Saturday, December 29, 2007

Still reading Harry meh? Try Bobby Pendragon instead.

It might seems hard to believe at first but YUP, I do read. And yes again, I read 6 of the Harry Potter series except for the latest book {I m still trying my luck to borrow it from my fren)

As one of my fren are so sick of hearing me complaining bout having a boring holiday doing nothing, she then kindly borrow me some of her precious books to let me fill up my free time. I wasn't so keen on reading any of it but since she is so nice, I thought it will be really mean to not read any of the book and return to her just like that.

Out of the 9 books she handed to me, 7 of it are from the same series. U guess it right then, is PENDRAGON.

This is the 5th book which I m reading now.
When I first finish the 1st and 2nd book, I kinda wan to phone my fren and ask her to immediately come over and take back all the books. I dun enjoy reading both of it that much, maybe I was too busy thinking where should I go yum cha and which movie to watch next.

I dunno how come I end up reading the 3rd book as well, but that is when the story really took off. I m actually craving for more of it and some how i just finish the book on the very same day i started it, this has never happened before {once again i must say, i do read quite a lot}

And I just finish book 4 and now hopping into the 5th book. I seriously recommend this to anyone who just want to have some fun or tired of hearing kids around u saying : How nice Harry Potter is!

Just between you and me, i even went to the length to say that PENDRAGON is better than Harry Potter. { i hope i won't get rotten tomatoes at my front step tomorrow}

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Merry X-MAS to everyone out there. Hope that you will have more than just hung over from last night crazy boozing. I spend the day like how i did yesterday and the day before, doing nothing. That explained pretty much Y i always blog about crap lately.

For those who are away and have to spend Christmas away from family, my heart and love is with you.
For those who are celebrating this wonderful day having a luxurious dinner, I got a lil question for you: Y never invite me??
For those who promised to jam but end up flying me kites, i demand you compensate me with lunch.
For those who always say no inspiration to blog, log in your account and come up with your own Christmas wish list now.

  • A white colored flip phone

  • Gibson Les Paul Custom

  • Lexus IS 250

  • IWC watch

  • A wild night with either

Misa Campo

Keeley Hazell

(Personally I dun mind spending more than a night with both of them)

This pretty much tells my taste, I like beautiful looking things yet I hated those CROWD FAVORITE stuff. Many of you might not even heard about Misa Campo and IWC. Lol. So come on now, start your very own unique Christmas wish list.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

If I Am A Billionaire

First off, whoever that says: "Money is not important" I salute you. orz

That is one statement that I and 99% people in the world would never agree on.

How can money be not important? Without money, you can't do anything. Or actually it is better to put it in YOU CAN DO NOTHING. Well, you get it clear alright.


Secondly, I want to tell you how much a billion is.

If I bring home 20 thousands a month, I will have 240 thousands a year. If i worked my ass off for 30 years, I will have 7.2 million at least, which is 0.0072 of a billion. That will roughly tell you how much a billion is.

Lastly, I want to tell you how am I going to make use of the money I have (if I ever have 1 billion la).

  1. I will get the best nutritionist and buy tonnes of food for my brother - Soo Ming so that he can gain some weight. And once again i can be the slimmest in my family.
  2. I will buy myself a lifetime season pass for Emirates Stadium and show to Mun Peng and Co and wave to the camera while they are watching the match in Mamak.
  3. I will buy my mom a new washing machine, refrigerator and bed as all these appliances are older than me.
  4. I will give my father a million dollar and ask him to treat his frens and relative for expensive dinner since he like to show off a lot ( DAD, i hope you r not reading this)
  5. I will advise my youngest brother - Ah Guan to quit school and live under my roof since he always replied with this whenever my mom ask him to study hard to get into the Uni.
  6. I will surely treat all my friends who has been reading this post to a free trip. Not to Scotland, New Zealand or even Thailand, but I meant DREAMLAND where u all get to dream like what i m doing now and be a billionaire yourself.
Is alright to dream. But is better to work hard to achieve your dream instead of dreaming yourself working hard.

