will be able to entertain you.

Friday, August 17, 2007

No mid term break

To all my friends who is in other IPTA cept for Unimas, dun ask me i coming back anot for mid term break because i don't have 1 here. I will only be back by end of November, how sad is that right?

Neway sorry for not updating quite a while because i'm too lazy to walk all the way to library with the laptop (they do have computer at library but I feel better using my own personal laptop). Went to Kuching's fair last saturday night, and the place is crowded (is kinda small but still packed la), Kuching is overwhelm with pretty gals (those who doubt me please come over and take a look especially you Xiong haha). The event was actually host by some chinese society which is something new to me because back at semenanjung i only heard about that TV3 sure heboh carnival which you can't even see a single chinese hanging out there.

After eating our canteen food 24/7, food at the fair is something that we really look forward to. We have quite a lot at that place but we know that there is always room in our stomach for supper so we " tau pah" too. I have never miss my mom cooking this much (ah mi, if you r reading this, just so you noe, i m not lying)

Anyway, with my mid term exam coming soon and more and more assignments being handed on, u can well assured that i will not blog as much as before.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

First Month

Let's start off with some interesting facts about Sarawak.

1. They don't live on tree.
2. They have round about that owns PJ's very own round about ( 3/4 times the size)
3. They play Dota a lot here (mom, no worries I didn't join the crowd)
4. The food here is not cheap ( compared to KL, not Bangsar of coz)

Okay, these are some funny yet very true facts. So bear in mind and don't ask: Can you bring me to any place that sells chicken rice for 2 ringgit?
A month over here seems longer than 2 back at KL, not that I'm hating every minute of it, it seems that I have more than 24 hours in a day over here. I wake up at 7 and sleep at 11( i dun sleep b4 12 back at KL, and I know it is bad)

Study has been alright though i hate the assignments a lot. But i noe they help in obtaining a better grade, so i just have to bear with it. I wanted to try cooking so badly but that is totally out of the question because there is no kitchen provided in the dorm.

For those people who is interested in me, you're in luck because i m still available and not seeing any1( i like to think that all my admirer are female). If you ask : IF you can come back and study at west Malaysia, will u leave Sarawak?
My answer is no, because i think i can study better over here. SO if you wan to join me over here, you are making a very wise decision.

Thats all for tonight

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cave Exploring

Woohoo, finally the long awaited weekend is here. I started to have quite a lot of assignments that most of them due in a week time, but to hell with it, I won't let them spoil my weekend.

Went to Bau to visit some caves(dun ask me where is Bau, i only noe it takes around 45 minutes drive from my uni). It was something new and i have never visited any cave before(They ask: eh ur KL there got Batu Cave and i reply Batu Cave is not in KL haha).

The first cave we visited is Fairy Cave, not sure why they use that name because there is only a statue(man made) situated there, small small 1 some more. This is a small cave and because there is nothing much to explored, is free of charge(hooray, remind me of the trip with my Grandpa to China, which u need to pay for almost everything).

Stairs which lead to the entrance of Fairy Cave.

Nice view. Since the sun can easily shine into the cave hence no bat live in this cave(dun be disappointed as there are so many caves in Sarawak).

Going down seems to be much easier, i wonder why.

Then we went to this second cave named Wind cave which situated 10 minutes away from the previous 1( if i drive i think it will be around 5 minutes only la).
This is a whole lot bigger cave, and because you might get hit by bat's dropping, they charge 2 ringgit as entrance fees( i m so lucky that i have no small notes so some1 else pay for me, haha with 2 ringgit i can eat kolot mee in the canteen).

This cave is tougher than the 1 before as it involve squatting and a bit of crawling. But this cave is like 5/6 times bigger than Fairy Cave(FYI, there is no wind, NO WIND AT ALL inside the cave).
The only thing i wan to complaint is some of my friends jump at every chance they have to flash their torchlight to the sleeping bats( how will you like some 1 shaking ur bed while u r sleeping).

Entrance to Wind Cave, there is nothing down there, they are just posing.

All picture in this cave are taken with my phone and because of that i can only take picture in the cave which have opening and hence sunlight can penetrate(sorry, no picture of bats taken)

Muahahaha my favorite photo because after this photo we went to makan.

To xiong,
my picture taking skill got improve anot?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Homesick/ home sick ?

How much I miss my home? Let tell you in details.

When i heard people talking in Cantonese, i will turn around wishing it was one of my friend back in KL.

When i m eating meals served with Malay style, i start to think about the food back in KL.

When i m stuck in my room with nowhere to go, i start to recall time when i drive around in my car back at KL.

When i m having hard time trying to sleep, i will remember my bed in a fully air-conditioned room that i share with my brother.

That is how homesick I am now. Never thought that i will miss my family and friends so much. And all this while i was hoping i can stay away from my parents asap and be independence. But no place in the world can warmth your heart like your own house.

