Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Happy Birthday, Drum King! (Honestly, I'm so tempted to put Drumstick King)

You're 21. May you have a eventful, lustful, wonderful celebration there. Let's have a replacement joint birthday celebration for everyone once you get back.

I must admit though, I almost forgot your birthday until SM and GAY XIANG together with you yourself reminded me. Haha

Nick told me bout his plan to take up 2nd degree in a field that has nothing do with the degree he is having now.

I think is really awesome for him to have plan for his future, but I'm thinking that it could be a lot tougher than it seems.
Is like, being a TOPGEAR follower does not make you a real good driver. The same can be say in his case here.

But as your friend, I'm giving you this advise: If you heart is in it, then put your body to it as well. Thoughts will always be thoughts until you actually do something about it.

Do keep me update with your plan.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I wonder / how many mistake can we ignore?

Have you notice any different with my blog entry?

It has less randomness, and less emo related, less ranting and complaint. Could it be that I'm more satisfied with my life now or had I lost the tiny little bit of interest to even make noise about my life?

I wake up in the morning and connect to internet without much purpose almost everyday, I think our life has already been taken control by technologies without the insurgence of Robot like how all those sci-fi films portrayed. And worst of all, we are happy with it, we are more than willing to let that happen to us.

I often wonder how different my life can be if I were born around 1910. What is to feel like waking up with no TV in the living hall and no fan or aircond when the temperature is really hot? Sounds like living in a god-forsaken world? Nah, but people has been living that way for way longer than how we live our life now right?

Took my wallet, some coins, turn off the light and fan power of my room, click on the door lock on the knob and the door was slam shut.

Was walking down the stairs when this word buzz up: KEY. Oh boy, I have not bring my key along with me. This is my fifth semester staying in the dormitory but it is actually the first time I lock myself out of the room.

Luckily, there are always people who look pretty normal but actually equipped with extraordinary ability around us. A coursemate told us to contact another coursemate of ours who is a specialist in dealing with opening locked door without key. The tools he used was a boot. He slammed the door knob repeatedly with a heavy boot and Voila, the door is unlock, not even a scartch on it.
But, be warned: this is not actually not a good way to break into one's room and steal their belonging as the door know slamming is as loud as gun shoot.

So I make a mistake here, I should have bring along my key and save all the hassle. My mistake is not a great one, and it was remedied by a friend.

But how many mistake in our life that we make before was then corrected?
Some mistake was done by just a misjudgement and the outcome can be catastrophic, some mistake make can never be undone.
Some people actually make the same mistake over and over again, is not like they dunno it, but they just can't help but to commit those kind of lack of judgement mistake.

A person's life is not judge by how many road he walked, but how many mistake he actually done.

One of my biggest mistake in my life is I never try hard enough during my secondary life to pursuit what I want. Now I sorta lost in my life, I know I'm in Sarawak but I have no direction where should my life be heading to next. Hemmmmmm.

Did I make any mistake with you? Or it was a mistake from the start?

I think I sorta in a really mild kind of depression, but like i say, is really really mild.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Update of my life

I'm done with Highway Engineering presentation.

I tried but fail to get the cheap air ticket for CNY.

I'm addicted to PSP's Patapon.

I'm super broke.

I'm sleeping really late at night or early in the morning.

I'm done updating with my life for now.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Please dun do it infront of me, pretty please

Thought of coming up with a list of "things that I can't stand" for quite a while, and finally I'm able to pen it down and show it to you.

  1. Guy wearing slippers or sandals with long pants. Kill me please! Is so freaking gross to wear long pants and show your toes in a slippers or sandals. Gals can do it because they go for pedicure and their sandals are actually lot more nicer.
  2. Guy having their baggy pants so low that you can see their ass crack. Kill me first, then revive me and kill me again! I'm sure you guys encounter it before, so I'm not going to detail on the grossness and obscene of it.
  3. Using WATEVER like is a full-stop in their sentences. I heard that it is actually the female equality of guy's Fuck you, and I'm all okay with vulgar or cursing. But imagine people using it in every sentences, you think you r coming up with a crossover of Sex In the City and the Departed meh?
  4. Ask the food to be packed in Polystyrene as if to takeaway but end up eating in the eatery itself. This is one thing that I have yet to figure it out, Polystyrene is not biodegradable and this people are using it as a replacement of plate because Polystyrene box is cleaner?!? I'm not the world biggest Earth loving guy la, but I hope you die in a Polystyrene waste mountain.
  5. Never wanted to admit one's laziness but giving excuses instead. I'm lazy and I always tell people so when I dun wan to do some of the task I was assigned to. So please respect the rest of us and just admit that you are fucking lazy and not busy.
Is not a long list, some might not be serious to most of you, but is like Durian, some people love it, others just can't stand it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

my scarf

I'm sorry, I dun mean to make your angry 1 lo, is just my way of cheering people up when shit happened to them. I'm so used to doing it that the moment u send me that SMS telling me about the accident, that is the only thing that I can think of to make it a bit more bearable.

