Monday, June 25, 2012






I will try to write in English too, but give me time coz I'm not using google translate haha

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

:( ):

There's a saying about memory never die, they just hide somewhere in your insanely huge capacity brain, waiting to lunged on you when you are least expecting, often during your most vulnerable period.

But not all memory are good one, there are some that you try really hard to get rid off but to no avail. Every now and then, those memories will come back. They are triggered by thing you see, hear, read, feel, and touch.

Sometimes, having a smartphone can be a curse. I don't mean the way it distract  you from work and you hooked onto Facebook for hours.

Just last night, I accidentally scrolled my phone to top of a message thread. As I go through some of the message, I realized what a scumbag I was. I am a firm believer of karma, so I guess I should man up and prepare for any retribution in the future.

Is funny how you work week in and work out, meet new friend and lose a couple of them throughout the process, but every once in a while you will still think and miss that person that was so close of to being your significant half.