Tuesday, December 30, 2008

As I flipped through the paper today, a news report caught my attention. It wasn't about the on going war in Israel , it wasn't about the recession that is tearing down every nation's economy. Is a report on the peace gathering of a number of Islamic group in Penang demanding people not to question the special right of the Bumi ( i m so screwed that i forgoten the word for it in English), never to try to abolish ISA and so on.

Ask anyone around me, and they can always tell u that I am no racists so everything that I wrote here is based on rationality and not bias.

First off, FUCK THE SPECIAL RIGHT. It should have long abolished not because of the unfairness, but because of it doing more harm than good to the economy, unity of Malaysian and individual accomplishment.

The special right was introduced back then to help the Bumi who are staying at rural area, Bumi who are earning very little or not earning at all, Bumi that has disadvantages with those living in the city. This was how the colonizer wan our country to be back then, different races living in different area having completely different job.

The special right was then to offset the damage done by the previous colonizer. To bridge the gap between those living in city (which happen to be mostly Chinese) and those far away from it.

But now the whole SPECIAL RIGHT FOR BUMI (SRFB) is abused so that some small group of people can obtained unimaginable wealth. It is no secret but anyone who wan to bring it up will 100% held custody by ISA.

You guess it right! FUCK ISA too!

Instead of allowing Malaysian to decide what is good for the country, they choose to shut down any chances of a true unity to really exists in Malaysia. They see individual who want to teach people to be a wise citizen as threat to the country. They see individual who want fix the severely damaged country by breeding intelectual group as disturber of the fake peace. Let the people listen to the voice of true and decide themselves whether to agree or disagree with.

The government want us to live in harmony between races, yet they are double standard-ing the people. Multiple unfair advantage/ incentive is provided to Bumi but not for the rest. We are all born, breed, grow, and die in the same land - Malaysia. Yet how come some are calling the others as squatter? As defined by some stupid lousy dictionary - Someone who settles on land without right or title IS A SQUATTER. So having our whole family here, paying taxes, contributing to the development of the country somehow make us unlawful to stay here?!?!

You work ur ass out to find every possible way to discrete Bumi and the rest, and you wan us to live like a big family with no differences? How is that even possible? You labeled and tagged us since we are born and you come and tell us we are the same? (harm to the unity of Malaysian)

I m not saying that Bumi get where they are today becoz the G-O-V-E-R-N-M-E-N-T help them alot, and without the SRFB, they will all fall to the ground. There are thousands of millions Bumi out there who work just as hard, but their accomplishment are not agreed by everyone because of this stupid SRFB thing.

The non-Bumi will think that the successful Bumi is successful because the bloody government help them a lot and want them to be successful. (harm to individual accomplisment)

And how many time do we come across project that is half way abandoned, complete project that has more defect than working parts. Lousy investment using the people's money. This are all directly or indirectly link to SRFB. We can't afford to pay 15 ringgit for thing that is has value of 5 ringgit or less.

In case you dunno, our country is running out of money oledi.

P.S: Let more read this entry if you can, you are helping Malaysia to become a better place to live. And feel free to leave comment, anonymously if you afraid of the ISA knocking on your door.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Power in number?!?!

Spend the evening at my grandpa place. Was really bored till i notice something funny about this place. I should have figure it out long time ago, is not rocket science after all. A lot of thing in this 'Magical House' exists in multiple. Or perhaps something evil is behind it.....

This is gonna be a really enjoyable post for fans of Snoopy, Pooh and Garfield.

This is supposed to be a cupboard full of Cokes, but screwed my
lousy camera phone which always corrupt my picture.

Heard that Matchbox 20 disbanded? Or they just recruited
more members? (lame :p)

Don't believe that the house is enchanted? Even the
apple multiple themselves.

And you were wondering how come Garfield rarely shown on TV?
They decided to hang out together.

We are so cute! Who would not love us?Unless you like the
big booty down there hugging a jug of honey!

Did i heard some bitches barking?!

