Thursday, July 30, 2009

Aging = slowly crawling to the coffin

I know is a stupid title but is my birthday okay, so I get to choose whatever I want as my title.

I'm 22 today. You don really feel the clock tickling until you are the clock yourself, running out of time, run out of chance, run out of excuse to be dumb anymore.

So I guess I have to be more mature oledi. But being mature means i can't act naively or childish. I rather die. lol

My life is based on hundred of lame jokes, thousand of sarcasm, and even more stupid behavior. haha. I think I should continue to sacrifice my own maturity to make people around me to be happy and joyful.

Finally, I really wan to thank my jimui - Khai Lin on her birthday post for me.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just like that, the rain fall

Friends around KL was telling me it rained the whole day on Tuesday. And with a praying heart, I wish the sky will be just as generous here and give us rain on Wednesday. Boy, was I badly disappointed.

Well, I guess sometime something takes longer duration than the rest. If whatever you want have not show up in your doorstep today, there is always tomorrow.

As I sat on the bed by the window, patiently waiting for my watch to show 1.45 signifying is time to get my ass off to the 2pm class, I can't help feeling the breeze flowing in gently.

I took the phone out from my pocket, pick No Doubt's Don't Speak from the playlist and hit the play button.

Cool wind blowing, sweet music playing, suddenly I feel that my life is not as bad as i thought it has been. Maybe I have been overwhelmingly gray about myself, Lol.

Half an hour later, I actually hear rain drop hitting the roof of the lecture hall. Everyone in the class was really happy. We have been praying really hard to have rain.

And generous enough, the rain actually lasted for 2 n half hours. Woohoo, I can still feel the cool breeze even after more than 36 hours since the rain stopped.

P.s: According to research done by my group for a Hydrology presentation, July is the driest month in Sarawak, while it rains the most in January. Haha

Monday, July 20, 2009




朋友都已经步入了社会大学, 成为了上班族,而我却在为我不足的睡眠烦恼。









Friday, July 17, 2009

Can't sleep

Friends say YKM is an old man. Because he dun need 8 hours sleep like any normal healthy 20 years old. I remember he used to sleep whenever he want, wherever he like. But as he aged, somehow he just lost the ability to sleep.

You can easily noticed YKM yawn for 20 times a day, stretch his body every 15 minutes, fishing with his head in lecture hall. But he can still effortlessly understand the lecture and solve most of the tutorial question single handedly. OMG, he must be a GENIUS.

YKM always sit alone during classes and rarely talk to his coursemate. WTF, try to act COOL.

YKM never stop wishing he can be a bit more bulky and stop getting comment bout him being too slim.

P.s: YKM blog these crap at 2.10am.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Three is a crowd :p

Lol, I know that the title sounds really really wrong, SERIOUSLY. Is really freaking EFFING seriously wrong. But that's exactly how it was from last Wednesday till this Monday.

My ex-roommate is too jealous that I m having the time of my life with my new roommate, hence he decided to spoil our honeymoon by crashing at our room, taking up lots of space in our small lil room, not to mentioned sucking up more oxygen than both of us with his big nose.

And no, we never have sex party in the room, no threesome, no blow job.

Facebooking like nobody business while blocking the walkway.

From the picture u can see he is really not proud of his behaviour and thus that explained the cover up of his face.

This is his trusted evil tool that hooked him to Facebook, he have no idea how come it lagged when DoTa-ing but I suspect the JellyFish have something to do with it.

Finally, he realised that his presense is not most welcome and come to sense that he is my ex(roommate) and nothing he can do will change that, he then moved out on Tuesday afternoon. but only to the next door unit. Shit. But that's life, you can't expect everything to go in your favorite.

P.s: I think I just get myself a really nice gift. Is going to be really awesome.

Friday, July 10, 2009

2 years went on

Quite a lot of things can happened in 2 years. You get to know people, travel to places, getting your degree, a nice first job, etc............

I have live in a different environment for the past 2 years, I have been hand-washing my laundry and had fried rice for dinner almost everyday. I have put in more effort to my facial routine, pick up a lil bit of reading and lots of gaming.

But I think I have failed to progress as a grown adult. I remained as naive, silly and mischievous as I have been for the past 22 years. I'm still very much emotional unstable at times, lazying around when I feel better.

I have failed a lot of my 2009 resolution even though is only July now. I have not be wise in my spending, my socializing, my academic, well you get the point la, almost everything.

Now that I know which part of my life is a failure, I wish and hope that I can work up on them, so if you see me next time having lil change, then you'll know that i fail again. Some words of encouragement will be much appreciated.

P.S: This is one of the less emo post that I written for a while.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pillow, not Bolster

Bought a new pillow. A pretty girl come walking to us and ask who bought a pillow, and there i was thinking: Yes, I m so going to get laid. (even though, I m hanging out with 3 losers, and I dun have a condom, and I m the biggest loser of the bunch)

Happily I claimed that I did, but it turn out that she only wan to exchange her coupon for some cash, WTF. Okay, in the end I still get my pillow and I remained a virgin for at least till I get my next new pillow.

