Monday, August 13, 2012

thank you, WYY

Far too little post for 2012, could it be my mind stop thinking or at least doesn't think as much as I did previously?

Or this is supported by my theory of I complaint blog a lot when I emo? If that is the case, well I guess is a good indication that I dun really emo anymore. YEAH for me, sucks for my loyal reader that they have to go to this page and only to greeted by some old post from 2 3 months ago.

But I believe most of my loyal reader love me, so I think we should focus more on the I-dun-really-emo-anymore part. I mean, isn't that a good news for people who time and time again been troubled with sudden mood swing? I found out that because I'm feeling much more calm, I dun have to try so hard to force myself into sleep.

Credit must be given to the GF, she has been absolutely amazing for the past few month. Working hard on weekend, dropping by and spending time with me on the weekday. When you are surrounded by so much love, one cannot feel anything else but happy. Thanks, GF.


Anonymous said...

y no thank meow meow?

敏感的思考者 said...

thanks Meow Meow for making bringing me emo aura?