Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Finally I Did It !?!

Good news to anyone of you that have be waiting for weeks to hear that I caned my student. So I'm telling you now, I did it today. Guess how many students i whipped? One? Five? Ten? No, no, is 17 of them. 34 of them turn out today and I have to cane half of them. Y? You may ask, but I was really pissed by them.

I gave them a whole week to study the words for spelling(which of coz in chinese) but some of them score nothing more than 3 out of 10. Was I being too harsh? No. Was the task a bit too difficult? No. Were they just being stupid? No. They are just lazy and think that I will never punish them. Furthermore, they spoil my suppose to be pleasant 2 free periods and I have to mark some of the worst stuff in the world---- spelling from a bunch of lazy ass.

As soon as my next class with them, I was there before the previous teacher step out of the class. I summon the monitor and he went to borrow a cane from the next class teacher( yeah, I still dun have my own cane/stick/hammer/rifle/watever that used to punish evil being). I think I whipped them a bit too soft this time, but I wanted them to know that I punish is becoz I m angry not that I wanted them to feel the pain.

To my surprise, the gals were not that worried with the caning. But some of the most mischievous boys were too afraid to hold their hand straight up. I guess I just have to buy a cane real soon, one that really suit my hand.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Politician No Entry! But Why?

Most of you might start to wonder, how come I pick such a weird name as the blog title? Because I decided to speak whatever that is in my mind, and I do have 1 healthy mind k. The entries you read here might be offensive to some individual(actually only politician ).

To me the biggest liar in the world are politician. They talk the talk but never walk the walk. They say they represent the public, but do they share same view as us on our problem? Do they think of how the poor going on their daily life while they sit under some air-conditioned room? I have no doubt that we will only see them walking in some morning market shaking our filthy hand only when the election is around the corner.

Think I'm bulling? Think of the last time the road outside your house was resurfaced, was it the time when they need yours( maybe ur parents) vote? OF COZ, there are some exception, but how much difference will it make? Will you put urself in risk to fight for the right of some people u barely knows against your whole party? Hey, you forgotten the good old saying: IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM!

So I'm telling you this: Dun flame me because of wat i wrote, but because of wat i have not mentioned when every1 can see it.

I really wish that any1 of you that come across this page can leave a comment bout this topic! Hey, is your future that I m talking about!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

HAHA I know most of you already heard this phrase like thousand years ago, but how many of you actually remember it and remind yourself when a drop dead gorgeous girl wearing skimpy clothes trying to sell you something from undisclosed sources?

And today I was taught by some standard 3 student in my class about not to judge a book by its cover. There is this lil boy in the class so small sized that it makes my youngest brother looks like some giant standing beside him. Well, as normal as any human beings I try to be very nice with him because he is so adorable( Yao Ming, standing tall doesn't do you any good!) and make you want to protect him.

For the first 2 days, he has been complaining bout stomach ache, the third day he went home earlier after vomiting. He came back to school on Thursday but vomit again on the next day. So every time he came out and told me bout how sick he is, I really have to entertain him because he really do looks like suffering.

But then he started to act differently today when he for once he don feel sick at all. He start walking around the class doing monkey face all over the place. Even when I punish him to stand with his hand pulling his ear, he still can move around behind my back. Haha so in the end I have to make him to stand on a chair. I told him if he can move the chair while standing on it, I let him be the teacher instead. Am I evil?

Even the art teacher scolded the so innocent looking boy. So i guess i can stop feeling bad now muahahaha. I hope that I don have to start caning so soon.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I Need Motivation! We need Inspiration!

Yahoo, is been so long since i last slept till 9 in the morning. I'm not bulling but I will wake up automatically around 8 0 clock.

Me and my brother together with Eong Xien and Ching Xiong formed a band that we currently named The Dawn. Back then, we were just some Blink 182 wannabes and can't even play complicated song. I just want to say : You guys have improved throughout the years and thanks for staying together and never walk away whenever I sing so badly( which happen most of the time).

Today's jamming session doesn't go that well because we are kinda exhausted and was still too full with the McD's burger. So we decided to try writing our own song. We play a few chords and sing a few line but got stuck here and there. Haha seriously i think we need some motivation here! Anyone please give us something to write about! Anything will do.