Monday, December 17, 2007

If you wan to blog, then u must first......

You might have notice that my skin is change yet again.
Not that I want it to happened but some minor problem occurred and I decided to use the template that blogspot provided.

Okay, I know I am not the best person to give tips on blogging but I JUST RUN OUT OF THINGS TO BLOG ABOUT so please dun get all stressed up when u read this entry.

If you think you blog hell lot better than me, and my post simply bored u then just skip this page and go YouTube to watch ur favorite short clips.

So here are few tips on how to blog better than Mr-Owner-Of-This-Boring-Blog.

Never blog if your English is as bad as Yap Kah Ming.

If you have the habit of using lots of la, ehmm, yeah and often check dicktionary.... ehmm no, wait i check for the spelling first.... ahhh dictionary then u better quit blogging now.

Never blog if you only know how to turn your PC on and OFF and Restart and use Bitcomet to Download Songs

Well you might add in that u noe how to check ur mail, watch replay of football match online. But the bottomline if u dunno how to get ur own blogskin and have to resolved to those provided by BLOGSPOT, then u fall into the category of computer NOOB, dun tell me u are so NOOB that u dun even noe the meaning of NOOB?!?!!?
Never blog if other blogger in your link is blogging a lot better than u

Thats the reason why i have so few link in my friends list.
Make your blog as hilarious as possible

Yes, you dun make your entry sounds so serious like u r givin speech on some1's funeral. You have to make it as absurd as possible, better yet if u make yourself as the lead in ur story. Making sad story is a big NO NO.
Put at least 5 pictures in your entry

Preferably pretty looking guys or gals. Or you doing silly monkey face works well too.

IF you dunno follow this simple tips then i can 100% confirm guaranteed no one will wan to visit ur blog

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I m so bored!

I m so bored!

I even started to get bored with saying I m so bored!

That must be the worst paradoxical statement of the century!

I feel myself dying bit by bit everyday. Is like i'm slowly taking steps to my own grave in the most dull cemetery around. But knowing that I'm still so young and so many things that I haven't achieve makes my slow death even more miserable. Yet i dunno what is the really ultimate achievement that will really satisfy me like no others.

Walao...... Very emo now, maybe is because of this song i just heard:

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Y still wanna stay here woh?

Below is the situation I encountered a lot whenever I meet friends that came back for holiday studying oversea.

ME: Long time no see woh. AN ZHUOI( What's up in Hokkien)

XX: Not too bad la, you know la holiday now ma, relax lo.

ME: U gonna graduate in 1 year time right? Then how? Gonna further study some more?

XX: Nola, enuff oledi. Maybe stay there for a while and see can get a decent job anot lo.

ME: Huh? Y don wan to come back and work here woh?

XX: Y wanna come back leh? I can earn more over there, chicks are hotter( if XX is a boy la) there are a lot of beefy hunks {if XX is a girl}

ME: ......

XX: Malaysia oledi hopeless. Cannot develop anymore dee. This is as far it can go and it will forever remains in this level.

ME: Say hu? Malaysia now very geng la, got astronaut some more leh. Same level with US and Russia oledi.

XX: Ahem. If paying millions of dollar just to go on a trip to the space while sharing the delicacy makes you an ASTRONAUT, so be it la.

ME: .... Eh Malaysia is a harmony country, no riot ma. Safe place to stay.

XX: Of coz don't have la. You start talking about your rights, then people will say: EHH alamak, sensitive ni. You start discussing bout the problem face by some races community, some might say: EHH bodoh, you wan the whole MAY 15 thingy happen again ya? At that very instant you mention MAY 15, that person hu previously mentioned it before you will go: ISA, lokap dia cepat cepat. Ini issue sensitive.

XX: So in the end, everyone keep quiet la. Usually no noises symbolized no problem, but you dare to tell me you face no difficulties at all?

ME: Wow, you know a lot more than me who has been staying in Malaysia all the time.

XX: You are only being told by what the government think you should know. The media transparency here is really really bad.