Still dun believe that my grandpa place is a magical place? Need further prove? Get ready for it.

WTF?!?! Kah Ming comforting Kah Ming?!?!
(That is one hell of lousy cut and paste work)

Friday, December 26, 2008

why Civil Engineering?!?!

Civil Engineer
The branch of engineering concerned with the design and construction of such public works as dams or bridges.

Why not doctor?
Because I can't stand blood and I might not be able to refrain myself from harassing all the sexy nurse.

Why not businessman?
Because I m such an integrity and honest man, and to have a succesful business, that is a big NONO.

Why not accountant?
Because my brother is on the way to become 1, I just dun wan to draw comparison between sibling. :p

Why not lawyer?
When was the last time u saw a successful chinese lawyer walking down the street?

Why not working?
Too lazy and I dun wan to stop getting allowances from parents. Haha

So there you have it, I choose civil engineering because there are no better option for me. LOL

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

worst than POO

I don't look like how I feel right now.

If i feel shitty, then at least I m looking like one.

I feel worst than shit, so much worst than shit that I dunno why I feel that way.

I tried to tell my fren about it and they dun really know what is wrong with me. How can I blame them when I barely know WTF is going on with me?

Is like I m having some kind of weird hormone injected into me, and emotionally I am tormented by it.

Can any1 just slap me in the face so that at least I feel the pain physically instead of emotionally breaking down.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Love that I hate you

Everyone must have some1 around them that they dislike and yet they have no choice but stuck with them?

We cannot choose our family member like how we do with friend. We can choose to hang out more with a friend that we fond of and stay away from individual that we dun enjoy being together with.

Sometime I just wan to tell my family member on thing that is seriously jeopardizing themselves, but is so much harder to so because I have to see them everyday, and thing can get really bad if they dun are offended by your remark.

But I just want to know that I do care about you, because I know that you are a really nice person but you can be even much better if you can work out with your flaw. Your flaw are actually the one that make yourself having a less joyful life, and it pains me to see that. And in return, you shall help me to deal with my flaw as well.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Confession of a Shopaholic

This is what I bought from the beginning of the Malaysia Saving Sales till now. I m not quite done yet but i'm all out of money to buy more. Should be able to get more things for myself, if I didn't spend for my brother and my cousin ( which i still hoping that he don't like the gift i bought him and give it back to me instead.)

I seriously need therapy to help me to get rid of the urge to shop. LMAO.

And whoever that said buy more to save more are just plain bull shitting. I buy quite a bit and I have not save any at all, could it be because I just haven buy enuff to actually save money?!?! Shit, Im so confused now.

Any1 wan to go for shopping but no1 is willing to go with them? Contact me please.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Worst thing to spend on

With recession on global economy coming on faster than my brother doing top speed in his car (FYI, is a pathetic 90km/h). I think everyone is worried on how shall the spend their money.

Unfortunately, I cannot give the miraculous suggestion on how to make more money, or triple their earning while doing minimum work.

Fortunately though, I noe just one thing that we shall not spend on.

Children education
Every year, hundred of billions is spend on education. We should ask ourselves : y we need to have education? Is simple, we want to have good job.

Why do we need a good job? Because we wan to earn a lot and be happy.

So obviously is really stupid to spend thousands of dollar to get a degree, but end up not getting a well-paid job OR you work your ass flat out only to found out that u barely make enuff to pay back on how much the parents have spend on you.

Parents might as well save the money and invest on estate (sounds pretty dumb with the bad economy going on but still so much more rational than investing on ur children future), give the children some pocket money and hope that recession will swipe past just like how Y2K has been.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

stop the PSP fever

I really hope that all PSP i saw in McDonald will turn
from this:

to this:

McDonald is a place for people to have burger, read free issue of the Sun, ask for refill every 20 minutes, do last minute revision and etc. McDonald is the place for almost anything but playing your PSP. Worst still, you r oledi in your mid twenties but still play the PSP like is the last thing on earth you are clinging on to before u die.