For those whom really miss looking at my disgusted face. Here is a recent picture of me taken in my pajamas.

I miss all of you too.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pray to seek guidance?

I went for church service yesterday morning, funny thing is i never do that back at KL. But since I have tonnes of free time and my senior ask me to join along so why should I say no anyway?

I enjoyed through out whole of it, I join the church members singing happily(at one moment, i almost wan to jump to the fellow with guitar and play it instead, man i miss all my wife back at home). Then there are some testimonies by members. Basically is all about when they are in difficulties they start to pray, when they start to pray they soon received help from God.

So being a free-thinker myself, i always believe in cause and out-come. Those members say that they pray before they go for an interview and they succeed( I believe that u get the job because u do well in the interview, and u do well because u r prepared). Each and every single one of them speak of praying to God when they need help.

I was so tempted to ask one very fundamental yet offensive question : Do we pray only when we need help?
But i didn't because i know that is so unwise as 99.5% people around me are Christian and they believe that praying is the way to worship their God.

In my way of thinking is, they pray because they are seeking for something that will give them confidence. They pray when they found out that they have no better plan. Or worst, because they listen too many stories about people praying and get wat they want so they pray as well.

And after I listen to the pastor explaining parts of the bible, i make a conclusion myself that it is more or less like Confucious. It teaches us to apply common sense and behave like a person in our life. If everything u do is right and so positive, there is no way you gonna get something bad for ur result.

See, i told you i m too free and now that i even make comparison between Chinese believing and Christian's.

P.S : please leave a comment tagged along with this post because i seriously wan to know yours opinion about this.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Getting Better

This is the second week of my first semester in Unimas, and the teaching and learning process have been going on rather well. I was informed that Statics is the killer subject but so far I really love the class a lot. Hope that as weeks comes by lessons will not be too tough, as I am a person who lacks perseverance.

Have my first class of Creative in English Writing class yesterday, the tutor is an American who has been staying at Malaysia since 1985(that is even b4 I was born so I not sure he is more American or more Malaysian). Anyway I like that class too because he taught us how to write with vision in your brain. Spend 30 bucks on one of the short-stories compile which was written by him( give us autograph instead of discount, I want the discount la sir).

Now I understand why Malaysian is so reluctant to read books. I bought a book written by a local writer and it cost me 30 bucks. And I bought this book titled Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and it cost me around 40 bucks too. The first thing I have in my mind after I purchased the book was omg it is really costly to be knowledgeable. Nuff said, though I have not finish the second book but it really teach interesting facts about men and women( hope I can be the Romeo of Kuching after I finish up the whole book).

Ok here I post along the essay I wrote last night. The idea struck me like some lighting in the class, I already figure out the whole thing from starting till the end in less than 10 minutes ( dunno here got class for Creative in Song Composing anot).


They found me. That is what I said to myself right before I meet up with them. I am feeling reluctant to see them. But this could be the last chance we see each other. I know I have been running away and hiding from them but deep in my heart I was hoping they will found me somehow. Now that it happens, I wish they will not be too unhappy with it.

I can still recall it then. We used to be so happy. Our house is full of joy and you can always hear noises of laughing echoes throughout the neighbor. I have a brother, he is 2 years younger than me. We share everything together and we are each best companion. Or so it seems to be at least.

The truth is I enjoy having his company but at the same time I felt enormous pressure as well. Because he always looks up on me, I am his mentor and everything he want to become. My parents are hoping I can be the first in the family to actually obtained a degree from university as my both my parents can’t afford to school when they are young. As days past, I feel more burden is rested on my shoulders. Deep inside my heart, thought of running away from it all grows stronger.

Finally, through some peer’s influence I come across something that promise to ease any pressure and pain. It was drugs. I was told once too many that it is absurd to ever touch them let alone to take them. But the fire of rebellious inside my heart urges me to go against the teaching for once. And so I took them. I felt really good, like I am no longer trouble by anything and free from it all. Actually it was the drug that makes my minds go ecstasy and couldn’t think of anything else. I was wrong to turn to drugs in the first place. I’m on my step to my own destruction, slowly but surely it won’t be soon before long.

Since I am still a student, so I don’t have the money to buy the drug. How can I stand the pain of not having something that means everything to me in the world? I started to lies to friends around and lend money from them. I even make up stories so that I can more pocket money from my parents. That goes on for months till I kill my own brother.

I was searching around the house looking for the secret box that my mom keeps her money in it just in case of emergency. I was delighted when I finally found the money that I have been searching for hours. That is when I bump into my brother, he told me that he knows everything that happened to me. He is very sad to know that his hero is no longer able to save the world but instead trying to destroy it. With five thousand dollars in my hand and 2 blocks away to my false salvation, the last thing I want is my brother to get in the way.

