Friday, August 17, 2007

No mid term break

To all my friends who is in other IPTA cept for Unimas, dun ask me i coming back anot for mid term break because i don't have 1 here. I will only be back by end of November, how sad is that right?

Neway sorry for not updating quite a while because i'm too lazy to walk all the way to library with the laptop (they do have computer at library but I feel better using my own personal laptop). Went to Kuching's fair last saturday night, and the place is crowded (is kinda small but still packed la), Kuching is overwhelm with pretty gals (those who doubt me please come over and take a look especially you Xiong haha). The event was actually host by some chinese society which is something new to me because back at semenanjung i only heard about that TV3 sure heboh carnival which you can't even see a single chinese hanging out there.

After eating our canteen food 24/7, food at the fair is something that we really look forward to. We have quite a lot at that place but we know that there is always room in our stomach for supper so we " tau pah" too. I have never miss my mom cooking this much (ah mi, if you r reading this, just so you noe, i m not lying)

Anyway, with my mid term exam coming soon and more and more assignments being handed on, u can well assured that i will not blog as much as before.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

First Month

Let's start off with some interesting facts about Sarawak.

1. They don't live on tree.
2. They have round about that owns PJ's very own round about ( 3/4 times the size)
3. They play Dota a lot here (mom, no worries I didn't join the crowd)
4. The food here is not cheap ( compared to KL, not Bangsar of coz)

Okay, these are some funny yet very true facts. So bear in mind and don't ask: Can you bring me to any place that sells chicken rice for 2 ringgit?
A month over here seems longer than 2 back at KL, not that I'm hating every minute of it, it seems that I have more than 24 hours in a day over here. I wake up at 7 and sleep at 11( i dun sleep b4 12 back at KL, and I know it is bad)

Study has been alright though i hate the assignments a lot. But i noe they help in obtaining a better grade, so i just have to bear with it. I wanted to try cooking so badly but that is totally out of the question because there is no kitchen provided in the dorm.

For those people who is interested in me, you're in luck because i m still available and not seeing any1( i like to think that all my admirer are female). If you ask : IF you can come back and study at west Malaysia, will u leave Sarawak?
My answer is no, because i think i can study better over here. SO if you wan to join me over here, you are making a very wise decision.

Thats all for tonight