Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CNY blues

CNY is less than a week away, and I have never felt so broke in my life despite I have yet to do any gambling.

I thought of starting to pick up photography. But I dun wan to get myself a DSLR. I want something analog in this digital age. Wait a minute, that is exactly the tagline for Lomography. I actually set my eyes on a very cute twin lens camera, not surprising, given that I always want something different.

But last month H&M bills and this month ASOS shopping + Phuket trip really kill me. I am living everyday by tightening my belt so that i dun feel hungry.

FML, boss ya boss, please give me bonus please.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Resolution

Spend 5 minutes to write down my 2012 resolution. I think I round it up to 5 minutes, more like 3 and a half minutes. Damn it, my point is I WROTE A RESOLUTION list.

Don't be fooled by the fact that it only took me 3 and a half minutes, I have been thinking quite a while about it before I decided to penned it down in my planner.

Some of the goals are those that I should have achieve long time ago but somehow my lack of discipline and always taking the easy way out makes me a slacker.

I always pick flight in any fight or flight scenario. Not anymore, I want to be a fighter for 2012, just like Hugh Jackman in Real Steel. Oh wait, he didn't actually fight. More like I wanna be Atom in Real Steel. Wait a second, Atom was like a punching bag throughout the whole show.
I wanna be a fighter just like my dad and my mom, always fighting each other off. Seriously, they are the most dedicated fighter I come across, and they have been fighting for 25 years. No pun intended.

I will put up all the goal that I managed to achieve by the end of the year. In order to make sure I will not come home empty-handed, I cheated. Yes, I cheat in my new year resolution. I write down something easier to achieve than to not achieve it. Hahaha, go figure.

Ciaoz, peeps