I try to get out of the house and he is holding my shirt, he try to pull and I try to push him away. Next thing I know he was lying in front of me in a bath of blood, I just push him down the stairways. I don’t know what to do. I just killed my only brother. The person who share all my experience for almost 20 years. Then a thought just strike my head, I have to run. I must run and run quickly. I must run and run far away from here. And so I did.

It has been 5 months since that fateful day. I was caught by the local authorities after failing a robbery attempt. And then I woke up. I don’t know how but I just woke up. I finally understand that since every problem started from me so the only way to end it all is to end my life. Just when I was about to hang myself, the warden came in and told me that my parents has come to see me. Should I meet them? I think of the same question for a million times in that 2 minutes I walk from my cell to the meeting room.

So now I am here standing, my parents is on the other side. I have so much to tell yet I can’t find a route to start it. I can sense tears lining down from my mother’s eyes. I can tell that my father is not angry but he is sad. And then he break the silence by saying : Son, I’m sorry. I can only cry. I can only cry so hard that even the dead will be awake. Father continue saying how much he love me but don’t seems to understand that he has be adding more and more burden to my body. He say he is sorry because he can’t give what I wanted the most – ears. Ears that listen to problem.

I know it will be very long before I can get out from the prison, but I know that I am no longer lost. Because they found me and bring me back to the place I once belong. They have their choice to abandon me but they choose to search for me. And thank God that they found me.

GO easy on me if I happen to make any grammatical error. That’s all, tata.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Walk and Walk and Keep Walking

For those of you who has been complaining about driving around town, caught in traffic jam, here's a lil advise for u : Try walking.

My brother ask me how i travel inside the campus and i told him i was walking, i am walking and i'll be walking. They provide shutter bus service too but since i m staying so near to the classroom i just walk instead of wait and stuffed like sardin in a can ( even sardin in can seems to have more space since they are giving less to get more profit).

Anyway i find walking rather pleasant since i kinda lack of exercise. I can even choose my own route. If i'm in a hurry i will use the shortest path, if i wan to kill some of the free time i will just go slow and walk the longer distant.And when the sun shines too strong, i gear up my cute lil umbrella(sing along to Riharna's song).

I can even walk to the only place inside the campus where i can eat pork. Strangely, they put it across the road from the library haha. So every now and then i can online at library till i almost die of hunger and then walk across and eat some chinese food ( they only open till around 3 though. night time still stuck with canteen food)

But i do hope that someday later i can have a motorbike over here.(with license too of coz)
Then i can try to travel further away. Or like just how Mun Peng put it: carrying Iban/Kadazan chicks around.

For now i will just keep walking ha.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Enviroment, New Scene, Same Kah Ming

Picutre of my dorm. Ignore the shirt please!

Is been 2 whole weeks since I last "interneted". For those hu still yet to hear the news, I'm now in Sarawak where Bak Kut Teh and skimpy dressing chicks are as rare as a smart Malay( OMG! i m slowly turning into a racists). Through out the 2 long weeks(14 days only la brother), I m completely shut off from the world because there is no newspaper, tv, radio(forgoten bout my phone til last 2 day).

I will be staying at Sarawak for at least another 4 years which make up of 224 weeks minus 54 weeks of holiday which no doubt i will spend back at KL = 170 weeks over here. Foods here is not as cheap as i thought it will be(SO please buy me some meals when i m back at KL knocking at ur door). But no worries i think i can score with better grades here since there is no Mamak to lepak, no Futsal to sepak, only place to hang out is tapak. So i can rest assure that no distraction means more concentration on studies.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

OMGWTFBBQ!?!?! omg wtf bbq!?!

My friend ask me to blog everyday till I take the flight and leave to Sarawak. SO i decided to just drop by now and say thanks to him. I never noe that u read my entry too because u never leave any comments at all.

Firstly OMG is for the last time I went for dental check up. 2001, walaoleh 6 years ago no wonder i always have bad breath and talk nonsense la. The dentist say i have sensitive gums and start giving me scaling(means cleaning ur teeths la).

Then the WTF comes in. Suddenly the dentist ask eh u ok anot? Y ur face so pale and ur lips turn white leh. Then only i realize that i feel dizzy and everything i see have green shadows. WTF? I always afraid of paying to the dentist but i thought now that im 20 i m so much tougher and braver. But i m wrong, and i m stupid and i still have that phobia. But in the end I still get the scaling and filling done. :p

As for the BBQ, i just put it there for fun haha.... FUN meh u ask? is my blog ok? Most importantly I m happy mah.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

All Good Things Has Their's End

Time fly past so fast that sometime you wonder y am I still spending time blogging? If I'm not wrong, i have been teaching for 5 months. I gained many lots of happy experience and I'll remember it for the rest of my life. The most important thing I learned from the students is to SPEAK YOUR MIND.

