Saturday, January 30, 2010

February is coming to town

is 30th of January oledi. Woohoo~~~

February is coming real soon. I always like February, because it is short. Hey, now that I'm typing it out, me and February has something in common: SHORT.

Well, most of my blog post is just as SHORT as me. So now even my post has something in common with February. I might as well be using February as Month of my blog for no good reason.

*I know that I have let a few person around me down recently, but I promise to reorganize and live up to your expectation.

Monday, January 25, 2010

evil evil Facebook

I am imposing a 72 hours ban on myself. I am banning myself from login on to Facebook, the no1 time wasting site.

I have another 50 hours to go........

Saturday, January 23, 2010

hand itching

Hemmmm, been having update quite frequent lately. I take it as a good sign, at least there are stuffs happening around me, be it good or shitty. Well, there has been quite a lot of good stuff actually. Stuff that makes you feel that the world is not that cruel or cold afterall.

OMG, I have the urge to go shopping again. Shit. How how?

Some people get happy and satisfied by drinking liquor, some by inflicting pain on others, by eating delicious food. My satisfaction is simply dressing myself with lots of nice clothes. Am I simple or just plain bimbo?

Okay la, I do feel crazily happy whenever I sing. And singing in my room doesn't cost me anything, but I like shopping too la. Cannot izit? Why can't I shop as much as I sing?!?! Oh, right right. I m still broke.

I am so going to spend when I go back to KL, hopefully with enough money lo and with the person that I wan la. Woi, you know who you r, right?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

time please run faster!!!!

Wa, why the 2 weeks spent here feels like forever?!?!

Somehow the clock seems to tick in much slower manner. Every second is felt like 3 seconds, or at least 2.5 seconds which makes me feel that I have spend 5 weeks here.

TKY says is because I'm looking forward to CNY too much, too agitated, too excited. When you want it to come sooner, somehow that thing manage to come take its own sweet time and came much slower. That's irony.

I have another explanation for it, is most likely I feel restless because of lack of sleep. And when I'm restless, time seems to past slower. But the reason for me having trouble sleeping remain unknown to me. Boo~~~~

Class has been alright up to now. Last semester result was the worst of my 5 semester here. But what done is done. No use crying over spilt milk anymore.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

sorry that I dun laugh at ur jokes today

Not sure how often you got this, but I'm sure you experience it before: You woke up in the morning and feel that something is not right. But you are not sure what causing you to feel that way.

I call it the Woke Up On the Wrong Side of the Bed.

Nothing is wrong actually, except that you yourself feeling something is missing, even though you can never explain what it is. I am having one right now.

Could be the weather, could be the sickening cough that is still bothering me, could be me stupidly missing someone, could be lack of sleep, it might well be all of these together.

But I'm sure this will not be the last time I'm having it, good news is, it always go away the next day unless it get stubborn and wanted to stay longer lo~

Hopefully the weather will get better real soon, and I'm trying my best to stay away from any cold drink, having more nap whenever I have the chance, and consoling myself that 10th of February is just 24 days away.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010









Monday, January 11, 2010


I'm broke.

No money broke, not heart-broken broke.

Ya, I know, is not the first time I say that. But those previous complain about me being broke is just sorta like a reminder for myself to control my spending. And it sorta works as I do notice some sort of improvement on the depletion of my account balance. But sadly, that kind of improvement is not enough to stop me from being officially broke.

Looking back, I come to my sense that I was indeed spending too frantically,crazily and stupidly. Spending money that I never have, well, as in spending while not making any money. And not buying stuff using credit card and then paying minimum amount stated on the monthly statement.

The sad thing here is I cannot remember since when I started to spend money like how I am doing right now. But at least now I know where my problem is, and I shall start to find way to remedy it before it is too late.

I will start by eating dirt cheap lunch which consist of vegie and rice only. Okla, I need to cut down on my crave to buy shirts, pants, shoes. And to avoid fancy or luxurious looking eatery in the future unless is valentine, mom's bday, my bday,gf's bday and etc. Well, u get the idea right?

But of course there are something that I will not give in lo, like making phone call to friends to keep my sanity in balance keep in touch with.

I'm looking forward to have my salary by the end of the month, because I need to pay the money I owe my parents. I guess there will be no clothes for this coming CNY. lol

*decided to write unimportant stuff like my financial condition instead of some church torching incident that seems to be on everyone's blog.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

failed to plan = planned to fail?

The last time I have a to-do list was when I wanted to get my passport and student pass renew, which was about 3 months back.

Guess I'm never a guy with plan, is cute when you are 13/14, but is pain in the ass when you are 22. How can one grown adult has no plan for his future? I can argue that my plan now is to graduate with my degree by 2011. But that is not plan, that is nature running at its own course. Unless I fail some of my subject, I will always be graduating by then.

Beside being lazy, I guess I like it when I'm not restricted by any plans in any part of my life. But lately, I m having second thought bout that statement.

You see, a promise is a kind of plan as well. And plan can be a guideline to how you live your life. What I see as a downfall can work as an advantage as well.

Living my life with no plan has not been great for me, so maybe I should try having plan in my life to see how far can I go with it. Ouch, that is going to take a great deal of effort for a lazy ass like me. LOL

Monday, January 4, 2010

is not worthless, i know

You gave it to me even though you never leave it from you. I was shocked and blessed to receive such offering from you.

You look disappointed when I gave it back to you when you requested for it. U say: HOW can you give it away just like that? It doesn't cost anything but is priceless in the sense of how much it meant.

It was the first time I see you showing such a sad face, I didn't know you treasure it that much. But believe me when I tell you that I treat it as part of me right now. I never remove it from my hand except when taking this picture (duh).

It still has that special scent of yours whenever I put my nose near and smell it. I think I am addicted to that scent. I wish that I have something that I could give you, and you would think of me whenever you look at it, but seriously I dun smell good. ( it doesn't mean that i smell bad la)

I kept my promise so long as you keep yours. Lui Yan.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

this call brother?

This is a respond to my brother's post.

I dun do this normally, but is my brother here that is making strong statement bout me on a blog. A public blog that anyone can just come in and read. As much as I dislike/hate/wan him die, I will never, I repeat never use blog to attack or show my displeasure to a person so openly.

So out of a sudden, you think I enjoy making fun of you la? You think I have so much free time to care about a random gal if she is not my brother's interest? I rather use that time to dig and clean my nose up.

I dun feel angry, pissed, or mad. Is something that is lots more worst than that. I m disappointed. Call him the brother, call him the close fren, call him anything you want, but I thought growing up together meant something, but I m wrong, it meant nothing.

Go figure it out yourself, hu's the one hu always make an effort to make you look better but was never appreciated? Hu's the one hu call, msg u when u make the decision to not continue ur advance diploma? Hu's the one hu have to put up with ur lousy bad joke and worrying hu might u piss off all the time? Hu's the one hu always include you in his plan even after time after time u say no?

I swear to god if you are not my brother, I dun have to put up with all this shit. I m serious, I m this close of giving up on you. And thanks for spoiling my last day here in KL. U might not know that u did a FANTASTIC job here, but thumbs up for u. Now I will have to spend the rest of my day in grumpy mood.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy new year. Not going to have any new year resolution for 2010. Is pretty pointless to have resolution when you are not working hard to achieve them. I am going to make this a short post because I wan to show people I can CURI AYAM too.

Another 2 day before I will be back to the jungle, LOL.