Saturday, March 31, 2007

No Futsal For Me!

Today is gonna be remembered as the saddest day of my life, becoz I didn't get to play Futsal with my friends. I noe this may sounds stupid, but being a poor, ugly and sick bastard, weekend futsal is the only thing i look forward in my life. For the past few months, i live my Monday waiting for Tuesday to arrive, and so on till Saturday is here when I can play Futsal.

Being a big mouth all the time, my friend couldn't wait to get their revenge by telling me how fun is the session without me and so so so...... To top up with this, my favorite team- Arsenal was thrashed by Liverpool. So much for the Gunners, now they have to live with the name Gooners, at least till they beat Liverpool again.

Well at least, Mun Peng is willing to accompany me and we went to Petaling Street for Hokkien Mee after the disappointed match just to make things up for me. Yawn, maybe Mun Peng should get a gf instead of being with a loser like me haha... SO LONG FOR NOW!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Love Teaching!

OK, maybe you guys think that the title is not right so I'm gonna say it loud again : I LOVE TEACHING!!! My friends from all over the place couldn't believe when i first told them i m teaching. They all get so worried and say that I might be the worst teacher ever, haha take back all ur harsh remarks because I think that I did fairly well as a teacher.

So far I have not receive complaint, and i have not been getting any hate letters( no luck with love letter as well =p). The only thing that i think i failed is not socialize with other teachers. I guess maybe is all of the teacher is married and the topic they mostly talk about is family stuff.

Now everyday after school students from a bus that pass by my house will start shouting "Ye Lao Shi" crazily. (so much for staying in a corner house by the road) Haha so i just have to raise my hand and wave with them in reply. I blushed sometime when some other people looking at me with one kind of look haha. But nonetheless i LOVE TEACHING!!!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jam! Jam! Jam! I dun mean O2Jam!!!!

After resting for so long, finally we get to jam again. The last time we jam together was before 2007 when we still preparing for a gig that was later being called off(ex, i still feel the pain). So i was really looking forward to the jamming session.

I guess we are still having the scary PMS, thats y we play mostly muse's song today. If there is anything that amazed me, its gonna be our drummer that seems to be able to play piano quite well, and all this while i thought he is only good when comes to drive through to McD. (xiong, well done)

Xien drove a Volvo S60 today because his car is so dead that he have to rent another car now, the Volvo is awesome. It may not have the most luxurious outlook but it sure is very comfortable. The car booth is awesome too, we spend hours playing with it after getting tired stressing our brain to come up with a song but like always it failed. Haiya, need to learn more chord first i guess.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

So Cute! So Adorable! Wait!!!! Am I Slowly Turning into A Pedophile?

Oh my god, is been 2 whole week since i last post anything on my blog. People might start thinking : this is the Kah Ming i noes for years, lazy and no perseverance at all. I admit i was quite lazy but hey wat the heck, i m starting to write 1 now.

I started to teach in afternoon session 2 weeks ago which if you guys can back track: just right after Muse's Concert. There is only standard 1&2 in the afternoon session so the teacher teaching in afternoon session significantly decreased a lot compared to those in the morning. Is a good thing though, because less teacher will be taking leave and i can have more of the free periods instead of going in to the class and replace those teacher hu is absent.

The first class i went into was a standard 1 class which by far 1 of my favorite class. Maybe is becoz i teach them for 14 periods per week where the rest i only spend maximum 4 periods with them. They are kinda shocked when i walk into the class room, thinking hu is this good looking teacher is(haha, in my dream). They somehow stuck and dunno how to greet me. It turn out that i have the same surname just as the previous teacher( i m Yap btw). Haha they don have to remember another teacher's surname after all.

As my teaching continue towards the 2 weeks, I started to pay attention to some of the student in the class. Some of them really are so cute and adorable that makes you have the urge to start having kids now. 1 of the cute student was sitting right in front of my table and she is already one of my favorite. Partly becoz she is cute and also she is hardworking and not annoying. Of coz she is not the only 1 that i pay attention to, there is also this small lil gal hu walk up to me and ask me for help everytime i gave the class some homework.
She came into the class today with a side of hair flying around becoz the hairband she have just drop off. She walk up to me and ask me to help her with it, I was like WTF? i never have long hair b4 so how can i help her. haha well she spend the next half period trying to ask her fren to tie it right for her, and i was laughing all the time(of coz inside my heart).

I really enjoy teaching afternoon session, they are easier to teach and follow instruction without much scolding needed(well, some of them really make me wan to kill myself instead of scolding becoz they are just so angelic innocent looking). And you will always be greeted by the student no matter where you are. Haha BA BA BA LA BA, im loving it.

But lets pray that i dun out to be a pedophile which i always wish i will never be. I think i just enjoying looking at cute cute innocent student, so any1 of you start to feel that i have turn to the darkside please kill me b4 i did something really bad.