Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cave Exploring

Woohoo, finally the long awaited weekend is here. I started to have quite a lot of assignments that most of them due in a week time, but to hell with it, I won't let them spoil my weekend.

Went to Bau to visit some caves(dun ask me where is Bau, i only noe it takes around 45 minutes drive from my uni). It was something new and i have never visited any cave before(They ask: eh ur KL there got Batu Cave and i reply Batu Cave is not in KL haha).

The first cave we visited is Fairy Cave, not sure why they use that name because there is only a statue(man made) situated there, small small 1 some more. This is a small cave and because there is nothing much to explored, is free of charge(hooray, remind me of the trip with my Grandpa to China, which u need to pay for almost everything).

Stairs which lead to the entrance of Fairy Cave.

Nice view. Since the sun can easily shine into the cave hence no bat live in this cave(dun be disappointed as there are so many caves in Sarawak).

Going down seems to be much easier, i wonder why.

Then we went to this second cave named Wind cave which situated 10 minutes away from the previous 1( if i drive i think it will be around 5 minutes only la).
This is a whole lot bigger cave, and because you might get hit by bat's dropping, they charge 2 ringgit as entrance fees( i m so lucky that i have no small notes so some1 else pay for me, haha with 2 ringgit i can eat kolot mee in the canteen).

This cave is tougher than the 1 before as it involve squatting and a bit of crawling. But this cave is like 5/6 times bigger than Fairy Cave(FYI, there is no wind, NO WIND AT ALL inside the cave).
The only thing i wan to complaint is some of my friends jump at every chance they have to flash their torchlight to the sleeping bats( how will you like some 1 shaking ur bed while u r sleeping).

Entrance to Wind Cave, there is nothing down there, they are just posing.

All picture in this cave are taken with my phone and because of that i can only take picture in the cave which have opening and hence sunlight can penetrate(sorry, no picture of bats taken)

Muahahaha my favorite photo because after this photo we went to makan.

To xiong,
my picture taking skill got improve anot?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Homesick/ home sick ?

How much I miss my home? Let tell you in details.

When i heard people talking in Cantonese, i will turn around wishing it was one of my friend back in KL.

When i m eating meals served with Malay style, i start to think about the food back in KL.

When i m stuck in my room with nowhere to go, i start to recall time when i drive around in my car back at KL.

When i m having hard time trying to sleep, i will remember my bed in a fully air-conditioned room that i share with my brother.

That is how homesick I am now. Never thought that i will miss my family and friends so much. And all this while i was hoping i can stay away from my parents asap and be independence. But no place in the world can warmth your heart like your own house.

For those whom really miss looking at my disgusted face. Here is a recent picture of me taken in my pajamas.

I miss all of you too.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pray to seek guidance?

I went for church service yesterday morning, funny thing is i never do that back at KL. But since I have tonnes of free time and my senior ask me to join along so why should I say no anyway?

I enjoyed through out whole of it, I join the church members singing happily(at one moment, i almost wan to jump to the fellow with guitar and play it instead, man i miss all my wife back at home). Then there are some testimonies by members. Basically is all about when they are in difficulties they start to pray, when they start to pray they soon received help from God.

So being a free-thinker myself, i always believe in cause and out-come. Those members say that they pray before they go for an interview and they succeed( I believe that u get the job because u do well in the interview, and u do well because u r prepared). Each and every single one of them speak of praying to God when they need help.

I was so tempted to ask one very fundamental yet offensive question : Do we pray only when we need help?
But i didn't because i know that is so unwise as 99.5% people around me are Christian and they believe that praying is the way to worship their God.

In my way of thinking is, they pray because they are seeking for something that will give them confidence. They pray when they found out that they have no better plan. Or worst, because they listen too many stories about people praying and get wat they want so they pray as well.

And after I listen to the pastor explaining parts of the bible, i make a conclusion myself that it is more or less like Confucious. It teaches us to apply common sense and behave like a person in our life. If everything u do is right and so positive, there is no way you gonna get something bad for ur result.

See, i told you i m too free and now that i even make comparison between Chinese believing and Christian's.

P.S : please leave a comment tagged along with this post because i seriously wan to know yours opinion about this.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Getting Better

This is the second week of my first semester in Unimas, and the teaching and learning process have been going on rather well. I was informed that Statics is the killer subject but so far I really love the class a lot. Hope that as weeks comes by lessons will not be too tough, as I am a person who lacks perseverance.

Have my first class of Creative in English Writing class yesterday, the tutor is an American who has been staying at Malaysia since 1985(that is even b4 I was born so I not sure he is more American or more Malaysian). Anyway I like that class too because he taught us how to write with vision in your brain. Spend 30 bucks on one of the short-stories compile which was written by him( give us autograph instead of discount, I want the discount la sir).

Now I understand why Malaysian is so reluctant to read books. I bought a book written by a local writer and it cost me 30 bucks. And I bought this book titled Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and it cost me around 40 bucks too. The first thing I have in my mind after I purchased the book was omg it is really costly to be knowledgeable. Nuff said, though I have not finish the second book but it really teach interesting facts about men and women( hope I can be the Romeo of Kuching after I finish up the whole book).

Ok here I post along the essay I wrote last night. The idea struck me like some lighting in the class, I already figure out the whole thing from starting till the end in less than 10 minutes ( dunno here got class for Creative in Song Composing anot).


