Sunday, December 27, 2009

i'm 22 going on 23

My birthday is more than 6 months away, and I shouldn't be so excited bout growing older. But is just my way of saying bye bye to 2009 and hello to 2010.

2009 has been more eventful that I even thought it could have been. Most of it are happy joyous event while a few being more misery.

Started the year with a good friend of mine in Sarawak getting a job in KL and staying put there ever since.

Follow by wonderful CNY holiday back in KL, i miss the 2008's because of a dumb decision to stay back in my dormitory and done nothing with no one around cept for having bah kuah all by myself.

Then there was the heartbroken thingy around May, which cause me to actually choose to tag along my ex-schoolmate to trip to Pangkor, and it was a blast with lots lots of affordable beers. Bond much much much closer with a few friends.

Heart mended by end of June and things are awesome by the time I went to Sarawak to start my fifth semester. Found out that Eason is coming on August and I knew that is time for me to spend money on flight ticket and concert ticket.

After the concert, found myself in that stupid, awkward, dilemma, complicated position with a gal that I swore not to fall in love with.

Spent my September in grumpy and misery mood. And the weather doesn't actually help as it rains crazily. I literally has Greenday's Wake me up when September ends in my ears everyday.

October was just a moving on state for me, went back to KL again while having Raya break. Miss Lut and Miss Quek did some real fantastic job cheering me up.

November is exam month and Bali trip awaits at the end of it. Exam is bad, trip is alright, I am happy, at least.

This is the first December where I spend more than half of my time in MV. It amazed me that I can spend so much time in MV yet I have not bow down to the temptation to buy more clothes. Lol.

Yeah, we are 3 days away from 2010.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


How does one measure happiness?

In my case right now, it certainly isn't measured by time. Nor does it measure by money.

Call me silly, but I feel happy doing just about anything with her. I feel a kind of unexplainable happiness by just watching her sitting beside me. I think I'm mad, madly in love with a person.

Sometimes you need to lose something to appreciate whatever left that you are having, sometimes you know that you will lose that important thing even though you try so hard to cherish and hold on to it.

It pains me to know that I am going to experience the later, very soon. So I am doing everything in my power to spend more time with her, to see her just one more time, to pat her head.

Wa, emo lo. I watch Avatar today and I found myself dropping tears at least twice thro the movie. Y.Y

Thursday, December 24, 2009

25th December

Merry X'mas. Christmas day is my last day. Met someone special on the job. Not sure how thing will turn out, but being positive is way better than being pessimistic.

Good night.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

thanks for sharing your story

I can fully understand the frustration of working 9-5 everyday. I m working a 10 hours shift right now, even though it will only be less than a month but I think I aged by 10 years oledi.

Yesterday mark one of the worst day in my part time job.

I start off the day with less than 4 hours sleep on the previous night.

Being selfless and nice really doesn't do you good sometimes. Everyone seems to be enjoying teasing me, I'm okay if it was any other day, but yesterday was like one of those day when I woke up and I know something is not right. Sufficient to say, I was in grumpy mood.

So I go through the whole day with a long face except for a few brief moment when I was having my breaktime.

I'm really sorry if I did shocked some of you who get to see the other side of me yesterday. Yes, the ugly truth is I can be very nice, but that doesn't mean I will never get pissed off.

Insufficient sleep + super-looking-forward-to-plan is foiled + everyone is teasing + customer showing dulan face to me = hyper pissed off.

Monday, December 7, 2009

my Off day

Working as part time promoter is not easy. Those friend who told you is very easy 1 are not your fren, in fact, is very much likely they hate you so much that they encourage you to dig your own grave. Lol.

The job is tiring, but I think is a great way for me to understand the meaning of hard-earned money. Beside, some of the co-worker are actually awesome, of course some potential customers are hard to please,

but when you heard compliment like: Thanks a lot, you give a very detail explanation and good service,

then you just feel happy and care less about hitting the sales target anot.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

bali 101

It has been quite hectic for the past few day, and the worst has yet to come. But I'm afraid that if i dun update my blog, I will never get to update it for a while.

Continue on about my Bali trip, I m going to tell you facts about Bali.

  • There are a lot of temple in Bali, I'm serious. I visited like 6/7 temples on my trip. Some like the famous Tanah Lot shown above is just simply amazing, some are just plain normal.
  • 80% of Balinese are Hinduism.
  • Hence, Babi Guling is their famous delicacy, and trust me, is real good. Imagine having Roasted Pork with fried onion, chili and spices. Yum yum yum.
  • 70% of the road in Bali is one track, if one direction got car accident, go figure!
  • Bali rice is farking nice, I think I mentioned it on my last post, but watever, I m going to say it again.
  • If you are Chinese Malaysian, is very much likely that you will be mistaken as Japanese. So throw it a few simple Japanese line, and syiok sendiri for a bit.
  • Is 90 km from North to South, 110 km from East to West. Sorry I run out of things to say about Bali. Hahaha