Wednesday, May 23, 2012

unfit :(

After lazying busying resting lazying for almost 2 months, I finally went for a short jog today. This is on the back of doing the Towerthon on last Saturday night. 27 minutes to finish the whole thing. According to Sheanne , her record when she was 16 was better than me. Anyway, I will not let a 40-minutes-25-years old aunty rain on my parade.

And I realized how unfit I have become over the 60 days, I run slower, feel tired so much sooner. Is a wake up call for me and my tummy. I need to run more and more frequent.

I need to shout Run Forest Run every time before I start my run. Haha, I need to train my stamina and prepare for the 16.8km this coming September. 4 months is just a short 120 days for someone who can really waste their free time like me. I need to stay motivated. I need to run for a cause, I need to find my cause. Hahaha.

More run and less talk from today onward.

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