Do you remember the time when u r still tiny small and doesn't have to drive in those annoying jam around town? Those happy moment where u can speak anything u feel or think? Back then every1 seems to be so nice and dun hold grudges. As u grow older, u start to understand that the world is full of different characteristic individuals and you have to choose your words wisely. Because same phrase make up from same word sounds different to each people. Then u start to become a little more quiet and soon before long you end up like me these days doesn't speak much unless to very very close individual.

Oh, I will be going to Sarawak to further my study. Y not Australia? Y not US? Y not around KL 1? The answer for the first 2 is i can't afford, the answer for the last Q is because I have not done well in my STPM so I can only get uni with lower requirement loh. I m doing Civil Engineering and it will take 4 years to complete. Not much people with miss me la, but I believe I will miss a lot of things. So i briefly list a bit of them :

1. Jamming with the Dwn
2. Futsal with ex-schoolmate
3. Holding the guitar and pretending to be Jimi Hendrix
4. Nagging from my mom(ironically I always wish she can just keep quiet)
5. You who is reading my blog

Another list on what i wish:
1. Nice uni-mate
2. Meet pretty and rich Sarawak gal
3. My guitar is with me
4. Learn how to take care of myself well and make my mom eat her words ha

Here is the picture of the students of class 1H, the class which i teach for 13 periods each week.

There are 6 malay students in the class?!?! Wrong. There are 7 of them. 1 was absent.

Ngehh ngehhh... Do we have the looks to be the future "Tai Kor"?

I dun even noe the name of the gal in the center because she move into the class just yesterday ha.

See... same V pose. And i m not joking when i say i m the tiniest in the class.

Rmb their faces. For this is the face of bad bad bad boy.

Y the gal close her mouth like that? Becoz she lost lots of her front teeth. (Woi, changing la... not lost)

Monitor and his assistant. People get first in the class leh. I think he noe more chinese words than Soo Ming haha.

They can really laugh their heart out.

Notice the 2 guy button all the way up their neck! I used to do that too.

Battery running low so squenze in more people in 1 take haha. All 4 of them is students that all teacher like. Hardworking yet not annoying haha

I say gal y look away? this is gonna be the last time u look at me leh

They always ask me tonnes of questions that sometime too hard to answer

I have to take their picture because every1 get to. (really that reluctant meh? haha joking only la)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Paris, I love you! But do you love yourself?!?

IF you don't know hu Paris Hilton is then you might be living in the jungle for the past few years or you simply just dun enjoy ur stay at 1 of the Hilton hotel and hence hold grudge toward them. U turn on ur tv, u see story about Paris. U flip ur newspaper, u will read story about Paris. U enjoy listening to radio on ur car, u will heard news about Paris too. They cover it in Chinese, English, Malay and even Tamil. As much as i like Paris, i started to get bored with it.

I never feel ashamed or denial that i like Paris before. She is not the most beautiful or the hottest bombshell around but she sure has some very alluring aura that makes me wan to like her ha. Believe it anot? I think there are thousand out there hu feel the same thing about her ha. But as a normal behaving human being, i think giving her the jailing sentence is simply the best thing that can happen to her. Y?? Becoz she really did something stupid and endanger the life of others so she should get some lessons.

To none of my surprise, the news of her leaving jail just days after she was put into it has enraged thousand of peoples. Below here is just part of a quote from some internet newspaper source which i visit daily :

The women inside the jail are seething. They say if you’re a rich white girl you get special treatment.

“They are furious that while Paris had her own special cell with a panic button, was given better food and was kept away from the general population, she was still released early.

“There are girls in here with cancer, TB, and with MRSA. They aren’t allowed to go home and are treated by prison medical staff.

“The prisoners think if you’re rich and pretend you’re sick you can get away with murder.

“Many of the girls have been locked down in their cells all day because they are so furious. The jail is full of screams about Paris.

So my best advise to Paris is u better behave urself and spend the short duration in jail quietly. Is hell lot better than to get bury with lots of sand on top of ur coffin after u stupidly drink and drive action. Or to haunt by the same nightmare of the person hu u kill every night in ur sleep. Put it simple, please love yourself. Dun regret it when the damage is already done.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Teacher's Day Celebration

SO the actual date was 16 of May( shame on u if u didn't noe), but the KL education department gave the instruction to have the celebration on 25 which is the last day b4 holiday( well, i have to go back to school the following days becoz is report card day). So if u think that teacher will be very happy on that day, then u r dead wrong. Becoz the students is the 1 hu get to enjoy( i dunno about other schools, but my school is la). How can u not be? U dun have to bring ur book, no lessons, eat all day long in class, and go home earlier.

So student were told they can bring food as pot luck to their class( i thought they are given a Children's Day for that?!?!And they can do that on Teacher's Day too?! yoh... so unfair). I was assigned to help the form teacher in 1 particular class since i m not a form teacher myself(lolx). So i bring along a camera and thought taking picture of the cute cute student but wtf they all turn away. SO i only get a few shot actually that i m satisfy. Here goes.