Get a life, enjoy the fries, chocked on the burger, stop polluting McDonald with ur lousy gaming activity. You can always go to KFC though. LOL.

And i shall end this post with a picture of me looking very dulan:

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I ain't good looking but I'm somone child

I finally found the way to solve the problem of me hating my picture. I should have figure it out long ago, it is really simple. I just dress up myself and instead of complaining bout how awful my expression is, I will just concentrate on how nice my cloths was.

I like this shirt so much that i actually pose with
stupid victory sign that i hated.
(too bad that my pants were not in the picture, they go really well with the shirt)

Forgive me please, I was partially drunk when I was toying with
the scarf.

Nothing feels better than cam-whoring in the fitting room.
(i bought this piece in the end)

There you have it, the best way to stop hating your picture is by learning to love it.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


What is the best thing to do if dun wan to do house work?

Answer: Hide in your room.

What is the best thing to do when you r hiding in your room so that you don't have to do any house work at all?

Answer: Watch video on you lappie.

What do you watch on you laptop while hiding in your room so that you don't have to do any house work?

Answer: TOP GEAR!!

Why do you watch TOP GEAR with your laptop in your room and hiding away from house work?

Answer: Is funny, involved expensive fast car with 3 hosts that will make you reignite your dream of becoming a TV host/ celebrity which you give up when you notice you r no longer cute.

So my dream job is to become the host of TOP GEAR, preferably to replace James May a.k.a captain Slow. Because I can pissed more people than he did with his slow driving.

It is the best job. Because I get to drive expensive fast car, bring laughter to viewer, make someone's computer function more than just a DotA machine, and help unlucky lazy boy to dodge house work. IS THE BEST JOB ever.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

homeeee SWEETTTT homeeeee

Yeah, as you can tell from the length of the title, this is going to be the longer version of the previous post.

I just had supper with my whole family.

A proper supper. Not just biscuit with milo. Or instant duck flavored noddle. Or cornflakes with milk.

Supper is suppose to be related with heavy, delicious and unhealthy. It is the best supper i ever had for months.

Everything is just so familiar and predictable. Mom still nag, dad still smoke, brother still cock a lot and being emo. I used to hope that I can get away from all these, but now I only hope they will stay forever.

And the freaking big fridge is really big, is bigger than my dormitory room in Sarawak. I can't wait to meet with my friends, play Futsal again and have more and more unhealthy supper haha.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Home SWEET Home

yeah, i m back in KL

back to my house which have a new set of tv and a brand new fridge.

I m so tired. Think i will blog later la. muaks

Sunday, October 19, 2008

i hate taking picture


You get what I mean? I look hideous , is ugly, I look terrible. Well u get the idea right?
That's why you never catch me cam-whore because I HATE having my picture taken.

There are people that are just pure photogenic and look better in picture than the actual self; I m the total opposite of that, I look at least 15.83 times better in real life than the 1 in picture.

Btw, i just wan to show my new haircut, I like it a lot and is cheap as well. Was suppose to put some gel on it till I found out i have not got a gel with me. BOOOO

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


When you are all by yourself, you feel alone.

But I feel alone even though I'm in a crowd. Is not like everyone ignored me, I am the one ignoring everybody.

Am i stuck up? Most probably.

Am i feeling sad? No.

Am i a weirdo? Yes, according to Michelle. (lol, we are both weirdo)

I dunno why am I blogging it now at 2.40am, maybe I m just too bored. Or i just doing my routine of sulking.

I watched Cashback yesterday. Ben, the protagonist set me thinking with this line:


I m not a greedy person, I m happy so long as I lived till 65. So now that I m 21, I actually lived through 1/3 of my life now knowing what I WANT.

That is pathetic right?

I always joke to my friend that my dream is to have a dream someday in my life.

I dun really feel funny after everytime I said it. Haih........... Why am I still saying it then? And wouldn't it be better for me to look for my dream? I dunno.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm Damn Lazy

Everyone know that I'm lazy.

