Saturday, February 23, 2008


The title above is the most suitable word to describe the condition of my beloved blog. LOL.

Of coz me being myself again, I will not be fully responsible for letting my blog to be in such a lousy state.

Is not about me being lazy, but the connection in the library is so bad that you rather stay at ur room and do nothing than to get connected in the library and get nothing done.

And most of the port here in library is like Russell Crowe having PMS, so obnoxious and unpredictable at the same time. Port that can be use yesterday somehow fail today.

This is normally how my one fine day progress when I decided to online at the library.

Yeah, bring and shine. Good day to try my luck in the library. I even go there early so that i can come back just as early.
Frustration level : ~

Switch my position twice but still yet to connect to Internet after 15 time of trying.
Frustration level : **

Finally get connected but I'm like in a rock concert with tonnes of people around my laptop fighting for that limited connectivity. And 1 single website required whole minute to load. WTF?
Frustration level : ***

After 3 hours of frustration and swearing, i had enough and decided to go back my to my room only to know that is raining outside and i have no umbrella.
Frustration level : *****

U say la, u tulan anot?

P.s Weather here was awesome, my friends who went back for CNY holiday return complaining about their experience of almost dehydrated in their own living room. HAHA

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Do you remember that show about a kid who was at home alone and he have to set up his own trap and use all kind of gadget to fight off the burglars and thus the show was named Home Alone?

I’m feeling like that kid now, being at the apartment alone cept that I have no worries bout burglar (unless you consider maggi mee is really valuable and you have to lock them up in your own drawer, oh wait a minute… my housemate do behave that way, what an idiot! As if any of us have to resort to his Maggi Mee). SO you see that is nothing in the house that worth stealing and if burglar do really want to break in, you think I have the brain to set up trap by using newspaper and chopstick???

Being alone at home doesn’t mean all bad news, at least I get to hang my laundry wherever I like and dun have to fight for it. Furthermore, I can shout FEI TOI for gazillion time yet my roommate is not around to shut me up. (And no, he is not fat.)

BTW, I think most of you know I play guitar right? And back when I was bored or too free, I will always toy with my wives and mistress.

Unfortunately, I never bring any of them over. (I bet they are getting so horny and hoping I will come back and give them a rub a strum)

Fortunately, my friends decided to get guitar over here and they ask me to teach them. Well you know the story of young boy dream of being somebody famous and give up half-way, so now I’m the one who touch play the guitar.

Here is how that ugly bitch guitar look like:

And people actually told me: things always get better when they come in double. (Hell NO!)

What is worst than Cameron Diaz without makeup?

Answer: 2 Cameron Diaz without makeup, duh.

Ahhhhhhh, the action is so high that I have difficulty playing barred chord. DAMN!