Haha, i can be uglier than Ye Lao Tze when I m eating!

On the left, her favorite quote is Ye Lao Tze, how to do this 1?
On the right, my favorite student. Not the smartest, but definately the cutest.

I might be the tiniest in the class, but i still so

Wei ya, the flash of ur camera almost got me blind leh!!!

Hu say nice guys have to finish last?? Just that
lao tze put our picture here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Anyone hu is still wondering y I use Politician No Entry should check out the following url.


They are suppose to be discussing about the plumbing system in the parliament. Well some BN mp start to divert the whole issue into something else. He say lets move on to something more important and not just some stupid leakage. EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!! If spending 100 millions just to upgrade the Parliament (upgrade, not to build a new 1 that is) which suppose to be the symbol of our nation is not important then wat the hell is ?

And the main issue here is the 100 millions spent is just not enough to get some good pipe. They start leaking less than a year after the upgrade. How much money will my parents have to pay just to get those ultimately wonderful pipe for my house which FYI have not even leak once after 10 years.

So knowing that they can't beat the question they try to make a smart move(not that smart though, wat to expect from bunch of idiots) by starting to jokes around. That is when the sexist button triggered. Instead of think and choose their words carefully, they start making fun of an opposition MP. They seriously turn the table of women using PMS as weapon. They use it instead.

Now that the news "leak out", i think soon enough they will start to come out with things like it was just a meaningless joke which suppose to naturalize the situation. HA

Sunday, May 6, 2007

270 Millions and Hell Lot of Complaints

I often ask myself how much amount of money will I consider as too much. Well I think 270 Millions is gonna be an amount that I will never be able to earn. Been born in a family that I don't have to work my ass to pay for the bills, I guess I will be happy enough that as long as my children don have to work to support my life. So after reading this entry dun come and start asking me question like how u noe that u r rich enuff?

OK going back to the title, for those of you hu read newspaper( read for the world issue, current issues and not sport / gossip/ horoscope related craps) u might noe that we now have a whole new building of courthouse, in fact is the second biggest in the world(hooray). From the first glance of the outlook, it does seems to be very impressive(unless u r into those old building,then u might like the 1 opposite Dataran Merdeka) but does it works as nice as it looks?

It doesn't come any simpler than these phrase: FUG UP!
The pillar ................... FUG UP
The pipe system........ FUG UP
Even the door of the toilet is FUG UP

I almost laugh my ass out when i saw the picture of the crack toilet door with some polysterene ply in it. How much longer do they wan to embarrassed themselves and how much longer will only those retarded fellow notice that their hard earn money is all spend on buying polysterene sheet? Just when the government started to complaint about lack of talents in the local working scene. I mean will u actually work for somebody hu have been making all kind of fundamental yet deadly mistakes. People everywhere is parading going on strike anti- corruption but still this country have been doing it like nobody business.

My grandpa once supply for one of the government project and he personally feel so sad bout the level of corruption over here. The price that my grandpa give them is around 800 ringgit for 1 of the fancy looking lamp post. And the price they send out when they are to do the claiming is something so unbelievable. 2000? 5000? 8000? 10000? Hell not, it is 12000. That is 15 times of the original price. Where do the money goes?

Well.... U noe it, I noe it, in fact those fellow hu come out and shake ur hand( yeah, they need ur vote) noe better than any1 of us here. GO figure.

P.S : I m not those hu like to have pictures and fancy background 4 my blog, so sorry for making it so plain.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We pay toll like hell and still have to face Flash Flood!

After cutting my hair because I just can't stand the heat on Sunday, the last thing I wan is to feel hot anymore. And God was really generous when comes to granting my wish, He give me heavy rain. So when it started to rain again yesterday when I was relaxing in the school office, I thought once again I dun have to sweat anymore. Things get better when the admin announce school will finish earlier so that those hu take bus home can go back home earlier.

Just as I thought things will cannot get better, it took a turn into something bad. I was caught in a traffic jam because the road under the flyover is flooded and no car can pass through. Being quite smart( haha,yeah i really mean it..... smart) I decided to take a detour and took another route. After paying for 2 different tolls(50 sens and 1.30) i m so glad that i m so close to getting home. I was 200 meter away from my house when i was once again caught in another traffic jam again. Damn the Flash Flood, but more so damn those developer and those highway building company who can't do their job nicely. We pay so much for the toll and they can't even come out with a better drainage system. Talk about day light robbery.

Stop talking about building bigger road and start planning to have a bigger "longkang". SCUMBAG!!!

