Saturday, January 26, 2008

Walao! Dun ask me Y i not going bak for CNY la.

Here is what I encountered for a gazillion time in my uni.

A: Eh when you going bak for CNY ya?

Me: I m not going back.

A: (in shock gasp) Y not going back leh?

Me: Because I dun feel like going back lo.

A: You stay here woh, what you going to do woh?

Me: I can study lo.

A: (in bigger and shocker gasp for longer moment) Serious?!?

Me : Nola, idiot! I just dun wan to go back la. I dun wan to go back for a week or two and start missing my life in kl again and stay sober for another 3 weeks till i pick myself back up again.

A: Chill, chill...

What R they thinking? You make me feeling frustrated and still ask me to chill with u?
Five things u can do when u cannot sleep at late night, as tested by Yap Kah Ming:
  1. Flip from right side of bed to the left.
  2. Turn from the head of the bed to the end of the bed.
  3. Fold your blanket, unfold it and refold it again and unfold it back again....
  4. Try to read notes from lecture that u barely understand earlier on and you will shocked to found out how easy it is actually.
  5. Cook instant noodle and eat it as loud and vulgar as possible because your roommate snoring will still cover the sounds of your noodle suckling.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is going to be my first post in nothing but Chinese. 抱歉,坏习惯,都说了只有华语还再用英文作开头。我不会像我朋友那样的贴有翻译给阿币思(ABC),因为我身边都没有这类人。还有我想训练我那华语超烂的弟弟,我真的可谓用心良苦了。




不要以为第一季考得不错就放轻松,才开始第二季的功课就让我直冒汗的。好困难啦!觉得好像一切又得从零开始过。 还好本大爷智质可还过得去,比部分的同学还明白多一些。




Monday, January 7, 2008

Of Rain and TVB series

Yeah, finally I’m back at Kuching once again. (On second thought, I dun think I should be so excited about it.)

Rain just can’t stop pouring around here. Not that Korean singer la, real rain that will soak you and make your laundry take forever to dry off. And being wise like I have always been, I decided not to wash my cloths and just piled them up till one big sunny day then maybe I will wash them.

I have to wear jacket when I sleep these nights because it is so freaking cold and did I mention that I don’t have a freaking blanket?

Luckily is not all bad news for me here, I m entertained by dozens of series from my friends. TVB series mostly. LOL and I still have quite a few of Japanese series hidden somewhere in my laptop.

Finally I decided to take some picture of my dorm using my roommate’s new SE K850. I know that you guys are not used to seeing that many picture in my entry but hey is new year ma, so here something for a change.

The long haunting corridor that leads to somewhere.

The window on the right is my room.

The small kitchen. A section of the house with a washing basin.

Housemate playing CS. Doing revision.

Camwhore. :p

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year, everyone!

I wish everything go better in 2008.

Unlike people around me, I dun even bother to set up a new year resolution because I dun wan to end up feeling miserable at the end of 2008 because I have not fulfill any of it.

First day suppose to be happy and joyful but ironically it will be my last day of my holiday in KL, not that I am enjoying that much but I crazily hoped that we get to jam again before I went back to Kuching but life is full of circumstances we can't control of, I dun think I can even make it to ur new house warming.

So much to look forward to in 2008 { NO, I'm not talking bout the next Narnia movie, you donk}

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR, adious!