Saturday, June 23, 2007

OMGWTFBBQ!?!?! omg wtf bbq!?!

My friend ask me to blog everyday till I take the flight and leave to Sarawak. SO i decided to just drop by now and say thanks to him. I never noe that u read my entry too because u never leave any comments at all.

Firstly OMG is for the last time I went for dental check up. 2001, walaoleh 6 years ago no wonder i always have bad breath and talk nonsense la. The dentist say i have sensitive gums and start giving me scaling(means cleaning ur teeths la).

Then the WTF comes in. Suddenly the dentist ask eh u ok anot? Y ur face so pale and ur lips turn white leh. Then only i realize that i feel dizzy and everything i see have green shadows. WTF? I always afraid of paying to the dentist but i thought now that im 20 i m so much tougher and braver. But i m wrong, and i m stupid and i still have that phobia. But in the end I still get the scaling and filling done. :p

As for the BBQ, i just put it there for fun haha.... FUN meh u ask? is my blog ok? Most importantly I m happy mah.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

All Good Things Has Their's End

Time fly past so fast that sometime you wonder y am I still spending time blogging? If I'm not wrong, i have been teaching for 5 months. I gained many lots of happy experience and I'll remember it for the rest of my life. The most important thing I learned from the students is to SPEAK YOUR MIND.

Do you remember the time when u r still tiny small and doesn't have to drive in those annoying jam around town? Those happy moment where u can speak anything u feel or think? Back then every1 seems to be so nice and dun hold grudges. As u grow older, u start to understand that the world is full of different characteristic individuals and you have to choose your words wisely. Because same phrase make up from same word sounds different to each people. Then u start to become a little more quiet and soon before long you end up like me these days doesn't speak much unless to very very close individual.

Oh, I will be going to Sarawak to further my study. Y not Australia? Y not US? Y not around KL 1? The answer for the first 2 is i can't afford, the answer for the last Q is because I have not done well in my STPM so I can only get uni with lower requirement loh. I m doing Civil Engineering and it will take 4 years to complete. Not much people with miss me la, but I believe I will miss a lot of things. So i briefly list a bit of them :

1. Jamming with the Dwn
2. Futsal with ex-schoolmate
3. Holding the guitar and pretending to be Jimi Hendrix
4. Nagging from my mom(ironically I always wish she can just keep quiet)
5. You who is reading my blog

Another list on what i wish:
1. Nice uni-mate
2. Meet pretty and rich Sarawak gal
3. My guitar is with me
4. Learn how to take care of myself well and make my mom eat her words ha

Here is the picture of the students of class 1H, the class which i teach for 13 periods each week.

There are 6 malay students in the class?!?! Wrong. There are 7 of them. 1 was absent.

Ngehh ngehhh... Do we have the looks to be the future "Tai Kor"?

I dun even noe the name of the gal in the center because she move into the class just yesterday ha.

See... same V pose. And i m not joking when i say i m the tiniest in the class.

Rmb their faces. For this is the face of bad bad bad boy.

Y the gal close her mouth like that? Becoz she lost lots of her front teeth. (Woi, changing la... not lost)

Monitor and his assistant. People get first in the class leh. I think he noe more chinese words than Soo Ming haha.

They can really laugh their heart out.

Notice the 2 guy button all the way up their neck! I used to do that too.

Battery running low so squenze in more people in 1 take haha. All 4 of them is students that all teacher like. Hardworking yet not annoying haha

I say gal y look away? this is gonna be the last time u look at me leh

They always ask me tonnes of questions that sometime too hard to answer

I have to take their picture because every1 get to. (really that reluctant meh? haha joking only la)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Paris, I love you! But do you love yourself?!?

IF you don't know hu Paris Hilton is then you might be living in the jungle for the past few years or you simply just dun enjoy ur stay at 1 of the Hilton hotel and hence hold grudge toward them. U turn on ur tv, u see story about Paris. U flip ur newspaper, u will read story about Paris. U enjoy listening to radio on ur car, u will heard news about Paris too. They cover it in Chinese, English, Malay and even Tamil. As much as i like Paris, i started to get bored with it.

I never feel ashamed or denial that i like Paris before. She is not the most beautiful or the hottest bombshell around but she sure has some very alluring aura that makes me wan to like her ha. Believe it anot? I think there are thousand out there hu feel the same thing about her ha. But as a normal behaving human being, i think giving her the jailing sentence is simply the best thing that can happen to her. Y?? Becoz she really did something stupid and endanger the life of others so she should get some lessons.

To none of my surprise, the news of her leaving jail just days after she was put into it has enraged thousand of peoples. Below here is just part of a quote from some internet newspaper source which i visit daily :

The women inside the jail are seething. They say if you’re a rich white girl you get special treatment.

“They are furious that while Paris had her own special cell with a panic button, was given better food and was kept away from the general population, she was still released early.

“There are girls in here with cancer, TB, and with MRSA. They aren’t allowed to go home and are treated by prison medical staff.

“The prisoners think if you’re rich and pretend you’re sick you can get away with murder.

“Many of the girls have been locked down in their cells all day because they are so furious. The jail is full of screams about Paris.

So my best advise to Paris is u better behave urself and spend the short duration in jail quietly. Is hell lot better than to get bury with lots of sand on top of ur coffin after u stupidly drink and drive action. Or to haunt by the same nightmare of the person hu u kill every night in ur sleep. Put it simple, please love yourself. Dun regret it when the damage is already done.