Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm sorry that I joke at the wrong time

I tend to blog more when I have free time or in the state of emo. In today case, I'm just too free.

I did nothing except thinking bout you, a lot.

I'm starting to wonder should I pick up ballet to fill my free time? Oh my god, I did it again. I have this ability to crap and have really ridiculous random idea buzzing out of my mind whenever I'm not using my brain to recall what I'm forgetting.I can never forget you, hence I never even bother to try doing so.

I developed this skill of turning any serious conversation to a mind blowing, heart stopping session of nonsense talking. I'm sure some people do enjoy this 'gifted ability' of mine, unfortunately, I have pissed off more people with it. I'm dying to hear your laughter here.

I don't know what's keep me going on behaving this way, maybe I'm a born joker or I'm just born with this personality of can't stay serious. Or maybe I just dunno how to talk, and hence I can only crap? Oh, and you know that my singing aren't that bad.

Shoot, I have not even touch on the real subject behind this entry. I know that I do this a lot but I am apologizing now to whoever that have experienced the following situation when they talk to me.

Sorry, again. I know I should not make stupid lame joke when I'm talking to you when you are having problem and need someone to hear you out.

I should have keep my mouth shut instead of mocking or talk in sarcastic manner when you are already in raging mood.

I should have offer you comforting words instead of going on and on about that funny little incident I came across today or 2 weeks back.

I hope you do understand that I dun mean to be rude or disrespect, but this is the only way I can think of to cheer you up a bit, I'm sorry if that back fire. I still love and care for you, a lot.
I know I should leave you alone, but I m learning to do so one step at a time.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

+ 5 pound

I'm embarrassed by theses remarks people gave me:
  • You're too thin
  • You should gain some weight
  • You'll look better if you pile up another 5 pound
  • You need some love, go get a girl friend
Okay la, the last point was make up by me, no one is KIND enough to tell me that.

I m actually envious of people whose weight fluctuate according to how much they eat or starve themselves. It means they have more control of their life than I ever have. No pun intended here.

I tried eating more, sleep right after supper, not exercising, and all fail to make me gain extra pound, not even one extra. Lol.

As bad as and as much as I want to make myself look bulkier and beefy, it will be easier for me to score a GPA of 3.7 and above than to actually be heavier.

So for the first time ever in Random Creep's playground, I m actually daring myself. I will try both to gain weight and to score GPA of at least 3.7 and then I shall make a conclusion on which is harder to achieve.

But before I start, knowing fully well of myself, I m expecting myself to only be able to be succeed in one of the 2 challenge. So if you see me looking still very skinny, it means that I have a GPA score of 3.7 ; and if you see me looking a lot fatter, then you should very well know that my academic result is going to be the usual stuff I got all my life.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


用崇拜的眼神看着身边的朋友可以轻易地从一段感情move on去另一段,完完全全的忘记了之前的恋人。




人说:自己坐在最爱的人的身边,她却不懂你的心意。我问:就算她懂又怎样? 如果她不明白,你起码可以自我安慰,自我猜测;也好过落得被现实一巴巴的掌掴下来。



Saturday, August 22, 2009


Just thought of sharing a bit of Bearbrick collection picture taken, and I wan to pump my blog post amount a bit.

Shame on you, even the bear know how to wear a mask while he is not feeling well. Noticed how the 1 with the mask have his eye gawked at the 1 beside hu is coughing with his mouth wide open, the Chinese word on the forehead reads KILL. It means u r killing people when u do that.

People come, people go, lol

Was in KLIA on friday night to bid farewell to my sissy cousin, wasn't feeling so well but still came up with this candid shot of us 5 talking on the phone, can you tell hu is really on the phone and hu is faking it like real pro?
[from left]Sissy Sean, LFC, SM, Spoiler GM, yours truly.

Wish you have a wonderful life there, Sean, and no worries bout ur sister, I will not disturb her so long as she dun start it first. Hahaha.

Then next day, went out with Miss Quek, Miss Lee and Miss Chong. Due to complication, some of them wan to remain anonymous, and their picture not to be shown here. One's behavior can be tell by looking at what they drink.
Miss Lee ordered 7 UP revive, weird leh?

Miss Quek was having some coffee with ice and roti bakar, wei, thought u say u r getting fatter?

I can't remember what Miss Chong have, but that's okay because she is forgettable like her drink, Lol. Just joking.

I only have bottled water bought from pharmacy. Lol.

With Miss Quek coming back, is time for me to go back Sarawak and prepare for my mid term. Lol

Thursday, August 20, 2009





A 很想很想快樂得大聲笑,但B卻只能看見未來的傷悲和失望。





Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Purposely came back and catch Eason Chen's concert and it was a decision well made. I have not make lot of wise decision throughout my life but this is one that I make myself pround. The concert was totally awesome, I never had sex before but I guess is safe to say that Eason's concert is better than it.