In fact, I'm so lazy that sometime I simply lie on the bed and do nothing, not even sleeping, because sleeping means you need to concentrate to shut yourself off from the surrounding. But by doing nothing, I have nothing to do. (wtf?)

We are living in a world where people is putting too much on a piece of paper called CERT. There are quite a few course mate of mine, those who suppose to be excellent because they are academically splendid, actually disappointed me. I thought they can teach me how to be better, and all I have was disappointment with the education system of our country. (some might blame it on the family brought up XD)

This bunch of excellent academic achiever doesn't actually use common sense and logic thinking. Put them in a situation mentioned in the book before, they can handled all the problem fantastically. But once you come out with something slightly different from what the book taught, you will see a bunch of clown hopping around.

R you one of the academically-well-yet-no-common-sense retard?
You are one, if you answer yes to at least 3 of the questions below:

  1. You are happy when the question in examination is easier (not to your standard)?
  2. You spend 5 hours on how to make you assignment look different from the rest because you are afraid of being accused of plagiarization?
  3. You think assignment is god-sent and f**k the test?
  4. You think I'm hot? (lol, just to check whether you are reading anot)
  5. You never listen to people who score 3 grade lower than you?
  6. You never actually make decision on your own and you judge your decision by taking account of how many people are on your side?
There, I answer NO to everything except for the FOURTH. So i m not an academic-well-yet-no-common-sense retard, just a vain pot.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I only know that BFF stands for Best Friend Forever this morning.

Previously i thought BFF is BEST FEMALE FRIEND.

Or Best Friend's Friend (yeah, I know that's lame)

But worst of all, at one point I actually thought it might be Boy Friend's Friend.

Back to what I intend to talk about, I realized that I never actually had a best friend before. I dun feel sad and is not pathetic btw, is the simple fact that I don't have a best friend.

Best Friend - The one friend who is closest to you. (this is from a lousy web dictionary)

I have a few friends that are close to me but I dun think any1 of them are more close to me than the rest, and I m a stupid person who think that best can only be 1. But it does make sense right? Best is suppose to be having the most positive qualities, so how can it be more than one for most?

I am a person who share most of my feeling and thoughts to anyone around that I am fond of. I think one can only befriend with another that he/she likes. So in my case, most of my friend will know what I m going thro in my mind. It doesn't feel like standing on the stage totally naked, it actually make me feel less stressed because I am able to share.

In my mind, friend are suppose to be someone that share a lot of commonality yet complete the lacking part of you. I'm blessed with very nice friends throughout my life, I may not have lots of friend but friends that I have around are superb and sometimes I feel that I don't deserved it at all. (lol, i know it sounds like the those break-up lines)

Once again, it is proven I'm having more of quality than just plain quantity in my life.

Friday, October 3, 2008


The one week Raya break is almost over, classes will be as usual come this Monday.

Went for house visiting on the third day of Raya (Friday), had tonnes of layer cakes and a very nice beef dish. Every1 is all dressed up and look their best except for me. (i wore a shorts, but is a really nice pair of shorts and is not cheap, FYI)

Didn't do much through out the whole break, at times felt very very bored, but isn't the point of having a break is to relax and take everything slowly?

Joined a 3 days church camp and actually put me into a lot of thinking. Make a few big decision that moment. One of it is to pick up cooking, I want to learn to cook for myself and people around me. I m going to the person who I used to complaint alot bout her cooking (my mom la, hu else?) to actually teach me. But i can't stand the smell of fish, anyone can teach me how to overcome this hurdle?!? XD

P.S: Really like the blogs' skin. No more looking broken.

Monday, September 29, 2008


It take me quite sometime to think of what to add in to make this entry more flamboyance because this is the 100th post.

Woohoo the big ten-o!

Yeah yeah, some of you (well,i hope there are more than just my family and my brothers, oh shit, my brothers is part of my family) might feel that 100th post is nothing given the time this blog has been around. My first post was back in 31 of January 2007. But anyone hu actually read my blog must have noticed that I m a person hu favor quality to quantity (at least, i would like to think so myself, LOL)

I started blogging out of fun and curiosity, i will not go to the extent of saying that i can't live without blogging but I actually enjoyed doing it. I might not be doing a lot of it but I make sure I dun post crap.