This road has never jam in 10 years of my life staying here. But hey there is always a first.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Damn, I could have kill someone

I decided to quickly write down how I felt right after the futsal games, is 2.30 now and I just took a very nice bath to calm myself down. Saturday was always my favorite day after Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday and Friday(all the week days is nice becoz I m surrounded by 45 lil angels) becoz i get to play Futsal with my friends.

I knew I was,I m ,I will always be the so-so player in the game but I always enjoyed it even if I'm playing the minor role in the team. But I think I have one of the worst game in my life today and I can start feeling some frustration in myself. And as the clock ticks, that sense of frustration just grew stronger and stronger. I finally can't take it anymore so I just use the ball and kick in the direction of an opponent. He give me the looks of WTF and I just yelled something that I can't even remember now.

!!!!!! I thought being a teacher in the primary school have trained me to have better control of my emotion and not to show my tantrum easily. But how badly wrong was I? Somehow it just struck my head and remind me that I have never been able to control myself. I have no EQ at all(and my IQ is really low too). I always think that killing the source is the fastest way to end a problem. And tonight I'm closest to the thought of killing some1. If I have hold a gun and not a football, I will be rightly sobbing behind the steel bar now.

So here upon I urge every1 of u to help me change the evil side of me, whenever u sense that I'm behaving angrily please pour a cup of teh ice on me. Thanks

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Oasis and Coldplay Week

Woohoo finally I am kapping(jamming but we call it kap instead) with all member of the Dwn. Haha under the idea of the very intelligent but not so good looking singer(me la, hu else) we now have our kapping session playing song that we previously choose a theme for. To make it easy, Oasis and Coldplay Week means we play Oasis and Coldplay's song only.

To whoever that is reading my blog(though not many of them), i m hoping u can drop by and pay us a visit because I always want to show off to my friend haha, just joking I wish u will drop by and tell us how well/bad we played and give suggestion on where to improve. And yeah, we are looking for a female vocalist, as long as don't sing as bad as me then u can leave a msg and tell me if u r interested.

By the way, did I mention that we are actually itching to perform too, but don seems to have the luck or the right connection to find 1. So any of u hu is getting married, having birthday bash, anniversary, class gathering, divorce(lol, look on the bright side, u finally don have to stay with that jerk anymore) and want to listen to some band playing, plz tell us hahahaha.....

Okay la, gtg now.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fool

April Fool has always been the lamest day in my calendar because most of the tricks they play is just too naive and stupid. It makes me kinda wonder how come people is still celebrating April Fool like they have not done enough stupid things in their life.

My brother was asked to join his friends for a movie, and is so nice of him inviting me along. I went along since I have nothing to do through out the days. That movie was suppose to be some horror flick directed by some famous name who previously did some amazing horror movies. Being a coward, I always hated watching horror movie, but that show didn't scared me for a bit at all. Imagine u going to some naked beach only to see that 99% of the gals there cover themselves with 2 towels. Same thing bout that movie as well, the ghost look so much friendlier than nun in church.

I came out of the cinema with a big L hanging on my head, this is what my brother remark for that movie : U thought ghost rider sucks? Think again, watch this show and I will not doubt that u think ghost rider is awesome.

Haha so this April Fool, no 1 trick me but I went to watch the lamest movie and thinking i m actually the joke haha.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

No Futsal For Me!

Today is gonna be remembered as the saddest day of my life, becoz I didn't get to play Futsal with my friends. I noe this may sounds stupid, but being a poor, ugly and sick bastard, weekend futsal is the only thing i look forward in my life. For the past few months, i live my Monday waiting for Tuesday to arrive, and so on till Saturday is here when I can play Futsal.

Being a big mouth all the time, my friend couldn't wait to get their revenge by telling me how fun is the session without me and so so so...... To top up with this, my favorite team- Arsenal was thrashed by Liverpool. So much for the Gunners, now they have to live with the name Gooners, at least till they beat Liverpool again.

Well at least, Mun Peng is willing to accompany me and we went to Petaling Street for Hokkien Mee after the disappointed match just to make things up for me. Yawn, maybe Mun Peng should get a gf instead of being with a loser like me haha... SO LONG FOR NOW!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Love Teaching!

OK, maybe you guys think that the title is not right so I'm gonna say it loud again : I LOVE TEACHING!!! My friends from all over the place couldn't believe when i first told them i m teaching. They all get so worried and say that I might be the worst teacher ever, haha take back all ur harsh remarks because I think that I did fairly well as a teacher.

So far I have not receive complaint, and i have not been getting any hate letters( no luck with love letter as well =p). The only thing that i think i failed is not socialize with other teachers. I guess maybe is all of the teacher is married and the topic they mostly talk about is family stuff.

Now everyday after school students from a bus that pass by my house will start shouting "Ye Lao Shi" crazily. (so much for staying in a corner house by the road) Haha so i just have to raise my hand and wave with them in reply. I blushed sometime when some other people looking at me with one kind of look haha. But nonetheless i LOVE TEACHING!!!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jam! Jam! Jam! I dun mean O2Jam!!!!