Here is something I write just a while ago, still figuring the best way to sing it out right:

Now I don’t know who to trust anymore
Because the only one I ever trust betrayed me
And it pain me so much when I look into her eye
Only to see some other guy in her sight

Ok, i make this entry as the shortest one. Bye bye and take cares.

Friday, January 26, 2007

And You Thought Teaching Was Easy?

Hello again, i just came back after teaching. I have to teach 6 days in my first week here =.=". Luckily some of my students are so cute and adorable that it cheer my day up. I'm currently replacing classes of a teacher who is on confinement leave. So now I'm the form teacher of a standard 3 class, i teach them chinese, maths and moral. Okay enough about how i behave in the past, go easy on me. I CAN TEACH MORAL!!!! And no worries about my severe swearing, so far I have not been doing it at school. LoLz

The first day here I can't do much teaching because they were separated and divided to temporary stay at other class. Now that they have a teacher(might not be a very good one, but hey i can teach alright), they have to come back. My first task was to understand how much the previous teacher have teaches them. Trust me, to speak louder than the noise of 37 kids can be quite tough. At the assembly, i can't help noticing some other student saying things like: eh that new teacher(me) is a boy or girl? EXCUSE ME, do i look like a gal?

I waste no time on the second day and start to teach as soon as i entered the class. Considering that they are just some 9 years old kids, I don't expect them to give me response and answer 100% the way i wanted it to be. There are a few girls who will come out and ask me if their answer were right every time i finish a question. I get irritated when they ask so frequently, but they have those sweet innocent look that melted my heart and I just have to entertain them.

My initial plan of being a nice teacher that don't scold doesn't work well as I have to start shouting at some student that are making too much noise. I told them rationally that is either I do the scolding or some other teacher will start the caning. Haha it work out like some spell cast by Harry Potter, the class was at that moment so quiet , well at least for 2 periods. I start marking the students work and was kinda sad knowing that all the discussion I have in the class was not giving me the result that i want.

Do you know that the which is the worst part of being a teacher? The marking? The mischievous students? NO. It is the daily report we have to write, is not like the blogging that I'm doing. I have to write what the ministry want to see and not the truth about how i teach. I guess every occupation have its own problem that others can't see. The first week here was good and beneficial to me. I'm doing something different from the past and I'm been trained to be a better person.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Don't Complaint, Start by Being More Considerate

Welcome to my first entry for the year. I remember i used to have a successful yet not continuous short blog. Now that I have more time, I decided to come back and write again as I got lots to say but not much people to talk to. In any case if I wrote too much crap, please bear with me.

For those of you that might not know, I'm now working as temporary teacher at a primary situated very near my house. Haha, unbelievable? believe it my friend. So this morning, i was having my break in the teacher's canteen, I heard some conversation of some teachers that caught my attention instantly.

Teacher A was complaining about some police who stop her car on the road and instead of issuing her a summon; he ask for 30 bucks to settled thing up. Knowing herself was wrong in the first place, Teacher A was facing the dilemma of either paying for the fine or the bribe. In the end she ask for the summon. There she sit, in the small teacher's canteen with her head high up. She says: I rather pay more than to let this bad habit(bribery) grow stronger. Well the rest of the teacher told something of similar case.

After hearing their conversation,I started to think: Who should we blame for this kind of problem? Road users? The policeman? IF all the road users will just obey the law and never go against it, they are not giving any chance for the policeman to stop them. IF the policeman were some good policeman who swear not to accept bribery, no one will actually complaint. BUT things aren't that simple and believe in this case we should point our fingers to the government.

Hey, I m not saying that i agree it was the policeman's fault! I say is the policy of the government which is not working well here that causes all these problems. People who always compared bout police in foreign country and ours are foolish. DO YOU KNOW that police at those country have much higher pay than us? Their wellfare is whole lot better than our police. Their family are well taken care of. So do you expect some low rank police here to survive with their pay of few hundred to a thousand?

You see, when people face difficulties they will start finding way to solve it. In this case, those poor police will try to get more money. How? Yeah you figure it out, from law offender who are not willing to pay for the summons. So next time before you start complaining and yell at something that you think it might be wrong, try to considerate first. What might be the cause?

Kinda long for a first post , anyway hope u enjoyed it and feel free to give a comment or two.