Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I dun do it on time because IS NOT GOOD

Why doing last minute work seems to be the more trendy way to do things?

· Of this 2 words – PROCRASTINATE and ON TIME, which one sounds more fierce, sophisticated and cool?

· People were told that one perform better when under stress, what can be more stressful than rushing last minute work, hence you perform best when u doing it late.

· Being on time is so boring and not fun.

· Because everyone is doing it, duh is a trend wut.

· Only nerd finish their assignment way before the cool guy, I dun wan to be a nerd so I aim to finish it last.

With these much marvelous reason, how can you not like doing last minute work?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Give & Take

Everyone needs something. And they will take whenever their needs occurred. So is safe to say that there are enormous demands in the world. But is the supply sufficient? How many people out there who are taking will be just as willingly to give?

Is funny to see how people around me only care for themselves and nothing else above it. It is less funny when I have to stick with this bunch of people for another 3 years.

I come across far too many people that only take and never give, people who had never COMPROMISED before. People who thought they can continue making progress so long as they keep taking more and more.

But of course there are people who are giving without seeking any return. This is a noble thing to do but not healthy way to live. Our needs are the driving force of our life, by taking we actually have more to give. I see people who give unselfishly only to end up with nothing more in his life to give and came to a sad end. These will surely demotivate the already stingy crowd from learning to give.

So the next time you want something but you aren’t getting it, try not to blame the others for not giving. Ask yourself where was the last time you gave something?

sorry if i confused u. hope no harm is done.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Lol , I never understand why Xiong always say that I'm emo. He can't actually tell me what emo exactly is.

Things that I remember having a lot for this few days were lunch, milk and rain. Oh yeah, and tonnes of Oreo too. The rain here can just start without giving you the chance to close your window.

Being the spontaneous blogger again, I decided to post some piccis of my room. My bed is situated beside the window. YEEHAH, is a lot windier than b4.

Gotta be my more preference bed sheet and pillow case.
(this is the second time i upload it on my blog, haha)

Books and laptop = work hard, play ever harder
(i swore that i never put the books purposely on the table)

My closet/wardrobe/cupboard/almari?!?!
(i only realized that i bring too many collar shirt and too few round neck 1)

The view from my window.
(I even took the time to do some improvisation and make it a place for my laundry)

Many thanks to my brother who help me to upload the piccis as I m having trouble with it. Love ya.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I understand fully that people only have resolution during New Year but I guess no one is going to to argue that I just have New Year in my uni, u noe from 1st year to 2nd year.

All of you are witnessing or to be more accurately, reading a history in the making. I am having my very first resolution. Do resolution have plural form? If yes, then i should use resolutions.

Kah Ming's Very-Ordinary-Yet-Hard-To-Achieved-Resolution
  1. Cut down on gaming and drama watching.
  2. Sleep early and wake up later.
  3. Eat more and work less so that I can gain more weight.
  4. Stop calling some of course-mate SLOW.
  5. Make more friends instead of enemy.
I could have listed more but the rest seems to be too easy and proved no challenge so I might as well save it for myself.

p.s: I intent to upload picture for my previous post but the connection is not good so somehow I failed. That's it, I failed to do so la.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Week of endless Registering

Is the registration week again, when we as the student have to register ourselves, is sort of attendance taking cept that you have to do it urself online and the damn system is so bloody lousy that u can't actually succeed. And if you failed to do so before the deadline, you will have to pay 50 bucks as penalty. Think is simple? Better think again.

You wake up early and found out that about 80 people are earlier than you. So with the feeling of frustration, you get the ticket that show you are actually behind 104 peoples. The bloody ticket even says : Sila tunggu sebentar, kami akan berkhidmat untuk anda sekejap lagi. Which translate to English: You are late moron, you going have to wait 2 hours at least because we only have 2 counters open when we can actually have 4.

After you paid the penalty which is a bloody scam to make u lost 50 bucks, you will have to go to another department, and get number again, ehmm wat else? Ahhh you will have to wait again for your turn to submit the receipt which shows you are A stupid fools that have extra 50 bucks to spend.

So the next day, you finally get to register to the course that you are taking this semester, and once again you have to wait because there are only 3 computer on in a computer lab that has 60 brand new computer. Maybe they have brand new casing only, because they dun seems to be functioning.

NOW let's move on to something happier. Went out to get Oreo supply for myself and to have nice lunch to celebrate 21st birthday of Alex, being the bday boy I decided to save him from posting candid picture take of him.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back to the life of a student

After living 8 weeks away from Sarawak, I'm back here again. Hopefully for better and not worst.

I'm blogging directly from my dormitory. My hope of gaining weight has crumble as now I stay the highest level of the dormitory. I have to climb even more stairs than b4. In case u r wondering, it is 3rd floor lo.

I m happy that I m going to have class soon, it may sounds unbelievable but I did hope that my holiday end so that i can have classes again. Why wouldn't you feel that way if you are being commented as follow:

JiuFu (brother of mom) : Eh, you come out again to have free lunch and all ya? (when he saw me in the office)

Mom : Lazy ass, 2 months holiday and yet you dun wan to get a job and earn some pocket money.

Dad : You wan to have supper mou? (lol, of coz la, hu will say no to supper)

Brothers : Talking to you prove stressful, you dun seems to noe when is the the right time to be serious or to be funny.

Denise (LFC) : Wan to watch Made of Honor?

Ex-classmates : You make a lot of verbal complain la.

So now you know why I wan to get away from it all. LOL. Ironically, i m so going to miss you all.