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Sunday, December 5, 2010

what's life?

How often do you ask yourself the one most important question of your life: What it is the meaning of live?

You will be astonished by realizing that you don't really get it figure out after living for more than 20 years.

I once read that man are goal-oriented. They only feel living when they are working toward their target or goals. If that is the case then I am in deep shit right now. Why? Because I dun remember having any proper goal in my life. Dating a super model and owning my own football team is more of a dream, not goal.

Could it be that I have not been living at all for the past 23 years? What I was doing are just breathing, feast when I am hungry and sleep when I m tired. And even the last part I have not been doing well.

I found myself wondering where will I be in 5 years time? You know, when I am about to be 30 and living in denial of that fact. And it is making me really sad and scare that I actually have no idea how my life is going to turn out to be. Hell, I dun even know I am a dog or a cat person.

There is another saying about life: a life worth living is a life full of joy and happiness. If that is really true, then I am actually having quite a life right now. Because I am enjoying it and I feel happy most of the time.

Right now, my LIFE is just Living + Inappropriate + Fun + Ending ( I do not have suicidal thoughts, but somehow I think I will just die in some freaky accident)