Tuesday, December 30, 2008

As I flipped through the paper today, a news report caught my attention. It wasn't about the on going war in Israel , it wasn't about the recession that is tearing down every nation's economy. Is a report on the peace gathering of a number of Islamic group in Penang demanding people not to question the special right of the Bumi ( i m so screwed that i forgoten the word for it in English), never to try to abolish ISA and so on.

Ask anyone around me, and they can always tell u that I am no racists so everything that I wrote here is based on rationality and not bias.

First off, FUCK THE SPECIAL RIGHT. It should have long abolished not because of the unfairness, but because of it doing more harm than good to the economy, unity of Malaysian and individual accomplishment.

The special right was introduced back then to help the Bumi who are staying at rural area, Bumi who are earning very little or not earning at all, Bumi that has disadvantages with those living in the city. This was how the colonizer wan our country to be back then, different races living in different area having completely different job.

The special right was then to offset the damage done by the previous colonizer. To bridge the gap between those living in city (which happen to be mostly Chinese) and those far away from it.

But now the whole SPECIAL RIGHT FOR BUMI (SRFB) is abused so that some small group of people can obtained unimaginable wealth. It is no secret but anyone who wan to bring it up will 100% held custody by ISA.

You guess it right! FUCK ISA too!

Instead of allowing Malaysian to decide what is good for the country, they choose to shut down any chances of a true unity to really exists in Malaysia. They see individual who want to teach people to be a wise citizen as threat to the country. They see individual who want fix the severely damaged country by breeding intelectual group as disturber of the fake peace. Let the people listen to the voice of true and decide themselves whether to agree or disagree with.

The government want us to live in harmony between races, yet they are double standard-ing the people. Multiple unfair advantage/ incentive is provided to Bumi but not for the rest. We are all born, breed, grow, and die in the same land - Malaysia. Yet how come some are calling the others as squatter? As defined by some stupid lousy dictionary - Someone who settles on land without right or title IS A SQUATTER. So having our whole family here, paying taxes, contributing to the development of the country somehow make us unlawful to stay here?!?!

You work ur ass out to find every possible way to discrete Bumi and the rest, and you wan us to live like a big family with no differences? How is that even possible? You labeled and tagged us since we are born and you come and tell us we are the same? (harm to the unity of Malaysian)

I m not saying that Bumi get where they are today becoz the G-O-V-E-R-N-M-E-N-T help them alot, and without the SRFB, they will all fall to the ground. There are thousands of millions Bumi out there who work just as hard, but their accomplishment are not agreed by everyone because of this stupid SRFB thing.

The non-Bumi will think that the successful Bumi is successful because the bloody government help them a lot and want them to be successful. (harm to individual accomplisment)

And how many time do we come across project that is half way abandoned, complete project that has more defect than working parts. Lousy investment using the people's money. This are all directly or indirectly link to SRFB. We can't afford to pay 15 ringgit for thing that is has value of 5 ringgit or less.

In case you dunno, our country is running out of money oledi.

P.S: Let more read this entry if you can, you are helping Malaysia to become a better place to live. And feel free to leave comment, anonymously if you afraid of the ISA knocking on your door.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Power in number?!?!

Spend the evening at my grandpa place. Was really bored till i notice something funny about this place. I should have figure it out long time ago, is not rocket science after all. A lot of thing in this 'Magical House' exists in multiple. Or perhaps something evil is behind it.....

This is gonna be a really enjoyable post for fans of Snoopy, Pooh and Garfield.

This is supposed to be a cupboard full of Cokes, but screwed my
lousy camera phone which always corrupt my picture.

Heard that Matchbox 20 disbanded? Or they just recruited
more members? (lame :p)

Don't believe that the house is enchanted? Even the
apple multiple themselves.

And you were wondering how come Garfield rarely shown on TV?
They decided to hang out together.

We are so cute! Who would not love us?Unless you like the
big booty down there hugging a jug of honey!

Did i heard some bitches barking?!

Still dun believe that my grandpa place is a magical place? Need further prove? Get ready for it.

