Friday, March 27, 2009


Anyone who had met me before can easily notice that I'm not good looking I'm a bit ugly la. But that is okay because I never intend to make people sick by acting lovey-dovey with a pretty gal in front of everyone.

Lately, I met a couple in campus on countless occasion, and I must say I'm getting quite turn off by what I saw. Okay la, is not they are having french kiss and groping each other to Mariah Carey's Touch My Body. But I dun feel well whenever I saw this couple hanging out together. I'm sure there are occasion in your life, when you saw a couple and instantly u feel that they are just perfect for each other. In my situation, is the total opposite.

The guy is average looking, but the gal is just way below average. I noe it is not okay super duper wrong to make harsh remark on one's appearances. BUT this is my blog, I do whatever i wan, muuahahahha! Seriously though, I think the guy is one hell of a tough guy to be able to be romantically attracted to that gal and look her in the eye with love.

BTW, it seems that the theory of ugly boy get pretty gal and pretty boy with ugly gal is still very much validated. WOW, I will surely get score of the prettiest gal!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Just wasn't born to be good at it

I always thought that the reason for me not doing well in assessment is fairly simple: god hate me and dun wan me to do well I was lazy.

Then after working a little bit harder, it all sorta make sense. I'm born not to do well academically. Since god suppose to be creation of Man, so my theory of god hating me can't be more right then? Okay, cut all that craps.

Here's a more sensible way to analyze:

1. Mom give birth to me, of coz before that involved process of Mom and Dad doing something la.

2. Then as I grew up, they sort of expect me to do well in school.

3. When I was 13/14/15/16 in my secondary school period, I found out that Mom and Dad have not done quite well during their time in school.

4. I'm 100% product of my Mom and Dad, so genetically they passed down their gene of Not-Doing-Well-In-Test to me.

5. I have been feeling guilty for not working hard enough for my parent and it turn out I felt guilty for something that is not even my fault?!?!?!

Conclusion: I'm was not born to be good academically, just like Chris Brown was not born to be liked by my brother. GO figure.

This was posted to tell you how bad I did in my test, and not really to blame my parents, but of course both of them should voluntary claim responsibility for the cause.