After resting for so long, finally we get to jam again. The last time we jam together was before 2007 when we still preparing for a gig that was later being called off(ex, i still feel the pain). So i was really looking forward to the jamming session.

I guess we are still having the scary PMS, thats y we play mostly muse's song today. If there is anything that amazed me, its gonna be our drummer that seems to be able to play piano quite well, and all this while i thought he is only good when comes to drive through to McD. (xiong, well done)

Xien drove a Volvo S60 today because his car is so dead that he have to rent another car now, the Volvo is awesome. It may not have the most luxurious outlook but it sure is very comfortable. The car booth is awesome too, we spend hours playing with it after getting tired stressing our brain to come up with a song but like always it failed. Haiya, need to learn more chord first i guess.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

So Cute! So Adorable! Wait!!!! Am I Slowly Turning into A Pedophile?

Oh my god, is been 2 whole week since i last post anything on my blog. People might start thinking : this is the Kah Ming i noes for years, lazy and no perseverance at all. I admit i was quite lazy but hey wat the heck, i m starting to write 1 now.

I started to teach in afternoon session 2 weeks ago which if you guys can back track: just right after Muse's Concert. There is only standard 1&2 in the afternoon session so the teacher teaching in afternoon session significantly decreased a lot compared to those in the morning. Is a good thing though, because less teacher will be taking leave and i can have more of the free periods instead of going in to the class and replace those teacher hu is absent.

The first class i went into was a standard 1 class which by far 1 of my favorite class. Maybe is becoz i teach them for 14 periods per week where the rest i only spend maximum 4 periods with them. They are kinda shocked when i walk into the class room, thinking hu is this good looking teacher is(haha, in my dream). They somehow stuck and dunno how to greet me. It turn out that i have the same surname just as the previous teacher( i m Yap btw). Haha they don have to remember another teacher's surname after all.

As my teaching continue towards the 2 weeks, I started to pay attention to some of the student in the class. Some of them really are so cute and adorable that makes you have the urge to start having kids now. 1 of the cute student was sitting right in front of my table and she is already one of my favorite. Partly becoz she is cute and also she is hardworking and not annoying. Of coz she is not the only 1 that i pay attention to, there is also this small lil gal hu walk up to me and ask me for help everytime i gave the class some homework.
She came into the class today with a side of hair flying around becoz the hairband she have just drop off. She walk up to me and ask me to help her with it, I was like WTF? i never have long hair b4 so how can i help her. haha well she spend the next half period trying to ask her fren to tie it right for her, and i was laughing all the time(of coz inside my heart).

I really enjoy teaching afternoon session, they are easier to teach and follow instruction without much scolding needed(well, some of them really make me wan to kill myself instead of scolding becoz they are just so angelic innocent looking). And you will always be greeted by the student no matter where you are. Haha BA BA BA LA BA, im loving it.

But lets pray that i dun out to be a pedophile which i always wish i will never be. I think i just enjoying looking at cute cute innocent student, so any1 of you start to feel that i have turn to the darkside please kill me b4 i did something really bad.

Monday, February 26, 2007


YAHOO, Muse concert is the real deal. I been there, seen it and now blog about it. Me and my frens bought the closest ticket to the stage just to see how Matt and his fren played. We reach there around 6 thinking that we might get a better seat being the early birds but they only open the gate around 7.10 haha. But in the end I won't complaint bout the position of us from the stage.

I did expected the concert will start slightly late because these things happen but I guess I get so excited that every minute of waiting feel like hours. My friend even asking for the time every 5 minutes. Relax ya bro. I must say the atmosphere was so exciting and every1 seems to be sweating. But hu will not be when there are around 700 people in a space of a basketball court.

Then, I can clearly see Matt coming out from the backstage with a red jumper on and playing that familiar Knights Of Cydonia intro. Finally, all the waiting has come to an end. Every1 around me start to jump and push every1 infront of them going forward. Before the first song ended, i found myself all alone separated from my fren due to the people around me pushing here and there haha. But i guess that is something u expected when u r watching a rock concert. Especially a very good one.

I enjoyed through out the whole concert, i can see people grooving , the hand waving with flashed from camera. The only thing that i didn't like it at all was the smoking of some uncivilized people around the place. I mean people are trying hard to breath there, and the last thing we want is some smelly unhealthy smoke puffing around us.

Overall i gave the concert a 9 out of 10 because Matt never toss his guitar to me. Haha lets hope for the better of fans over here , more organizer can bring in rock band to have their concert over here.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

CNY = ang pow= MONEY!?!?!?!

IS the time that any young kids really looking forward. You get to eat all kind of sweet food, all the carbonated drinks and still get ang pow for it. What more can you ask for? Throw in school holidays, wearing pretty new clothes, the only better place can be is to celebrate it with Paris Hilton(maybe just me).