WTF?!?! Kah Ming comforting Kah Ming?!?!
(That is one hell of lousy cut and paste work)

Friday, December 26, 2008

why Civil Engineering?!?!

Civil Engineer
The branch of engineering concerned with the design and construction of such public works as dams or bridges.

Why not doctor?
Because I can't stand blood and I might not be able to refrain myself from harassing all the sexy nurse.

Why not businessman?
Because I m such an integrity and honest man, and to have a succesful business, that is a big NONO.

Why not accountant?
Because my brother is on the way to become 1, I just dun wan to draw comparison between sibling. :p

Why not lawyer?
When was the last time u saw a successful chinese lawyer walking down the street?

Why not working?
Too lazy and I dun wan to stop getting allowances from parents. Haha

So there you have it, I choose civil engineering because there are no better option for me. LOL

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

worst than POO

I don't look like how I feel right now.

If i feel shitty, then at least I m looking like one.

I feel worst than shit, so much worst than shit that I dunno why I feel that way.

I tried to tell my fren about it and they dun really know what is wrong with me. How can I blame them when I barely know WTF is going on with me?

Is like I m having some kind of weird hormone injected into me, and emotionally I am tormented by it.

Can any1 just slap me in the face so that at least I feel the pain physically instead of emotionally breaking down.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Love that I hate you

Everyone must have some1 around them that they dislike and yet they have no choice but stuck with them?

We cannot choose our family member like how we do with friend. We can choose to hang out more with a friend that we fond of and stay away from individual that we dun enjoy being together with.

Sometime I just wan to tell my family member on thing that is seriously jeopardizing themselves, but is so much harder to so because I have to see them everyday, and thing can get really bad if they dun are offended by your remark.

But I just want to know that I do care about you, because I know that you are a really nice person but you can be even much better if you can work out with your flaw. Your flaw are actually the one that make yourself having a less joyful life, and it pains me to see that. And in return, you shall help me to deal with my flaw as well.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Confession of a Shopaholic

This is what I bought from the beginning of the Malaysia Saving Sales till now. I m not quite done yet but i'm all out of money to buy more. Should be able to get more things for myself, if I didn't spend for my brother and my cousin ( which i still hoping that he don't like the gift i bought him and give it back to me instead.)

I seriously need therapy to help me to get rid of the urge to shop. LMAO.

And whoever that said buy more to save more are just plain bull shitting. I buy quite a bit and I have not save any at all, could it be because I just haven buy enuff to actually save money?!?! Shit, Im so confused now.

Any1 wan to go for shopping but no1 is willing to go with them? Contact me please.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Worst thing to spend on

With recession on global economy coming on faster than my brother doing top speed in his car (FYI, is a pathetic 90km/h). I think everyone is worried on how shall the spend their money.

Unfortunately, I cannot give the miraculous suggestion on how to make more money, or triple their earning while doing minimum work.

Fortunately though, I noe just one thing that we shall not spend on.

Children education
Every year, hundred of billions is spend on education. We should ask ourselves : y we need to have education? Is simple, we want to have good job.

Why do we need a good job? Because we wan to earn a lot and be happy.

So obviously is really stupid to spend thousands of dollar to get a degree, but end up not getting a well-paid job OR you work your ass flat out only to found out that u barely make enuff to pay back on how much the parents have spend on you.

Parents might as well save the money and invest on estate (sounds pretty dumb with the bad economy going on but still so much more rational than investing on ur children future), give the children some pocket money and hope that recession will swipe past just like how Y2K has been.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

stop the PSP fever

I really hope that all PSP i saw in McDonald will turn
from this:

to this:

McDonald is a place for people to have burger, read free issue of the Sun, ask for refill every 20 minutes, do last minute revision and etc. McDonald is the place for almost anything but playing your PSP. Worst still, you r oledi in your mid twenties but still play the PSP like is the last thing on earth you are clinging on to before u die.

Get a life, enjoy the fries, chocked on the burger, stop polluting McDonald with ur lousy gaming activity. You can always go to KFC though. LOL.

And i shall end this post with a picture of me looking very dulan: