Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update on my life!

I'm done with all my mid term, hooray! Not that I have been stressing for any mid term, but is always feel good to be done with assessment and some time to chill and get stoned.

BTW, since LWL mentioned about my favorite band, check out The Script. They are pleasantly sweet and easy on the ear.

I have been too lazy for too long, I think i should really buckle up before I regret soon. But is always easier to say than to do. I m a man with no perseverance and easily affected by circumstances.

Okay, i think I will stop being somber now.

Move on to something cheerful, the air ticket is getting really cheap nowadays. So much so that I wish I have 4 days break a week then I can fly back to KL weekly. And I am able to control my diabolical urge of shopping for almost 3 weeks now, feel so proud of myself that I think I m going to give myself a hug and kiss.

Oh yeah, I'm feeling something from this gal. No, I think I feel that this gal is having thing with me. Lol, I admit that I m the biggest self-indulgent PERASAN freak, but at least I got feeling and not some cold-blooded killer right?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Look, I am the baby/ I have a baby

The boy is so cute, innocently cute.

How old does the boy looks to you?

8/9? Wrong, is 13.

But the fact that he got a gal pregnant at the age of 12 and become a father at 13 is really shocking. The mum is only 15, WTF is wrong with our world?!?!

Call me pathetic if you wan for being a virgin at 21 but a father at 13?!?! I rather be the pathetic loser. And I m pretty sure that the baby DOESN'T HEART mummy and daddy once he know how sick his parent is.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Valentine

Yes, Valentine is here. Well, it will be here in about 3 days time.

Isn't it a bit early to make a valentine post?

Yeah, but I dunno when I will have internet access again so I might as well make an early greeting.

To all happily in love couple, big cheer for you and may you be happier with ur partner for the rest of everyday but just remember not to spend too unwisely on Valentine Day.

To wish-to-get-laid-single-people out there, you just have to wait for next year's valentine. Oh wait, there are still Labor Day, National Day, Christmas, Hari Raya and all the eves, so you might get laid sooner than u think.

To all broken heart newly break up: Look on the bright side, at least you get to break up, yours truly have not been in a relationship for decades. Okay, that is cruel. There are 6 billion people out there, you shouldn't be sad for a breakup. Ask urself: Do you have enough love for 6 billion lover?!

To happily married couple, is a good day to leave your kids and housework at home and go for a fancy dinner. And yes, the husband should pay, no question about it. (mom, you will be so happy that I stand up for you in my blog)

To myself: You're are too good for any normal gal, that's why you have not meet the right 1 for you. (what a word of encouragement)


Sunday, February 1, 2009

It was nice but obviously too short for a CNY break. All good thing has to come to an end but the same could not be apply for all the bad thing. Life is never fair I guess.


  • Played Blackjack and lost 150 bucks on In Between
  • Met and hang out with the one person whom visited my blog often and left most comment - Michelle
  • Met a lot of cousin (read the previous post for more of it)
  • Went sushi eating with an ex-crush, LOL
  • Watched 3 episode of Lost season 5 and now craving for more
  • Bought a huge Tote bag which Mommy commented it as girlish
  • Had tonnes of nice foods but only very few nice drink
It was hell lot of fun and sadly I didn't get to meet up with everyone like the ever-hot Cathy and LWL. Haha i purposely mentioned ur name here LWL, not sure u noticed anot.

Tata. And I will be back to KL around end of April.