Monday, September 29, 2008


It take me quite sometime to think of what to add in to make this entry more flamboyance because this is the 100th post.

Woohoo the big ten-o!

Yeah yeah, some of you (well,i hope there are more than just my family and my brothers, oh shit, my brothers is part of my family) might feel that 100th post is nothing given the time this blog has been around. My first post was back in 31 of January 2007. But anyone hu actually read my blog must have noticed that I m a person hu favor quality to quantity (at least, i would like to think so myself, LOL)

I started blogging out of fun and curiosity, i will not go to the extent of saying that i can't live without blogging but I actually enjoyed doing it. I might not be doing a lot of it but I make sure I dun post crap.

I hope you will continue to support me, both morally and physically and financially as well. (BTW, ah mi i m broke, too much shopping i must admit)

I just watched Die Hard and Die Hard 2, it is pretty good, plain simple with no trying to outsmart or confusing plot.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I love my wallpaper!!

This is how my deskstop look like right now. FYI, is Ivanka Trump, which FYI again, daughter of Donald Trump.

I actually went and retrieved 7 of her picture and put together into this MASTERPIECE. This printscreen also prove that i m not kidding that I have a count down timer till the day I leave Sarawak.

Did you know? I'm now the president of Unimas Cycling Club. Hahaha, dun ask me the total number of club member. But anyone who want to join are more than welcome to do so. I dunno will we screw up. But hey, my parents never know how will i grow up to be 21 years ago yet I m a fine young man now! (damn perasan)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Officially 2 months - 1 day

was suppose to post this yesterday to mark that it was exactly 2months from 19th November 2008, the day i m flying back to west malaysia.

Yeah, so now that i posted it late, it become 2 months - 1 day la. (duh)

For some reason that i m not willing to speak here, i miss my family a lot. i think of the total 3 semester i spend here, this time is the 1 I miss all those familiar things and faces the most. That maybe the reason I actually requested my brother to send me some mooncakes( it was really nice, i like how all of it is not too sweet, thanks bro.)

I m working on an explanation essay, so mahuan you know, as if not troublesome enough to list down all the references, we still have to photocopy the damn page to prove. some of the book we used are 600/700 pages thick and weight more than my brother-soo ming.

I m reading e-book on something that i should have learned given that I love the internet so much.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


With power come even greater responsibility.

Read carefully of the sentence above. Ring a bell? Doesn't matter at all.

1. People who play god figure use the sentence to tell themselves that they have every right to stand above everyone else and decide what is good for the "commoner".

Example : George Bush, we must admit that he didn't end up being the most likable man on earth but he shows that man with power too much greater than his responsibility will never get far.

2. The not-so-well-educated foreman who live next door will use the exact same sentence to tell people he doesn't have to take any responsibility because he have no power in every aspect of his life.

Example : The foreman neighbor la, he see every extra responsibility leave him even more powerless so he will forever remain the being-led figure.

3. People who watch Spiderman and spend 6 hours a day on computer gaming think that the above sentence is only for the movie and never in real life situation.

Example : You know perfectly who you are, I m just too pissed off to mention ur name here, I wanted to help you but if you don't even take up the responsibility to help urself, then just f**k it okay?

Okay, i m done bitching. I just hate people who can't be a bit of dependence and see responsibility as challenge instead of burden.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I never felt so good only to feel so much worst after

I feel so sad

I'm devastated.

I have my worst mid term result ever today.

And just 3 hours before that, Eong Xien actually asked me about it and i told him that i did well and i have a good feeling bout it.

180 minutes later, i found out i m 1 of the lowest scorer for that paper. Shit.

In that instance, i actually went back to form 4 when i first received my add maths result.

Seriously, is that bad

No, actually is so much worst. What make me feel so much sad is because I actually write well and never get stuck in the whole paper. Maybe this is a lesson meant to be learn for me, never feel too good or positive in life. Fuck.

Friday, September 5, 2008

5 Most played songs this week on your playlist

U can tell that I'm totally out of things to do with my life to the extent of coming with stupid tag like this.

I tag every1 hu come across this post and have his/her own blog.

Is really simple, just list 5 most played songs for the last 7 seven days and give a reason (if any) for it to be played so frequent.

This is mine:
1. U2 - Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
-Because it is the first few song in the new play list I have, so it is played more than any others.

2. Jet- Move On
- My stupid music player just keep repeating picking this song. I got 40 songs in the lists but this song played 3 times more than any other songs. Maybe something is telling me to Move On?!?!?!

3. The Killers - All These Things I've Done
- Used to be playing in my car for 24/7 then i lost the CD, downloaded it few days ago and never stop playing it since then. (How can you not like " I got the soul but I'm not a Soldier"

4. One Republic - Say (All I Need)
- Just love the falsetto so much and the radio is spamming it as well, so can't help but to follow and pretend that I m just good as singing those high notes.

5. The Killers - When You Were Young
- I love this song so much too, yeah i noe i m outdated and all but why some people listen to Stairway to Heaven everytime like the first time they did?
I even used it as my alarm tone. Sorry, room mate. Haha