Saturday, October 8, 2011

do you love me more?

How much you love me?

A really short simple question with no definite answer. Simply because love is not something that can be measured.

If you have 2 million, and i have 2, 400, 000, is really obvious that I m richer than you; but you can't compare love in the same manner. Can u say I love you more than him just because I m willing to spend more money on you? Or simply because I m willing to sacrifice more than the previous guy?

Nor can you measure it with time. Just because you love her longer doesn't mean you actually love her more. Take that, mother fucking blur case.

And you can never weight love with tears you shed. Love is suppose to be all about happiness and feeling great. If you are crying, then something is really wrong.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I always get happy whenever I heard Pumped up kicks by Foster the People on radio.

Pumped up kicks. Somehow it reminded me of sneakers. I always have a thing for sneakers, i blog about them here.

I own a few pairs of sneakers, none of them are over the top limited edition piece but that doesn't mean I love them less than Nike Air Yeezey. I'm more of a sneakers fans that appreciate design and practicality than rarity. 75k USD for a pair of sneakers? That is still a lot to ask despite all the money going into some charity organization. U are literally walking on money if you wear it out just to cruise around in town.

I have been telling my friends that I want to go Singapore. The ultimate reason is to go on a sneakers shopping spree. Just like gals have a thing with heels, my obsession with sneakers is of the equal level.

I want to double my collection without my mom nagging me, how ya? Can anyone give suggestion?

First pair that i use my own money to purchase
from Springfield with 50% off.

Tada, Onitsuka Tiger. The shoe laces is in leather
but lacking in term of comfortably

Puma X Ferrari purchased during 2010 CNY, bought it after
having a bad emo day.

Adidas Hardland, loved the flamboyant but the shoes durability
sucks. The lace holder detached only after 2 weeks of wearing. FML

A birthday gift from a splendid friend. Come to think about it,
is my first present since my 21st birthday.