I used to be really excited bout it, but now the spirit kinda die. At least not instantly, but gradually i m losing the mood. But hey i grow up in some other way, I dun get upset when I get BIG ang pow with lil money in it. I won't be swearing when I start losing money while playing cards with frens and family. I see CNY as a time to visit frens u dun meet often, check out their newly bought house, or play with the lil kids hu is now almost taller than you( i noe i m short ).

Dun get me wrong, I still love CNY and i will love it when i reach 60. I hope that every1 that is celebrating CNY now will have a even better life for the rest of days in the year. Next best thing to happen -------- MUSE concert.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I thought I Will Never Be Sad

CNY is just 2 days away and all school will be enjoying a 9 days holiday starting from tomorrow onward except for some Help Institute student haha. It will be my last day teaching in the morning session as well, even though i already knew it since the first day but I still can't believe this is it.

I enter the class and look at everyone, my class has never been the most beloved class or smartest class but then it is my class so i just gotta love them. One of them gave me some pineapple tart baked by her mom a few days back, and it really taste wonderful, my youngest bro end up finishing at least half of it haha. I decided not to do any teaching today and just joke with them while play some games together.

As always, I pick up the bad habit of nagging them. I told them that they might not get best result but is the effort that counts and they should never give up. And here I put out all picture of the student cept for 1... sorry i miss you out.
I'm sorry if the photo is blurry becoz I finish taking all the picture in less than 5 minutes, just like how Muse's song Time Is Running Out, so I have to take it in 1 shot.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Valentine Is Round The Corner

I have been missing 2 session of the weekly futsal session with all my mates due to replacement class for the CNY holiday. So I was really looking forward to it when I finally get to play it yesterday. I know I was never a good player but then I really sucks yesterday, I can't even pass the ball to the direction I intended to.

After 2 hours of frustration and not so much of sweating, I went to pick up my friend(Dennis) together with his gf and we went to lunch. As I was eating, I can't help but to look at them as they look very much in love and happy. Dennis give me those kind of look telling me: Go get yourself a gf and stop looking at us. But then he dun seems to understand that not every1 look at love the same way. I m trying my best not to sound sour grape.

I got friend that dun wan to commit in a relationship because he dun wan to spend extra. There is another type of people that always waiting for their dream gal to appear . But I believe that if a gal is so pretty, so rich, so nice and polite, and still available, will you be that lucky to have her? Last but not least, there is those bunch of people that is afraid of commitment, they have been living their life freely, no schedule needed and the thought of stuck with a person for most of their time really scare the hell out of them.

Valentine is round the corner, wise man with gf will try to impress them by showering them with love. Stupid man with gf will pay 3/4 times of the normal price for bouquet of roses and dine in some fancy restaurant. Wise man with no gf will call his friend and have a lil gathering, Stupid man with no gf will start blogging and try to crap all the time.


Monday, February 5, 2007

Have You Hug Your Parents Today?

One of my student have been absent for 3 days, as the form teacher I have to make a call to inquire for the reason and then only to decide whether to give out the warning letter. This student of mine is never gonna be your favorite student, she is not smart, nor hard working nor cute. She can really irritate you especially when you talk with her and she somehow don't seems to be giving you response in any form. She don't even want to nod or shake her head.

So when her mom pick up the phone, I was expecting her to give the reason that her child is sick or too lazy to go to school. Then she say something that stunned me. She say her husband just passed away. She did mention bout her husband is in the hospital when I met her last week. She told me something like he is having colon cancer. I kinda lost the ability to speak/think when i heard the bad news. After pausing for few seconds, I told her that I'm terribly sorry to hear it.

After hanging up the phone, I went to see the headmistress and inform her bout the absentee. She was shocked to heard that news because she recalled seeing the father around new year when the school reopen. All the other vice headmistresses start talking bout what kind of bad luck the mother is having. It seems that they lost their house last year due to fire burning that killed the grandmother as well.

But I'm telling this story here to tell you how fragile life is, and not how luck affect your life. Our family members that we see everyday, that we take for granted sometimes when they do us a favor, that we sometime can't stand their nagging because they care about us, do you know when will be the last time you gonna see them? Flame me for having a bad mouth but life is full of accident and uncertainties, you never ever get to see whats coming up the next second.

Take a while to think when was the last time you actually look at your parents in their eyes and see their faces closely? Do you just greet them in the morning, ask for money before you leave the house and seems to be too busy to have breakfast together? You should really appreciate what you are having now. A simple kiss on cheek, a warmly hug before bed will not buy you the car you want but thats all your parent want from you.

Never take for granted that there is always tomorrow for you to finish off what you left today. For my student's case, she will never have the chance to hold her father's hand anymore. So, have you hug your parents today?