ME: Then how you know things that I dunno?

XX: I got Al-Jazeera, channel 513 on Astro if you really wanna know. HAHA

ME: .......


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Queen N Nirvana

As you turn on your radio listening to your favorite channel, have you ever come across the feeling of suddenly hating a song that you enjoy listening to very much lately?

Well, I alway have this feeling. I guess it has everything to do with the fact that some of the songs played on the radio has been play for not less than 10 times in a day.

So once a while, I will turn on my own play list and listen to some of the old yet beautifully crafted songs, songs that you once enjoy listening to a lot till you get tired of it, songs that you enjoy listening to because it tells something that you actually feel connected to in a way.

It also brings out a nostalgic feeling hidden within your body, is like you have been waiting for it for so long yet you somehow forget bout it. Talk about contradicting and ironic.

When I was listening to Nirvana again few months back, I suddenly feel that I understand how Kurt Cobain feels. His voice singing to the lyrics he wrote, everything seems to perfect and in harmony with the guitar strumming.

And I feel exactly the same thing when I listened to Queen's album today. I can feel the joy in their song, their passion behind it. They are not worried about their record not selling 2 million copies, they just did what they they do the best which is to bring wonderful music to the world.

People will call me hypocrite because I can easily sing out any tunes that is currently playing like mad on radio, tunes that people consider are HOT now. But they are just not the same anymore, is like these songs doesn't make you think as how I would whenever I listen to Led Zep or Queen.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Right, today I shall talk about Right.

Why Right? Why not Left? Why not even forward or backward?

I shall leave the other directions for other days because it feel right to talk about Right today.

Right can be define as:
  • An abstract idea of that which is due to a person or governmental body by law or tradition or nature.
  • Anything in accord with principles of justice.
  • Opposite of left.
Have you notice how badly the Malaysia government wants the people to know that Malaysia is a democratic country with rich multiracial background? Have you notice that the government always advise the people not to differentiate by races, ie: 我是华人,saya Melayu, I'm Indian (sorry I dunno how to type in Tamil and most Indian can speak fluent English).

Instead we are encouraged to call ourself: Anak Malaysia.

But are we really treated equally? Before u move your mouse pointer to click close on this page, please think about it seriously for a minute. I'm sure you know the answer if you really did as I told. Keep the answer to yourself though, you shall not, I mean, NEVER try to speak how you feel about it openly because this is how democracy works, at least it is over here in Malaysia. You don't want people from ISA come knocking on your doorstep.

If, I say If la, you really never ever face any unfairness say because U R NOT a particular race. Then just do some thinking exercise after you finish reading this post.


2 or 3 days ago, there was a big picture showing a new beautiful new school buildings in the first page of one particular newspaper. Inset beside the big picture was another picture of the old school building which look like aftermath of September 11 and the Aceh Tsunami tragedy.

Those new school buildings belong to a Chinese primary. According to some member of MCA who was being interviewed by the media: This is the result for the work of MCA who stand up and fight for the right of Chinese community and MCA will continue to work harder and fight for the people's rights................ Sounds alright to you and me, right? Not really.

  1. What is the basic right that the people should have?
  2. Why do we have to fight to get something?
  3. So who fault is it we didn't get what we should have?
  4. So u still think that the government is being fair?
  5. Do you know the reason why there has been so much news about MCA works on the paper?
My Answer:
  1. It should be things like education, health and etc.
  2. We fight to get something because we know it is important to us yet we are not getting it.
  3. I would say is the government policy's fault. I'm not blaming on any particular individual because the policy wasn't done by 1 single person. We will not need to fight for our right if we get what we should have been given, the person who took away our right is the same person who promise to give us.
  4. Yes, if only unfair is the new fair.
  5. Because is that time again, you will soon see a lot of picture of Dato, Dr, Tan Sri on street and the lamp post. Is the most important date for all politician. Is time for ELECTION again.

Do me a favor please, forward this page to any racist around you and after that,try to think hard:

What causes them to be so unfriendly toward another race?