Tuesday, July 17, 2012


A short trip up north at this time of the year is just too good.

The travel companion were alright, not as good as the Tom Yam or fried rice, but at least we didn't quarrel or punch each other in the face.

Is always refresh to be away from work, stand aside as a spectator and watch people going on their daily life. And you are doing all this while you are chilling, puffing a cigarette on and off, either sipping or gulping bottle of beer.

No fancy dress, no extravagant spending, no rushing to the next destination, that's my kind of get away. Free and easy at its very best.

True to some extent, I was expecting to do more shopping. But things over there are more catered for the girl. So I bought 2 tees for myself and like another 5 pieces of female apparel.

I'm not sure when I will visit Bangkok again, but you can be damn sure that I will stay longer the next trip there. :)

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