I hope you will continue to support me, both morally and physically and financially as well. (BTW, ah mi i m broke, too much shopping i must admit)

I just watched Die Hard and Die Hard 2, it is pretty good, plain simple with no trying to outsmart or confusing plot.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I love my wallpaper!!

This is how my deskstop look like right now. FYI, is Ivanka Trump, which FYI again, daughter of Donald Trump.

I actually went and retrieved 7 of her picture and put together into this MASTERPIECE. This printscreen also prove that i m not kidding that I have a count down timer till the day I leave Sarawak.

Did you know? I'm now the president of Unimas Cycling Club. Hahaha, dun ask me the total number of club member. But anyone who want to join are more than welcome to do so. I dunno will we screw up. But hey, my parents never know how will i grow up to be 21 years ago yet I m a fine young man now! (damn perasan)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Officially 2 months - 1 day

was suppose to post this yesterday to mark that it was exactly 2months from 19th November 2008, the day i m flying back to west malaysia.

Yeah, so now that i posted it late, it become 2 months - 1 day la. (duh)

For some reason that i m not willing to speak here, i miss my family a lot. i think of the total 3 semester i spend here, this time is the 1 I miss all those familiar things and faces the most. That maybe the reason I actually requested my brother to send me some mooncakes( it was really nice, i like how all of it is not too sweet, thanks bro.)

I m working on an explanation essay, so mahuan you know, as if not troublesome enough to list down all the references, we still have to photocopy the damn page to prove. some of the book we used are 600/700 pages thick and weight more than my brother-soo ming.

I m reading e-book on something that i should have learned given that I love the internet so much.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


With power come even greater responsibility.

Read carefully of the sentence above. Ring a bell? Doesn't matter at all.

1. People who play god figure use the sentence to tell themselves that they have every right to stand above everyone else and decide what is good for the "commoner".

Example : George Bush, we must admit that he didn't end up being the most likable man on earth but he shows that man with power too much greater than his responsibility will never get far.

2. The not-so-well-educated foreman who live next door will use the exact same sentence to tell people he doesn't have to take any responsibility because he have no power in every aspect of his life.

Example : The foreman neighbor la, he see every extra responsibility leave him even more powerless so he will forever remain the being-led figure.

3. People who watch Spiderman and spend 6 hours a day on computer gaming think that the above sentence is only for the movie and never in real life situation.

Example : You know perfectly who you are, I m just too pissed off to mention ur name here, I wanted to help you but if you don't even take up the responsibility to help urself, then just f**k it okay?

Okay, i m done bitching. I just hate people who can't be a bit of dependence and see responsibility as challenge instead of burden.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I never felt so good only to feel so much worst after

I feel so sad

I'm devastated.

I have my worst mid term result ever today.

And just 3 hours before that, Eong Xien actually asked me about it and i told him that i did well and i have a good feeling bout it.

180 minutes later, i found out i m 1 of the lowest scorer for that paper. Shit.

In that instance, i actually went back to form 4 when i first received my add maths result.

Seriously, is that bad

No, actually is so much worst. What make me feel so much sad is because I actually write well and never get stuck in the whole paper. Maybe this is a lesson meant to be learn for me, never feel too good or positive in life. Fuck.

Friday, September 5, 2008

5 Most played songs this week on your playlist

U can tell that I'm totally out of things to do with my life to the extent of coming with stupid tag like this.

I tag every1 hu come across this post and have his/her own blog.

Is really simple, just list 5 most played songs for the last 7 seven days and give a reason (if any) for it to be played so frequent.

This is mine:
1. U2 - Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
-Because it is the first few song in the new play list I have, so it is played more than any others.

2. Jet- Move On
- My stupid music player just keep repeating picking this song. I got 40 songs in the lists but this song played 3 times more than any other songs. Maybe something is telling me to Move On?!?!?!

