Saturday, September 15, 2007

I hate Statics

I hate Statics

Statics, I hate you!


Saya benci Statik!

You might think that I hate it because I suck at it.

I understand it. I thought I understand it, yet when I have problem solving the simplest not so hard question.

When the lecturer giving tutorial, I can do it easily and even guide my friends to solve it but when I'm at my room trying to solve it, all I can do was ogling at the question and wondering what went wrong.

After posting this update, I will head back to my dorm and try to revise everything again. If I still stopped at when I m before, mom you will see me in the next flight back to KL.

Initially I wanted to score A for Statics, but now I'm starting to question am I being too ambitious? FYI, I only get 15 marks out of 30 for mid-term yet lots of people around me get fewer than 10 out of 30 and they start telling me how good I am.

Anyway, contradict to whatever I wrote on top. I m having fun throughout the week. I went out with my friends on Thursday night to celebrate birthday with a friend of ours.

At the back: 吉祥(Kuchingrian),Jason (Seremban), Alex and康羽 (both from Pahang),SaiMeng(Flirty from Ipoh)

In front : The EngTau 1,Rachel (Birthday girl) and 2 of her friends ( Ting Fang and Zhan Li)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Not busy! Just Lazy!

I'm not dead, so don't think that you can secretly take my guitars and sell it to get urself PS3, new phone or new laptop. I am just too lazy to walk with my laptop to the library and update my blog(sorry to those who really enjoy reading my entries, not sure if there are any out there)


I have my mid term like 2 weeks ago and overall I did ok(i am not the very best yet i did so much better than most of my course mates) I was pretty disappointed with my statics though, should have do a bit more memorizing for the theory parts. But i always have really weak memory(not giving excuse but that's the truth) so i guess it will hurts me more to know that i try so hard to memorize yet failed to recall it back during examination.


One of the toughest assignment I received was to write a report on which contractual method to use is the best for LRT construction. How the hell should I know? I mean you just come in and show a few slides and ask us to come out with the report around 3000 words. Huh? I m still stuck at the point on how to compare different contractual methods.


Not to bored you guys with such stupid topic, I'm happy to announced that I will be back on 26th of November.(2007 la, you think 2008 ya)

Michelle was quite right when she mentioned I was busy courting girl. Not really courting la, just socializing. It can be quite frustrating when you only chit chat with boys, so I decided to make new friends of opposite gender. I enjoyed talking to this new Siburian friend I make, me and my friends often have hard time trying to understand what she speak, and at times she don't seems to get our sarcastic jokes(really potong stim loh, coz you suppose to ZHAT her but end up she dunno wat u mean). So at least for now I m still very much assured that I m not gay haha.

Any1 of u wan to come visit me around October? I m having study leaves (suppose to study but crap, I dun care) so I will be able to entertain you.