Tuesday, April 15, 2008


They said that a moment of calm arrived before the storm come.

I'm actually having one right now. Final examination for the semester is just about a week away yet I don't feel worry or scare. I just sleep, play, crap and eat till i drop.

" Aiyaya, know you are well prepared oledi la," i bet you will reply this way as you read. But the problem is I didn't do much preparation at all. I saw some coursemate studying like mate till late at night, and the only thing i do at late night is this:

(face expression is not right, i was not given any cue!)

But I don wan to stressed myself. I know that I have gained knowledge and understand teaching of the lecturers. So everyone thought that I m a excellent student as expect me to teach them, the truth is I barely can teach myself.

OF coz i dun purely aim for pass only la, but I am not those who fight till the last drop of their blood to be perfect 4 pointer la. Studying suppose to be enjoyable not torturing.

Thank god that most of my mid term are quite good, which doesn't disappoint my mates expectation. All except for math which I had done 3 zillion of careless mistakes. Even my weakling coursemate laugh at my working when he found out my mistakes.

For those of you who miss me a lot, i post a picture of me taken quite recently la ha.

(I hate taking picture la)

Bye bye