Of course deep in my heart, I wish that you get to finish it and give it to me. But now that it is lost, maybe it is fated to be that way. I know you spend lots of time knitting it, time and effort to be exact. If you actually feel sorry and bad, I'm telling you now, you dun have to. Is not your fault. Is my fault.

Suddenly, I'm looking forward to my own convocation and no more staying in my dormitory with very lousy internet connection.

Monday, October 12, 2009

窝囊no more









Friday, October 9, 2009

no sun yet, still talking about moon

So, 8 month 15 day or Mid Autumn AKA Mooncake's festival was last Saturday, went for an event hosted in campus by some Chinese group association of the university. It was rainy that night and hence we were shivering inside the fully air-conditioned hall. Not to mentioned we walked to the venue without umbrella, OMG, that explained the sneezing the next day.

So the whole thing went on quite well, it could be better but nonetheless, everyone enjoyed themselves, well everyone almost, except DAILOU who was performing have to endured the pain of having a very unskillful violinist playing alongside him.

I even get to feast my eyes on some of the girls that was present in that event too, looks like Unimas is not really a dry up pond with dying fish flipping their belly on the black mud.

We get to light up the lantern as well, although I think is a bit dumb to risk setting fire in the hall but hey, let's not let worrying over a few burnt chair spoiling our wonderful night.

Oh, just to show you guys how blissfully I am with the speed of the net tonight, I uploaded a few pictures. And if you are interested with the guys in the picture, don't bother asking me to introduce because they are 3 happy gay pal, pun very much intended here.

Fuiyoh, sea of lantern, even other races can be seen here having fun

"Ur camera flash mat 7? I got lantern to do the job"


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the Perfect Gift

So I'm going to blog about money again tonight.

6th of October is always going to be a difficult day for me.

Is my mommy birthday lo. I'm sure that for anyone out there, when they receive a birthday gift, they will be very happy 1 lo, but not mommy.

1)Mommy will first ask you: Is it expensive ya?

If you answer: Yes, very expensive ------> then she will start to lecture you

So you answer: No, is a best buy ------> she will ask you: How much then?

Being a good boy, i will answer honestly, then the truth is always gonna get you into trouble.

2)So then by not buying gift, I'm safe?

Wrong. She will say: Yor, my birthday but no one give me anything.

me: WTF?!@?@

3)So now that I'm here in Sarawak, I won't be having such problem anymore. Hooray.

Tips Of Day: If you can't get a perfect gift, don't bother trying. Lol

I just called mommy and wish her Happy Birthday. She say I have been spending too much. Ouch, sorry Mommy. I will control my spending, I promised. I am not saying this on your birthday to make you happy, I will really control my spending urge.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Purpose of life

Helping the poor and unfortunate? Not even close

Being someone important and contribute to the society? I don't think so.

Having fun and enjoy your short 70 years on earth to the max? Ha, I wish.

The sole purpose of life is one very easy word. It spell M O N E Y.

Yeah,钱钱钱. Be it US dollar, Japan Yen or RM. Money is the only thing that makes the world go around.

You need money to help the poor and unfortunate.

You are definitely someone important when you are filthy rich and then you can contribute to the society with your bills or notes.

You can travel around the world, visit different country, party till you pass out when you have the extra money to spend.

Don't believe me?
You study hard > get good result > impressive resume > good job > healthy income.

SEE?!?! It end with money.

Everything start from money and always end with money.

It doesn't take a genius to discover this simple truth, but it sure took me long enough time to know that I can never find a better purpose in life.

Here's a fun fact:
If you earn 50 ringgit an hour, and you work 10 hours a day, you make RM 500 a day.
Then you work 22 days a month, you get RM11000 monthly.
Times that with 12, and you earn 132 grand a year.
You work for 35 years and your total income till you retired will be RM4.62 million.

Bill gates has a networth of 50 billion US Dollar. 50billion times 3.5 = RM175 billion.

You can earn that amount if you repeat you working life cycle for a whopping 37878.79 times.

Friday, October 2, 2009

round round Moon

Blue, red, yellow, green, pink and white.

No matter how hard i try, i can never manage to light up more than 10 candles. That was the very few hour when I wish that wind never exists.

As I grew older, I learn that wind will never stop blowing, so I just watch others trying hard to light up the candles while mocking them when the candles blew off.

I never quite get it whenever I saw kids holding battery operated "LANTERN" with sound and all. What's the point of running around with the lantern knowing that the wind blow will never be your problem and your lantern will never accidentally caught on fire due to your dumbness?

I don't remember when was the last time I participate in Lantern parade. Suddenly, I feel like going back to time when I can yell at my father to light up the candle. I miss crying when my lantern got burnt to ashes while everyone else is still holding theirs perfectly.

Is kinda suck to be grow up, I noe I can enter clubs and casino legally but I rather have lantern and candles, left the mess to be clean up by mom, have mooncake together with friends and go to bed without brushing.