Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Be strong, Be strong now!

I know I'm like 2 weeks behind everyone else in the world, but still I wan to shout it loud here: Be strong!

This is dedicated to the survivors of the natural disasters in both Myanmar and China, you are unlucky to be strike with such tragedy but you are lucky to have survived it and get to watch the sun rise and sun set again.

Is true that you have to face more problem than the dead, the pain of seeing your loved one body was carried away, the pain that inflicted when the medical team removed parts of your disfunction body, the pain of watching so many young children buried under piles of bricks and stones.

But you must stay strong, you must stay that way for many years to come because it will take years for you and other survivors to stand up on your own feet on the ground that you will then called home once again.

And for those people who make comments about this is the price we human have to pay for the crime against earth, screwed you!!
How come only the chinese and Myanmar need to be punished then?

They are not the worst bunch of human being, those hu shall be burn in hell are those involved in all the school project around the district of SzeChuan. I can build a better matchstick house than those so called SCHOOL BUILDING which crumbled and took so many innocent life away. The death toll can be halved if these problem is taken care of before hand.

Once again, be strong!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


We normally shouted Arggghhhh in 2 situation:

  • When we actually feeling pain
  • When we are frustrated and going berserk seems to be the right thing to do at that moment

Today was suppose to go down as the day I have some of my best Futsal moment but it was spoiled. Spoil by my own stupidity, my wrong judgment at that split second.

I was trying to avoid the tackle from Big-Size-Yet-Agile Jason AKA FeiYan. I dodged him by jumping myself up into the air, BRAVO!

Not quiet, I landed heavily with wrong positioning of my leg and hurts my ankle in that split second. That was the moment i screamed: Arggghhhhh and rolled for 50 yards on the floor. (wei, the whole court is less than 40 yards leh)

That Not-Happy-Becoz-I-Dodged-His-Tackle FeiYan thought i was diving and asked: 你是真的受伤还是假的? (wooi, u crazy ya? i oledi pass thro u still dive for wat?)

That is chinese herb medicine, not blood ok?

Yesterday, I screamed "Arggghhhhhh" like caveman who found out his wife is cheating behind him in his very own home (or cave)

BECAUSE my Dynamics didn't score A.
I even scream now when i m typing this out. Arggghhhhhhhh

I better just rolled over and die now.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I hate 67 so I make it into the 68th post

I know I labeled quite a lot of people as YouTube freak. But they do deserved that LABEL because they just spend too much time on YouTube watching silly, little clips.

But i do learn something from a video on YouTube,



Thursday, May 15, 2008

Any1 can tell me who is this insanely hot girl is?

She has one of the most beautiful back i ever seen in my life, and i actually saw a lot of back before.

I just can't have enough of her, but sadly this is the only pictures I have.

Just take a look at that!

Any1 out there who know her name?!?!?!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thanks A Lot

I'm not sure why I bring this up, but I feel like thanking a few people right now. Maybe I have just suddenly turn into such a nice person or maybe i m just on the brink of going crazy, but whatever it is, these few individual does help me a lot.

Shirley - The seem younger but actually much elder senior of mine.

For lending me books and treating me when i actually scammed her to do so. (she know I'm a bastard and she still treat me anyway.)
And of course for your caring, most importantly the cough syrup that you gave me.
Thanks a lot. Siao Wei.

Sing Hui - The so called best friend of mine but actually........

For driving me to the class and doing quite a good job in our group assignment. ( it could be better though, but this is not the right time to complaint, haha)
Ohh, and thank you for bringing us to the delicious Pizza Hut and another not so nice pizza shop.

Jason - My roommate that steal my Kolot me and my kills in Dota

(Basically, you are here because it will be inappropriate if i leave you out.)
It was a joke, okay? I couldn't ask for a better roomie because you are the only 1 hu doesn't get angry and always gave the right respond to my jokes be it funny or not. But i do hope that you can drive a little bit more careful, for the safety of yours and the public.

Rachel - The pretty one hu need a bit more versatile in dressing

I might called you dumb and laugh at you all the time but i actually admire you for being so easy going and kind hearted. You are so much more than you actually think you are.

Thanks for being my ear and listen to me whining about my life.

Nick - The suddenly become my friend

It is kinda weird but you are the 1 hu show me socializing is fun. I actually wanted to make new friends now.
(But I will not bear with you complaining bout my blog background okay? i Love it alot.)

Khang Yee - IT seems that you are my only friend in the course

Well, for the above statement, you oledi earn the rights to be in the list. Hahaha

Sunday, May 11, 2008


As the title goes, is Mother's day and here I am sincerely wishing all mother to have a wonderful day.

Honestly speaking, I don't like mother's day for a bit. Not because I hate my mom, but because of not knowing what to get her for this so-called "special occasion". I'm not sure with other mother around, but my mother is those kind of person who look at price before beauty and coolness. If i get her something expensive that even my-hard-to-please-father think is awesome, she will still go berserk and scream the same old line whenever i spend money a little bit unwisely:

"You are not working, so you are not earning. Why do you spend so much money on something so unnecessary? I will rather you save those money up!"

But i think i did pretty well this year, I managed to gave her the best present she ever have. I think i pissed her off a lot less this year, haha how can a mother get a better gift than this? I didn't actually intent to gave her such present at all, but since i m staying at Sarawak for most of the time, so she will no longer be able to lectured me that frequent anymore. Haha

As much as I like the present, I did bought her lipsticks. And thank god, she love the color.

P.S: Never buy lipstick for your mom, if you mom are conservative and hates looking younger than her age do. (okok, this is just a joke)


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Help me out with the font thingy

Okay! I like my background and blog title background a lot but i m still having too much problem with the font thing. I wonder how can i always complaint bout my mom being totally hopeless is computering when me myself aren't actually any better than her!

So any1 hu is good with templates editing, free enough to teach me and not asking anything in return, PLEASE help me!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

KL is f***ing good

No! I'm have not just smoke some weeds.

I'm back at KL after spending for nearly 4 months in Samarahan, Sarawak. God it does feel good to be able to have pork for supper!!!!!

Things I must do in this holiday:

  • Turn my unattractive blog into something more pleasant looking
  • Get a hair cut { in fact i should do it right after i post this}
  • Meet up with ex-classmate, i miss the time of mingled around and basically make tonnes of thousand stupid comment and suggestion
  • Think of something else to do while slacking around

Not a interesting list i must admit. But please forgive me because i am still having jet lag! Damn, 1hour and 45 minutes is actually faster than driving from CHS to my house haha. Sorry!!