There were time a lousy goal score by me in a sober Futsal match with classmate would cheer my day. There were time a happy smile from the LOVED one would make me feel all the effort are worthy.

I dun play Futsal anymore, I have not love anyone for even much longer. What's happening to me? I make fun and laugh with my friends in campus, but I feel sad. Not missing someone kind of sad, but not knowing how to make myself happy kind of sad. I think is must be really sad to feel sad for unknowing reason.

Wa, sad.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blue is not the new green

It seems that when a relationship gone wrong, people always never quite understand where did it started to go wrong. They always in search for an answer, some might eventually found it, yet some might live in sorrow for a long long period. Is really funny that the greatest gift of them all actually cause the biggest pain of all.

What makes a lasting relationship last, then? At first glance, it seems to be a very simple question with a fairly simple answer. Most people would answer: Love. A strong positive emotion of regard and affection. Love is emotion, love is feeling. But like every other feeling, it can come and go easily, sometime without us noticing it at all, or worst still: we can't bear the thought of our love for that someone actually wither even though we noticed it.

A friend who I only chat online and never met says is Commitment. Fair enough, commitment seems to be talking on a firmer ground -The act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action. But many failed relationship have lots of commitment itself, and sometime these overwhelmed commitment is the big reason for turning a sweet passionate relationship into a sober one.

Fine then, spoiler! You might say.

How about Trust then? U noe? T-R-U-S-T. The trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others.

How many misplaced trust have you witness in your life? I shall ask then, I have seen far too many wrong trust than the right one, maybe I am in a gray world myself, or maybe I just have really bad luck.

I once read that the greatest relationship of all is one that both party go on their life with each other without having to think about their own feeling, they live to please the opposite instead of themselves. Which seems like a very wise experience to share, but how can one be so great that he only live his life for another person? I have never come across people like that.

People everywhere is saying that the rate of divorce is really worrying, but on the bright side, at least these people know what they don't want and they are willing to get out of the mess they are in. They might not know what they really want till the end of their life, but they certainly didn't have to stuck with those unwanted one with them.

Here's a message for those who really think that this post is not written by me under influenced of alcohol: Love is suppose to be happy, if you do suffer in any bit of sense, I guess something is not right. Try fixing it, try fixing it again, but most important of all, you should understand that relationship is a two-way thing.


I never thought I would say this but I m actually missing my crappy Streamyx broadband.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Love is only a feeling?!

I guess it is not a lie that love is really all around us.

But recently, I have been witnessing too much and even experienced some fair share of pain bought by love itself.

I noe, I noe. Is emo-ing season again for me, but sometime I really hope forgetting someone is just as easy as loving that person. I secretly wish that moving on can be as fast as falling in love.

But the less you wan to linger on, the more likely you going to stuck in there. Love is like a quicksand: You sink faster if you move your body vigorously, but you are no good too if you are stuck there, all you can do is to wait for some1 to pull you out.

Damn emo leh? Nola, is just that my brain somehow started to function again, and no more spending all my time facebook-ing.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Holiday Ending

Is the 150th entry here, I can't believe it actually took me a whooping 30 months to reach 150 milestone. I think I m the perfect example for quality over quantity blogger. Is kinda sad though to have Holiday Ending as title for a historic moment like this of my blog.

I think is fair to say I had an eventful holiday, is true that I did miss out quite a few things too, but that is the reason why human are born with just two hand: You can't have everything at one time. I hang out with a lot of great friend, some which sadly I can only spend a few hours with, while some which I do a lot of things together that I thought he/she must be my conjure twins.

I always complain bout having too little friends, as it turn out, I was wrong, really wrong. Not only I have lots of friend, in fact I found out that I do not have enough time to hang out with every single one of them.

Let's see, I shall go through some of the high and low of the whole holiday:
-failed to get a short-term full time job (you should be there to see how serious I was when I say that I wan to work long before the actual holiday start)
-being paid to dress up as Scrat while having free full body sauna.
-work 12 hours in a very boring information booth job of Movie Carnival and being told not to show up for work anymore.
-miss out on Redang trip and the chance to make even more friend.
-went to Tioman with ex-classmate.
-suffer great deal of pain around my balls due to the life jacket that I wore during snorkeling.
-ffk-ed my friends on the cycling plan.
-have quite a lot of fancy dinner, and started to get sick of Italian food.
-thought I was in love again, only to found my bleeding heart in some bin.
-hang out with fren's gf, another fren ex-gf, fren hu have bf and never tell till i get walloped by the boy(okay, i so make that all up)
-bought a sneaker from ebay(happy)
-the sneaker is too big and i have to give it away (sad).
-went to Cameron with 4 very unlikely companion.
-Drove long journey for the first time.
-never play any Mahjong (that explain the itchiness of my hand)
-fall in love with Canton pop all over again.
-tried the Garden signature GSC and somehow dun feel comfy with the seat.
-have steamed sotong with beer
-have beer with steamed sotong (u can tell that i really like it)
-went night market and amazed by the hot chick there.

there are lots more to list down but every list have it's end. Haha.