They found me. That is what I said to myself right before I meet up with them. I am feeling reluctant to see them. But this could be the last chance we see each other. I know I have been running away and hiding from them but deep in my heart I was hoping they will found me somehow. Now that it happens, I wish they will not be too unhappy with it.

I can still recall it then. We used to be so happy. Our house is full of joy and you can always hear noises of laughing echoes throughout the neighbor. I have a brother, he is 2 years younger than me. We share everything together and we are each best companion. Or so it seems to be at least.

The truth is I enjoy having his company but at the same time I felt enormous pressure as well. Because he always looks up on me, I am his mentor and everything he want to become. My parents are hoping I can be the first in the family to actually obtained a degree from university as my both my parents can’t afford to school when they are young. As days past, I feel more burden is rested on my shoulders. Deep inside my heart, thought of running away from it all grows stronger.

Finally, through some peer’s influence I come across something that promise to ease any pressure and pain. It was drugs. I was told once too many that it is absurd to ever touch them let alone to take them. But the fire of rebellious inside my heart urges me to go against the teaching for once. And so I took them. I felt really good, like I am no longer trouble by anything and free from it all. Actually it was the drug that makes my minds go ecstasy and couldn’t think of anything else. I was wrong to turn to drugs in the first place. I’m on my step to my own destruction, slowly but surely it won’t be soon before long.

Since I am still a student, so I don’t have the money to buy the drug. How can I stand the pain of not having something that means everything to me in the world? I started to lies to friends around and lend money from them. I even make up stories so that I can more pocket money from my parents. That goes on for months till I kill my own brother.

I was searching around the house looking for the secret box that my mom keeps her money in it just in case of emergency. I was delighted when I finally found the money that I have been searching for hours. That is when I bump into my brother, he told me that he knows everything that happened to me. He is very sad to know that his hero is no longer able to save the world but instead trying to destroy it. With five thousand dollars in my hand and 2 blocks away to my false salvation, the last thing I want is my brother to get in the way.

I try to get out of the house and he is holding my shirt, he try to pull and I try to push him away. Next thing I know he was lying in front of me in a bath of blood, I just push him down the stairways. I don’t know what to do. I just killed my only brother. The person who share all my experience for almost 20 years. Then a thought just strike my head, I have to run. I must run and run quickly. I must run and run far away from here. And so I did.

It has been 5 months since that fateful day. I was caught by the local authorities after failing a robbery attempt. And then I woke up. I don’t know how but I just woke up. I finally understand that since every problem started from me so the only way to end it all is to end my life. Just when I was about to hang myself, the warden came in and told me that my parents has come to see me. Should I meet them? I think of the same question for a million times in that 2 minutes I walk from my cell to the meeting room.

So now I am here standing, my parents is on the other side. I have so much to tell yet I can’t find a route to start it. I can sense tears lining down from my mother’s eyes. I can tell that my father is not angry but he is sad. And then he break the silence by saying : Son, I’m sorry. I can only cry. I can only cry so hard that even the dead will be awake. Father continue saying how much he love me but don’t seems to understand that he has be adding more and more burden to my body. He say he is sorry because he can’t give what I wanted the most – ears. Ears that listen to problem.

I know it will be very long before I can get out from the prison, but I know that I am no longer lost. Because they found me and bring me back to the place I once belong. They have their choice to abandon me but they choose to search for me. And thank God that they found me.

GO easy on me if I happen to make any grammatical error. That’s all, tata.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Walk and Walk and Keep Walking

For those of you who has been complaining about driving around town, caught in traffic jam, here's a lil advise for u : Try walking.

My brother ask me how i travel inside the campus and i told him i was walking, i am walking and i'll be walking. They provide shutter bus service too but since i m staying so near to the classroom i just walk instead of wait and stuffed like sardin in a can ( even sardin in can seems to have more space since they are giving less to get more profit).

Anyway i find walking rather pleasant since i kinda lack of exercise. I can even choose my own route. If i'm in a hurry i will use the shortest path, if i wan to kill some of the free time i will just go slow and walk the longer distant.And when the sun shines too strong, i gear up my cute lil umbrella(sing along to Riharna's song).

I can even walk to the only place inside the campus where i can eat pork. Strangely, they put it across the road from the library haha. So every now and then i can online at library till i almost die of hunger and then walk across and eat some chinese food ( they only open till around 3 though. night time still stuck with canteen food)

But i do hope that someday later i can have a motorbike over here.(with license too of coz)
Then i can try to travel further away. Or like just how Mun Peng put it: carrying Iban/Kadazan chicks around.

For now i will just keep walking ha.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Enviroment, New Scene, Same Kah Ming

Picutre of my dorm. Ignore the shirt please!

Is been 2 whole weeks since I last "interneted". For those hu still yet to hear the news, I'm now in Sarawak where Bak Kut Teh and skimpy dressing chicks are as rare as a smart Malay( OMG! i m slowly turning into a racists). Through out the 2 long weeks(14 days only la brother), I m completely shut off from the world because there is no newspaper, tv, radio(forgoten bout my phone til last 2 day).

I will be staying at Sarawak for at least another 4 years which make up of 224 weeks minus 54 weeks of holiday which no doubt i will spend back at KL = 170 weeks over here. Foods here is not as cheap as i thought it will be(SO please buy me some meals when i m back at KL knocking at ur door). But no worries i think i can score with better grades here since there is no Mamak to lepak, no Futsal to sepak, only place to hang out is tapak. So i can rest assure that no distraction means more concentration on studies.