3. The Killers - All These Things I've Done
- Used to be playing in my car for 24/7 then i lost the CD, downloaded it few days ago and never stop playing it since then. (How can you not like " I got the soul but I'm not a Soldier"

4. One Republic - Say (All I Need)
- Just love the falsetto so much and the radio is spamming it as well, so can't help but to follow and pretend that I m just good as singing those high notes.

5. The Killers - When You Were Young
- I love this song so much too, yeah i noe i m outdated and all but why some people listen to Stairway to Heaven everytime like the first time they did?
I even used it as my alarm tone. Sorry, room mate. Haha

Friday, August 29, 2008

National Day

Tomolo will be 31st of August.

It is our National Day, is the 51 for our country if u haven't know yet.

To some, it is a period when we can catch some meaningful ad instead of the stupid 1 telling people to send in msg for some even more stupid tips on some stupid subject.

For many, me included, is another day on the calender that marked as holiday. No one will ever hate holiday except for the stingy and abusive bad boss, i guess.

My favorite activity during the month of National Day is to ride in a car and compare which driver is the most patriotic.

The judging factor??!?

Amount of flag on the car, of coz. LOL

Monday, August 18, 2008


I miss mommy's cooking.

I miss Godin, Fender, Hofner, Ibanez and Takamine.

I miss Soo Ming saying: 我没钱咯!

I miss Ah Pa asking: 要宵夜?

I miss Ah Guan ripping me off by paying for his meals.

I miss the very nice Nasi Goreng Kampung and my COWFU who treat me almost every lunch.

I miss holding hand with sweaty palm.

I miss talking hours on phone.

I miss Olympic too because I have no TV, damn.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My english is poor

Every time my mom called, she would tell me to blog more often. I have no problem blogging in Manglish but I know that my English had become a laughing stock.

One of my friend in Sarawak ask me about my blog and most of the time I'm too embarrassed to tell her to stop checking it out because it will ruins her English and mind.

I kinda hated the fact that my friend in my course look up to me when they have problem with words. I'm not that good seriously, maybe I just have the look of great command of English but the truth is I suck.

Is there anyone out that can help me to improve my degrading level of English?

HELP! I need somebody to HELP!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I m not mean

I mean everything I said.

But that doesn't make me a mean guy, okay?

I know by saying it right to your face can be hurtful, but I m using the fastest and most direct way to tell you my opinion.

No lies and faking it at all. That's why you felt like being stabbed by knives when you heard my comment.

Because the truth is always hurting.

I think we are too far away from the time where we need to be told lies so that we can feel better. We need to face the truth, feel the pain and the stabs. We need to recover from it, all the scars will only make us stronger.

So I m not mean, I m just helping you to grow stronger, faster. That's all.

Friday, August 1, 2008

getting all SWEAT UP

went for another jog yesterday and it felt so good to be sweating.

We try to make it a regular activity on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Hopefully we the spirit will not just die down in less than 2 weeks. Haha given the facts that I m such a quitter.

Another reason to be happy yesterday was because after spending like RM 5 on PHOTO HUNT, we finally score some high point and make it to the top ten list, but we are on the verge of being outscored. If we really did drop out of the list, I always will have the 50 cent coins ready.

Now that laziest man on Earth decided to go for some jog, I hope some of you who are not so lazy people will start doing some sport. Tata.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I dun do it on time because IS NOT GOOD

Why doing last minute work seems to be the more trendy way to do things?

· Of this 2 words – PROCRASTINATE and ON TIME, which one sounds more fierce, sophisticated and cool?

· People were told that one perform better when under stress, what can be more stressful than rushing last minute work, hence you perform best when u doing it late.

· Being on time is so boring and not fun.

· Because everyone is doing it, duh is a trend wut.

· Only nerd finish their assignment way before the cool guy, I dun wan to be a nerd so I aim to finish it last.

With these much marvelous reason, how can you not like doing last minute work?