I have 2 extra tickets, and after asking around, 2 very lucky fren of ours decided to join us for the concert. U say lucky anot la, we drive them there, drive them back, no need to pay for ticket and some more blow water 9 9 with them.

If there was any complain, it will be the concert is a bit too short, although it actually lasted 3 hours but there are still at least a good 7 or 8 of Eason famous hits was not performed. I like the way he laugh at his own funny talks and he can dance better now. Good thing he ditch Architect and opted for a singing career instead.

Oh and there was firework as the concert end, CHUN. Is even better than those during new year eve.

Hu did it better?!?

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Dwn

Lately, I'm missing something. Well, actually I always miss something in everything. The miss here as in short off/ not present , no pun intended.

Missing motivation during revision period.

Missing perseverance when learning something tough.

Missing chances to make new friend for being so reserve all the time.

Missing judgment in DotA game which in turn leads to me feeding.

Missing family and friends when I can't sleep.

Missing all the jamming session with the Dwn.

The last one was the reason I have this post, I just went through about 10 songs we used to jam together and play acting like we're the rock star back then. It was pure fun, retard and music. Okay, we need to clear something up. I was having fun while singing out of pitch, Eong Xien was all about having all sort of guitar faces, SM and Xiong, well are just plain retard in the jam room. Haha, just joking, u guys are amazing.

I m pretty sure Xiong will only miss the McD after the jamming session. Just case any of you are wondering, I still sing and play guitar stinkily, but I'm loving it like nobody's business. Feel free to make any request of me performing in your birthday bash, company dinner or even divorce party. Haha.

Friday, August 7, 2009

R u SAD?

According to Kenny Sia, the term SAD = single and desperate. Haha, well-said. I guess when you are single and desperate, u ought to feel sad, and when u r sad, u try to get rid of the sadness by doing something, such as getting in a relationship.

Lately, I noticed there are a few very desperate individual emerged around me. Some of their action make me laugh, while others make me puke.

For example, take YR (short for his nickname) here, just 2 months ago, he was thinking hard of an excuse to dump his girl friend of 3 months. And now he is multi text-messaging, approaching freshie in the uni all in the name of getting a new girl friend.

I have been wanting to ask YR what's the point of getting one when he will ultimately get tired of her in 3 or 4 months time and dump her then, but I know he will not answer me maturely because he is never a mature fellow anyway.

Then, there's DL (short for his nickname too, what to do friend very sensitive ma) on another corner. DL has evolved from i-have-never-been-in-any-rlship-guy to die-die-also-must-have-a-gf-dude. DL has been really a dreamer for all his life, he is a good fellow but just a bit too unrealistic. Maybe after months of me nagging him, he finally come to his own sense that every1 has flaws.

Here by, I end this post by wishing DL good luck and hope he will stay the way he have been for he is really good in the way he is now and he should not change a tiny bit in order to score a chick. In case u have not noticed, I m not going to give my blessing to YR. :p Cheers, mate.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

trust me, okay?

Yeah, I dunno why my face just got so much darker. Any product to recommend?

This is the reply picture to Jimui's post.

I know is hard to please everyone, but sometime pleasing just one person can be just as tiring, if not tougher.

Human are lusted with greed, some have greater than the rest, while others might have just a little of it. You started to be nice with someone, then they expect you to be nicer, after that they demand you to treat him better and finally thought that they deserved the best treatment from you because they think they are special and all crap.

They make u feel guilty by making remark like you never treat them well enough, once a while they even come up with comment like you have not be sincere in friendship with them. They victimized themselves by claiming you making friend with them only to gain something or take advantage of them. They make ur day feel like shit because you know well that you treat every single of your friend equally.

They might think they are unique in someway and hence they required more attention and perhaps more love?!

What I wan to say is this is not the first time you do it, this is not the first time you have doubt our friendship, and I'm dead sure that it will not be your last. As I have said before, my stand have never change since I know you from day one. You are a good friend, a great friend to have, sometime even put me to shame with the effort you put in to make our friendship bond stronger. But just like every other relationship, you need trust to make it works. If you failed to trust me, then our friendship are doom to an unhappy end.

U seriously have no idea that how much you hurt me with your messages and false accusation.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Konichiwa, this is KM reporting in. Lol, just wan to camwhore and SS for a bit. Wan to prove to my jimui- KhaiLin that I also noe how to cam whore 1. Just that I know when to do it and control it nicely. Noticed how big is my nose? That is because my eyes are relatively small and hence the nose looks monsterously huge. Lol.

I think I m addicted to chatting on phone lately, have been talking on the phone quite a lot. Hope family will not get mad when they received my phone bill.