Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is almost there

Yes, just another 2 paper to go. Another 6 hours of vigorously writing, maniacally pressing on calculator, and i'll be free.

I miss you, KL.

And of coz, u, nice food.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Love is in the air!

I think I'm in love, I'm sure I'm in love

I know it is not right but sometimes your heart just triumph over your brain.

I was told polygamous is not legal here in Malaysia but then I really like every single of it

What I meant was all the Be@rbrick in display.

Man, I know i'm all grown-up guy but i think they are really cute!!!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Purpose of Life

Ever wonder why we live?

Ask a man who have God in his life, and he will tell you about is to learn God, live God and practice God.

Ask a man who have nothing in his life, and he will answer you that the purpose in his life is to hope to have something tomorrow.

Ask a man who hate everything in his life, and he will answer he live to hate.

Ask a man who have no clue in his life, and he will surely tell you he have no idea to that question.

Ask a man who have everything in his life, and he will answer you that the next thing he want is to live longer than anyone else.

Ask a man like me, and I will answer you that man live in this world to hurt each other and the rest of the living being.

Look around you, rich people build their wealth by exploiting the poor and take advantage of the not so lucky individual. Poor man who want to get rich and live easy will steal, rob, kill to achieve their target. All business in the world are resource consuming and further deplete our Earth. We feed on other living things, we work hard to earn more money and in 50-60 years time we will all die.

Lol, damn emo right? Nola, trust me, is just me doing some thinking.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

KM =/= blood donor

After dodging it for so many years, i finally decided to give blood donating a try. I thought I will be might afraid of the whole thing but it turn out that I got balls,gigantic 1 some more I m a lot braver than i thought.......

Everything went well, I even convinced the nurse who take my blood pressure reading I'm not having flu but just morning sneezes.......

Less than 10 minutes later.....

The whole thing was foiled because I have a weak body.

I only managed to pump out 200cc of blood, which is only half of the total that i should be donating. I started to feel dizzy and I see star around me, literally. The medical personnel saw that I have this almost-knocked-out-boxer looks, and straight away stop the blood donating process.

I was immediately treated with Glucose drink, paiseh........

LOL, there I was hoping that by donating blood, I can kill 2 birds with one stone.

1. I can contribute to replenish the blood storage in the blood bank.
2. From a yet to be proven source, people tend to gain weight after they donate blood.

But at the very least, now I know that my blood type is A+. LOL.